Skills Test #2


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Skills Test #2

  1. 1. Information Sheet for “Putting” in Frisbee GolfPurpose:To adequately develop and display the correct technique of putting the disc into the basket orhole in Frisbee Golf.Instructions:When a player is within 10 meters of the basket, he or she may decide to play their putter disc.The player will start in a standing position with their dominant foot in front and lean towardsthe basket with their throw. The throw is a rocking motion with the body, while the front foot isstill on the ground. The back foot may come off the ground but the player must maintain theirfront foot position in order for the shot to count. You may not fall past your front foot with yourbody or other foot. You may use one or both hands when throwing your putter at the basket.The throw is more a toss throw rather than a tee shot.Equipment Needed:Frisbees, Official Hole or Frisbee Golf Baskets, Cones for Warm Up Putting BoxScoring Procedures:We will have a scoring rubric that will include the average of 2 throws per person. They will bescored by using a 1-3 scale on their rocking motion (heel to heel), foot placement, release ofthe Frisbee and the final landing location of their putt.
  2. 2. Scoring Criteria/Grading: Skills: Grading Scale: Attempt Attempt Attempt 1 2 3 Rocking Motion: 1-No motion at all when putting 2- Jerky or Unsteady Rocking motion 3- Fluid and balanced rocking motion Foot Placement: 1- Feet are together at all times 2- Leads with the throwing or dominant foot but does not keep it on the ground 3- Leads with their throwing or dominant foot and keeps it planted on the ground.Release of Frisbee: 1- Releases the Frisbee and falls forwards with their body and displaces their feet. 2- Releases the Frisbee and slightly falls forwards but maintains balance and foot position 3- Releases the Frisbee and keeps both feet on the ground while maintaining good balance and body position. Final Landing 1- Frisbee lands within 5 feet Location: of the basket. 2-Frisbee hits the basket but lands outside of it. 3- Frisbee lands in the basket.
  3. 3. Diagram w/ Measurements: Putting Zone 10 meters Basket or Hole 10 meters Warm Up AreaTest Modifications:In order to make this skills assessment accessible to all students, we will have a modified testthat will include modified testing zones as well as different criteria that the student will betested on. For example, if a student that was limited to a wheelchair was to take this test, wewould have them use a twisting or rocking motion with their upper body (if possible). We wouldgrade them on their shoulder and elbow motion. We will still grade them on their finalplacement of their chair instead of their feet. Their chair may not continue rolling or tip forwardduring the action of their throw. The grading criteria for release of Frisbee and final landing willbe modified to a distance that is appropriate for them.
  4. 4. Tasks for Non-Testing Students:There will be a designated warm up area where the students who are not testing at a particulartime may practice their rocking motion and throw. The warm up area will be exactly 10 metersaway from the putter which will be marked with cones instead of an actual basket.