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  • 1. By Cristina Pintor crash course
  • 2.  
  • 3. Content on the Web
    • Internet Content = Public Domain Wrong!!
    • Internet postings are protected, as if they were published printed works.
    • When an author posts anything on the internet, he or she impliedly grants a limited license to use the work (read, download, print out, forward, etc.)
  • 4.  
  • 5. Fair Use
    • Answer these questions to decide if you need permission to use copyrighted material:
      • Is the work protected?
      • If the work is protected, has your campus already licensed rights for you to use the work?
      • Is the work available freely on the open Web, and therefore covered by an implied license?
  • 6. Four Factor Fair Use Test
    • What is the character of the use?
    • What is the nature of the work to be used?
    • How much of the work will you use?
    • What effect would this use have on the market for the original or for permissions if the use were widespread?
  • 7. TEACH Act
    • Copyright law provides educators with a separate set of rights in addition to fair use, to display (show) and perform (show or play) others' works in the classroom .
      • These rights are in Section 110(1) of the Copyright Act and apply to any work, regardless of the medium. http://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/teachact.html
  • 8. Getting Permission
    • If the work you would like to use is protected, you need permission.
    Type of Work Organization Book or Journal Copyright Clearance Center Images Academic Image Cooperative Movies Motion Picture Licensing Corporation Music Recording Industry Association of America
  • 9. Sources
    • Picture Slide 1
      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeblogs/3020135605/
    • Picture Slide 2
    • - http://offtheweb.com Mark Parisi
    • Picture Slide 3
      • http://paginawebgratis.zumbados.net/
    • Picture Slide 4
      • http://blogs.learnnc.org
    • Picture Slide 5
      • Questionmark copyright es.svg; http://commons.wikimedia.org
    • Picture Slide 6
      • outsourcing-social10-2.wikispaces.com
    • Picture Slide 7
      • collaborativeteachers.pbworks.com
  • 10. Sources
    • All the information for this presentation was taken from Copyright Crash Course.
    • Harper, G (20001). Copyright Crash Course. Retrieved from:
      • http://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/
      • http://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/useofweb.html
      • http://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/copypol2.html
      • http://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/teachact.html
      • http://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/permissn.html