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Summary of the current status of Encyclopedia of Life China

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EOL China Center status

  1. 1. Data Flow and Contents in EOL China Center EOL China Regional Center Biodiversity Committee, CAS March 9, 2012
  2. 2. Implementation of EOL China data system Web service EOL-China Portal Web service Web serviceEOL-China Animal EOL-China Microbial EOL-China Plant
  3. 3. Structure of management and service in EOL China System manager EOL-China Portal Public Web service Curator, Data manager Disciplinary Databases and websites Public Data import in xml files EOL China service system in Bisby Core format taxonomists(data provider) Species databases of taxa
  4. 4. Data flow of Animal Database Import in xml Animal database CoL China harvesting harvesting harvestingChinese Mammal database Chinese spider database Chinese bird database
  5. 5. Data flow of Plant Database Import in xml Plant database CoL China harvesting harvesting harvesting harvestingChinese Virtual Herbarium Plant photo database Chinese high plant database Chinese Nature Museum
  6. 6. Procedure of data collection for EOL China databases EOL Xml files CoL China China (Bisby Core) databasedatabase Bird database Species Mammal data database manage ment system Spider database
  7. 7. Components of Bisby Core There are 5 components in a Bisby Core standard document:  The taxonomic tree component: describe the information of a taxonomic tree, such as the name of the tree, the author of tree, etc.  The taxon information component: describe the taxonomic relevant data of taxon;  The data object component: describes attributes of taxon in text and/or multimedia format;  The reference component: describe information about references;  The people component: describe information of expert who make scrutiny.
  8. 8. Data Source of EOL China All species data in EOL China are from species databases of animal, plant and microbial building up by Institute of Zoology, Institute of Botany and Institute of Microbiology, CAS, which collect data from monographs, scientific papers, website and reviewed by taxonomists. The names of taxonomists are listed in the species pages as an object of the species. The copyright information are attached with the object data as in EOL website.
  9. 9. Portal of EOL China
  10. 10. Animal website of EOL Chin
  11. 11. Plant website of EOL China
  12. 12. Microbial website of EOL Chi
  13. 13. Statistics for contents in EOL-China Total Rich Text Only Only pages pages pages images names Animal (Mammalia, 9909 2237 1722 52 5898Aves , Arachnida) Plant(Gymnospermae, 10003 2891 0 4505 2607 Orchidaceae) Microbial(Ganodermatace 2259 1873 386 0 0 ae, Tremellales, Polyporaceae) total 22171 7001 2108 4557 8505
  14. 14. Example of rich pages http://animal.eolchina.org/pages/10581 http://animal.eolchina.org/pages/10406 http://animal.eolchina.org/pages/10435 http://animal.eolchina.org/pages/7060
  15. 15. Content developmentBuilding up new species data in Chinese by taxonomists Next year  Animal: fish, butterfly – 600 species  Plant: Gymnospermae, Orchidaceae – 2000 species  Microbial: Boletaceae, Laboulbeniales, Geastraceae, Nidulariales, C yanophyta, Meliolales, Uredinales, Aspergillus – 1000 species Next 2 years  Animal: amphibian, butterfly – 800 species  Plant: important plant – 3000 species  Microbial: Boletaceae, Laboulbeniales, Geastraceae, Nidulariales, C yanophyta – 1000 species High rank taxa data, genus, family, order, ……