College Magazine Comparisons


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College Magazine Comparisons

  1. 1. College Magazine Comparions
  2. 2. College Magazine Comparisons NO 1 Features Olympic Gymnast, a well known cover star will usually result in more copies being brought, picked up. It also has the potential to inspire any students at college. Clear and colourful masthead, it also has it’s target audience as the name of the magazine, the font is Sans Serif The size of all 5 cover lines is similar and showing that 4 of them are of equal importance. The magazine is free, I feel this is too small and not being empathised enough on the magazine. It should be on the left third of the magazine.
  3. 3. College Magazine Comparison NO 2 Cover lines used at the bottom of the magazine, also the white font doesn’t stand out on the white background. First thing you notice about the magazine is the picture, it is very in your face and stand out. Very basic non flashy masthead, using a Sans Serif font I feel the yellow font here feels out of place compared to the rest of the front cover, it would have been better to continue alone the basic theme
  4. 4. College Magazines Comparisons NO 3 The sole most important thing to the front cover is the main image, it’s clear the college is trying to impress and as such it is designed like this to bring attention to it. Again like the previous magazine the cover lines have been put at the bottom, by placing them hear rather than on the left hand side it leaves more room for the main image. A short but simple cover line, doesn’t take too much attention away from the main picture. The masthead includes a Serif font but still isn’t at all flashy.
  5. 5. College Magazine Comparisons NO 4 Only 1 cover line, even if it’s the main focus point of the magazine it really should contain more on the front cover, even if it’s in a smaller font at the bottom like Numbers 2 and 3. Name of magazine is from the centre to right hand side, completely ignoring the important left hand side. A selling line of ‘Magazine’ for me isn’t interesting enough, the target audience for this must be of a very professional nature. Not much else to mention as the magazine is the definition of the world simple. Even if the magazines aim isn’t to impress I feel something much better could have been produced.
  6. 6. Conclusion I feel all 4 College/University magazines I have chosen to analyse are of a professional nature, however some are much more effective than others. I feel number 1 is the best design and is the hardest to pick flaws in, compare this to Number 4 which I feel has an atrocious design that just wouldn’t appeal to me or I’m guessing it’s target audience. Number 3 is the one that intrigued me the most, very rarely do you see a magazine that is so simple but it’s effective, the designers aim was to obviously sell the place and the image in the design should be an excellent selling point.