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Fellowship for Villgro

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  2. 2. A CHANCE TO CHANGE LIVES IN RURAL INDIA Ready to make a difference? markets (the “base of the pyramid”) in India, and has eight years’ experience in enabling such Rural India needs ideas that can deliver inclusive, innovations to reach rural markets, both through eco-friendly and sustainable prosperity. A handful technology and business incubation, and through a of individuals – better known as social dedicated retail chain for innovative products. The entrepreneurs – are making that difference by L-RAMP programme targets innovators, whose blurring the boundaries between business and access to technology, funds and markets is social good. These individuals stand out for their improved through mentoring, networking, seed vision, purposefulness, passion, leadership, funding and recognition. The Villgro stores targets innovativeness, risk taking ability, and persistence. the rural poor, by making its portfolio of innovative, efficient and cost effective products If you are one such path-breaker in the making, you available at retail points and through Village Level need to have a space to hone those instincts, a live Entrepreneurs. laboratory that will help you sharpen your abilities. Above all, you need an opportunity to prepare Presenting Villgro Fellowships yourself to launch your dream venture. Villgro in association with the Rockefeller About Villgro Foundation, presents the 2nd Villgro Fellowships, a 10-month program designed to equip individuals Villgro, a social enterprise, is focused on who dare to follow their dreams and to help build a innovations with social impact on low-income prosperous rural India.
  3. 3. WANTED PROFESSIONALS WITH COURAGE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE What does the Villgro Fellowship Who can become a Villgro Fellow? offer you? Professionals from the corporate sector who want £ The Villgro Fellowship gives you an exciting opportunity to contribute to the rural poor to work for 10 months both independently and £ or agriculture graduates with 3-5 years of Engineers alongside Villgro professionals. work experience £ entrepreneurs who wish to hone their Social During the programme, you will contribute to rural entrepreneurial ability in a challenging environment prosperity by: £ entrepreneurs who aspire to understand Emerging the rural sector Mentoring £ an Innovator and using your entrepreneurial skills to enable the successful Experience in or exposure to any of the following will be commercialization of an innovation. an added advantage: Deploying practical, imaginative and decisive £ leadership in working with innovators, innovations and New product development, Project Management or £ rural markets. Business planning £ in-depth understanding of the innovation Acquiring £ capital organizations, Rural markets or the Venture and social enterprise sectors. Social sector Developing £ specific expertise in technology Individuals who have had success in: £ development and business planning. Spear-heading change management initiatives Implementing the best (international) practices £ Business planning and execution from industry. Social change activities £ knowledge and familiarity with Villgro and Gaining Championing new / entrepreneurial initiatives other social enterprise models by participating in structured knowledge building programmes. Adaptability to new cultures / environments is a £ must
  4. 4. TEN MONTHS TO SOW CHANGE DATE / PERIOD EVENT 15th February 2010 The fellowship begins formally in Chennai with a one week classroom-based induction programme into all aspects of Villgro and an introduction to the Social Enterprise sector. 15th – 28th Induction into the work of Villgro with the fellows spending time at the various February 2010 offices of Villgro and with identified innovators. 1st – 9th March Visit to other organizations in the Social enterprise sector. 2010 10th – 15th March Understanding individual portfolios and defining outcomes and processes for each 2010 with the Villgro team. 16th March – 15th On the ground working on the allotted portfolio and towards the stated deliverables November 2010 Mid May, July and Interim reviews in April, June and September, primarily to assess the progress and offer September support where is required 16th – 30th Fellows come back from their projects to spend the next two weeks in putting November together their learning and outcomes of the work done by them and present the same to the Villgro team 1st week of Fellows spend time with key role holders in Villgro, deciphering the path forward December for themselves in the sector and nature of support expected from Villgro to facilitate the same In addition, Fellows will also be invited to attend relevant learning sessions that are planned for the year and held at Villgro offices on the 1st Saturday of every month. Fellowship Location, Compensation and Compensation for the fellows program is designed to cover the costs associated with the program, i.e., local Travel travel to and from the office, accommodation, local transportation for business needs, food, health Villgro is pleased to provide you a stipend of Rs. 25,000/- insurance and incidentals. per month to cover meals, housing and incidental costs. Villgro will reimburse the to and fro transportation of The fellows may be required to travel to or stay at the the shortest route for all to Chennai from their place of location of the innovators they are working with. All domicile at the time of joining and completion. In travel and stay will be in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu addition, travel expenses to the innovator location, for and some states in the north. quarterly meetings and any other Villgro meetings during the fellowship will be reimbursed.
  5. 5. FELLOWS WHO IGNITED CHANGE IN 2009 David Schafran with Desi Crew David has appropriate manner. I have three specific projects completed BA with which I am working: 1. Develop and implement a in Spanish social impact measurement system 2. Business from the development, both client acquisition and account University of management/transitioning 3. Develop new training Michigan, and modules in conjunction with HR. Additionally, I have worked work on strategic planning and ad-hoc projects on an internationally as needed basis. in various My mission is to improve the quality of life of the verticals in the NGO, for-profit, and government entire world in a BIG way through for-profit sectors in a push to understand social enterprise as a methodologies, and am particularly interested in means towards sustainable development and make a working on growth and trajectory strategy for start- meaningful difference in the world. up social enterprises with "green" and BoP “I am working one-on-one with the CEO of focuses”. DesiCrew Solutions on a strategic level to scale the model and impact more lives in the most effective and Gautam Mazumdar with IR Guard Gautam Mazumdar is a post graduate in business “In Villgro I'm working management specializing in international business with the “IR Guard” with over seven years of international work project, an innovative experience in the corporate as well as development herbal formulation sectors across functions. His responsibilities in product used in the NGOs, Private sector and Government bodies poultry sector. involved skills development and capacity building for Project activities socially & economically disadvantaged for leading a involve developing life of self reliance. The strategy was through new marketing and networking with variety of Governmental and business partners in different regions of India”. Private Resources.
  6. 6. FELLOWS WHO IGNITED CHANGE IN 2009 Meera Seshadri with Infant Warmer M e e r a air-flow infant warmer - a technology that was Seshadri holds developed in-house at Villgro. In addition, I am a bachelor's developing a user needs study that will reveal the degree in role of devices such as the infant warmer within the global public context of neo-natal clinical care in rural Tamilnadu. health and Through this fellowship, my exposure to the public s o c i o - and private health sector, as well as to the critical economic needs of the rural poor, has been incredible. Though development the challenges have been dense and deep, I've gained from The George Washington University, and has 3 a tremendous working knowledge of the rural health years of experience in public health advocacy, systems and had the opportunity to collaborate with developing health behavior and health awareness and learn from seasoned medical professionals, campaigns, and project management. entrepreneurs, government officials, and product “In Villgro, my task is to design and conduct a study designers." that will validate the safety and performance of the Manish Kumar with SHREYAS Manish Kumar is a post graduate in agricultural promotion. The aim of economics with four years of experience in the enterprise is to designing projects, fund raising and the organize the market in implementation of sustainable livelihood small ruminant rearing. development for rural poor. My work has focused on the pilot marketing “In Villgro I’m working on a project called SHREYAS. of this enterprise”. Working with SHREYAS (a social enterprise) as part of my fellowship at Villgro was a wonderful learning experience! It enabled me to enhance my skills in livelihood enhancement for the vulnerable sections of society, through the strategy of enterprise
  7. 7. A ONE OF A KIND OPPORTUNITY WITH US A Villgro Initiative businesses, globally and nationally. As a Fellow, you can leverage this for maximum learning. As a leading incubator of innovations for the Indian rural sector with a unique social agenda, Villgro is Work on a Real Challenge: Villgro implements equipped to make a difference to your ambitions. several seed initiatives with the objective of establishing viable social enterprises. As a Fellow, Driven by dreams of a prosperous rural India, you will be able to work on various kinds of Villgro is a not-for-profit entity based in India. challenges, such as marketing, business Villgro’s mission is to identify and incubate development & technology development. grassroots technological innovations developed largely by rural users that can have a significant Pursue a Well-designed Program: The Villgro impact on rural lives and enable these innovations Initiative Fellowships are designed to maximize to reach rural markets. Villgro identifies these your learning and growth as a potential social innovations and helps to develop and market the entrepreneur. innovations that have commercial potential. Access Rural India: Through its programmes, innovation portfolio and network, Villgro opens the doors to rural India for you. Leverage Villgro's Ecosystem: Villgro has developed a mature ecosystem for building viable innovation-based social enterprises. Villgro's partners are among the most reputed funding support agencies, technology institutions and
  8. 8. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. How many fellows will be selected for the programme this year? 4. Are Villgro fellows allowed to take leaves of absence during the programme? This year, we plan to have 5-7 fellows for the programme. This is the 2nd formal launch of a fellowship programme for Villgro fellows are encouraged to take leaves of absence Villgro. Prior to this, Villgro has housed many Indian and only for reasons of sickness or physical inability to travel to international volunteers, interns and professionals who work. Fellows are generally encouraged not to opt for have contributed to the work of Villgro. leave beyond this. However, the request for leave on any exceptional reasons may be considered on a case to case 2. What is the nature of support that will be basis. offered for Villgro fellows to settle down at the place of work if they are from elsewhere? 5. What type of mentoring and support will Villgro fellows receive during the programme? Villgro will offer you accommodation in modest but comfortable premises for the first 10 days of your stay in Each Villgro fellow will be assigned a mentor from within Chennai. During that time, administrative support will be Villgro to whom they are encouraged to share progress on provided to you for identifying a suitable accommodation. the assignment, or any other matters they wish to receive Accommodation will be organized while on tour for official support on. This mentor would not be the person he/she is purposes. reporting to. Apart from this, Villgro has a very positive and supportive work culture and you would be free to seek 3. Can Villgro fellows bring their immediate the support of any Villgro employee you choose. family along with them? 6. Can fellows expect an offer of employment The fellowship programme will arrange for travel, work from Villgro or its partner organizations on permits and other items only for one person. However, completion of the programme? Villgro acknowledges and respects the needs of fellows to Villgro reserves the right to extend employment to any of bring their immediate family along with them and fellows the Villgro fellows. On completion of the programme, if may bring family or loved ones at their own expense. It such an offer is not made from Villgro, Villgro would still be should be noted that fellows will be expected to travel at able to suggest to the fellow possible organizations that the short notice and at the schedule dictated by the incubation fellow can consider for a suitable career, based on Villgro's plan, and that the program is intensive, time-consuming assessment of the fellow's performance and potential. and requires real commitment and flexibility. Fellows should consider these factors carefully before deciding to bring family members.
  9. 9. DO YOU WANT TO APPLY YOUR SKILLS TO UNLEASH RURAL PROSPERITY? eminent social entrepreneur and senior staff from the How to Apply Villgro selection board. Send in your detailed resume, along with a one page The decision on the persons selected for the Villgro summary (not exceeding 500 words) of why you are fellowship and extension of offers to successful interested in applying for the fellowship, to candidates will be sent before the 2nd week of before 20th October 2009. December 2009. Shortlisted candidates can expect a phone call from us at Apply now to participate in an a mutually convenient time informing them of the same. exciting journey with us! Finalists would participate in an in-person / teleconference /video conference interview with an Villgro Fellowships Villgro, 20/6, 1st Floor, Lakshmipuram 2nd Street Lloyds Road, Royapettah, Chennai Tamilnadu, India 600 014, Ph: +91-44-2811 2108