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Presentación del programa de aceleración del programa TechBA Monterreal y TechBA Austin, impartida el 12 de febrero, donde pretenden apoyar a las pequeñas y medianas empresas a expandirse a mercados internacionales

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Presentación TechBA Csoftmty

  1. 1. TechBA + CSOFTIT Opportunities for Mexican SME Companies in North America Manuel Ribeiro February 12, 2013 1
  2. 2. New Market Opportunities • Nothing should be more important for any enterprise than to find and exploit new market opportunities. Even when business is robust, there is always the need to hunt for new turf, to guard against the time when a strong product or service category will become static or declining. • Skill in finding new market opportunities is the lifeblood of business worldwide.
  3. 3. New Market Opportunities• New market opportunities spring from a range of possible sources and vary in their size, importance, and risk. The list of places to look includes the following:• Different uses for an established technology• Alternate or improved technology• Alternate offerings of service models, supplies, and other annuities• New geographic regions• New demographic or vertical industry segments• For IT entrepreneurs, the task of investigating possibilities beyond their existing markets requires judgment, energy, creativity, and objectivity.
  4. 4. Market Size Median Age Heftier markets 60 40 Stronger Per capita Income 20 Older population 0 GDP (Trillion USD Current) U.S. Canada Mexico20 GDP Per Capita (Current USD)15 $6010 Thousands $40 $20 5 $- 0 U.S. Canada Mexico U.S. Canada Mexico
  5. 5. Market Size ITC RevenuesIndustry with a Steadfast $126 Billionsgrowth $106Canada and Mexico Common $86market $66 ITC Revenues Comparison $46 $26 $6 Canada Mexico U.S. Canada Mexico U.S.
  6. 6. Salary & Wages Entry Level Median Senior Job Description for Software Developer ICodes software applications to adhere to designs supporting internal 68 69business requirements or external customers. 60Standardizes the quality assurance procedure for software. Oversees 55testing and develops fixes. 49 43May require a bachelors degree in a related area and 0-3 years ofexperience in the field or in a related area.Has knowledge of standard concepts, practices, and procedures within aparticular field. Relies on experience and judgment to plan andaccomplish goals.Performs a variety of tasks. Works under general supervision.A certain degree of creativity and latitude required. Typically reports to aproject leader or manager. Austin MontrealAlternate Job Titles: Entry Level Software Developer, Software Developer I
  7. 7. Pros 7
  8. 8. Cons 8
  9. 9. Windows of opportunities for Mexican IT Industry Verical Markets E-Health Financial Services Process monitoring & Productivity System integration in Aerospace industry 9
  10. 10. How to Export your IT Services & Products to North America? 10
  11. 11. How to Export your IT Services & Products to North America? Today Preacceleration Acceleration Step 2 Discover and create your Hypothesis Step 5 Decision making Step 3 Get ReadyStep 1 Diagnosis to get ready Step 6 International Step 4 Expose Action Plan Yourself Montreal Execution Step 7 Feedback & Ramp-up 11
  12. 12. Quebec ITC Outlook Computer services and software Multimedia Industry Telecommunications industry industry• 80 businesses involved in games • Primarily integration and outsourcing • Energetic, innovative and avant- development, publishing, production services. garde. services, software and middleware • Mostly located in Metropolitan • The sector is concentrated in• International reputations. Montréal. Metropolitan Montréal• Employs 7,000 people (plus many • Designing vertical and generic • Benefit from the presence of a other jobs indirectly) application software. number of renowned research• Revenues over $1 billion. • Investissement Québec can advise centres.• Creativity and quality of its you or provide funding for your • Total sales in this industry are edging resources. business to set up shop or expand in up to the $9 billion mark.• Renowned training institutions with Québec over 5,100 graduates each year• Extraordinary conditions for high- tech companies wanting to do business in Québec. 12
  13. 13. Ontario ITC OutlookSoftware and systems developers Wireless and telecommunications Digital media•HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens have their •RIM has reinforced Ontario’s long-standing •More than 950 interactive digital media firms Canadian headquarters and R&D in Ontario reputation for innovation and excellence in that generate about $1 billion in revenue each•Number of homegrown high performers got telecommunications. year. Growing at a rate of 30 per cent a year. their start: Constellation •Home to more than half the leading companies •Includes premier games developers/publishers: Software, Corel, Cyberplex, Descartes in Canada’s $16 billion wireless industry such as Beeline Interactive, Gameloft, Tecmo Systems, MKS, OpenText and Platform Rogers Communications, Alcatel- Koei, Ubisoft, Artech Studios, Digital Extremes Computing. Lucent, Ericsson and Nokia. and Magmic Games.Animation and special effects E-Health Security software•Recognized leaders as Autodesk •North American centre for life sciences and ICT •World-leading Certicom, (clients include : U.S. Canada, Nelvana and Side Effects, •High performance e-health solutions. National Security Agency•Award-winning film and television productions. •Helping major international firms (Agfa (NSA), IBM, Continental Airlines, General•3D-industrial design and training simulators. HealthCare) and domestic providers Dynamics and Sony Ericsson) (Nightingale Informatix and Diversinet) succeed •This sector includes other world-leading in a rapidly growing field. Ontario companies like Third Brigade and international providers such as McAfee, Symantec and Cisco Systems. Green IT •Companies in Ontario are making breakthroughs on every front, from Zerofootprint to Fifth Light Technology. 13
  14. 14. Debemos buscar la internacionalización?1. Nos sentimos más cómodos bajo nuestras fronteras y nos parece que traspasarlas es cosa de grandes corporativos. Nos conformamos con un mercado limitado y cuyo crecimiento se estancará en algún momento. ¿Por qué no internacionalizarse? La apertura al extranjero supone la apertura al éxito si se hace correctamente. Si el negocio nos va mal por falta de mercado es un buen motivo para salir fuera, si nos va bien, ¿por qué no hacerlo crecer en otros países?2. Estamos cómodos en nuestras fronteras, cómodos con nuestro idioma. Es hora de cambiar. Debemos abrir los ojos y ver el mercado extranjero, la internacionalización, como parte de nuestro futuro de expansión del negocio. La internacionalización ha de dejarse de ver como un gran reto al que enfrentarse sólo cuando las cosas nos van muy bien para convertirlo en un paso necesario durante el crecimiento de la compañía, cualquiera que sea su estado, siempre que el modelo de negocio lo requiera.3. No todas las compañías son susceptibles de internacionalizarse (por lo menos no en el sentido estricto de la palabra).4. Habrá empresas que por sus servicios o productos no necesiten o no deban realmente internacionalizarse. Se ha de tener un plan para llevarlo a cabo en el momento adecuado.