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2014 SEO WordPress Fundamentals
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2014 SEO WordPress Fundamentals


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WordPress and SEO were made to go together just like chocolate and peanut butter. With strategic marketing and planning, you can achieve your SEO and business lead goals. This presentation is an …

WordPress and SEO were made to go together just like chocolate and peanut butter. With strategic marketing and planning, you can achieve your SEO and business lead goals. This presentation is an overview of essential things you need to understand today to optimize your site in compliance with current accepted best practices. For a version of the presentation which includes links to references and supportive information, visit

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. SEO and WordPress
  • 2. truth “SEO has evolved to become the  result of an actual marketing  strategy versus marketing tactics” Rae Hoffman Read the article:
  • 3. seo planning is step 1 • rank cannot be bought • must be earned • seo is not an item to be  left to the end • plan first • w/o planning, you’ll  never get where you  want to be Photo credit: Oatsy40
  • 4. seo components • A strong SEO strategy has three core components:  – links – content – social media • What's become more pronounced in the last year is  the relationship between these elements. • Best user experience, e.g. mobile compatibility is no  longer optional Read more: 5 SEO Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know for 2014
  • 5. expectations are blown apart... • • • • • Photo credit: Morgali Photography-House Explosion 2009.12.22 Ohio Ave Extension Nothing is the same No tricks No games No kidding. Follow best practices
  • 6. pandas, penguins, hummingbirds
  • 7. panda rules • • • • • • • • • Summer 2011 High‐quality, original Trust Authentic, interesting Not full of ads Involved Useful/UX Not overly optimized Google notes Read Google’s post about quality:
  • 8. penguin – this bird can’t fly • Debuted April 24, 2012 • Updated May 25, 2012 •  rankings of websites  that violate Google’s  Webmaster Guidelines • demote black‐hat SEO  tactics, e.g. link  schemes Read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines:
  • 9. hummingbird – nimble, fast • September 27, 2013,  Google’s self‐given  birthday gift, core algo • improved, more natural  search • focused on natural  speech • finding you precisely  what you seek
  • 10. fundamentals • • • • • • • solid, strong brand great copy adds value well‐designed site useful information fast mobile responsive
  • 11. what are you working towards? • • • Know your goal Research Competitor analysis
  • 12. content is king • • • • • Owned/Earned/Paid Increase Owned/Earned Create Distribute Share & Interact
  • 13. Content Development • • • • • Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano Photos Videos Text / written articles Curated content WordPress app makes it  easy on the go
  • 14. taxonomy • • • • Map it out Identify primary Supporting branches Categories – • One per post Tags as modifiers – Not contained in post  titles
  • 15. Plan Blog Categories Parent Category Chocolate Cupcakes Birthday Child or Secondary Categories Decorating
  • 16. Plan ‘Tags’‐ Micro Categories Tags Milk Chocolate Child Category Chocolate Dark Chocolate White Chocolate
  • 17. Why strategy? If you put effort into planning your  marketing and content strategy you  you’ll have a higher success rate and  also continue to execute based on a strategy,  versus reacting to what is wrong due to lack of  organization.
  • 18. • html tags to markup  pages  • Search engines rely on  this markup • created by the four  major search engines
  • 19. Google’s markup helper • Optimize Your WordPress Blog Content with  Google’s Markup Helper Read an article guiding you through how to optimize your WordPress blog content: • Google’s Markup Helper Use Google’s Markup Helper:
  • 20. wordpress SEO • • • • • Best in class Light weight Easy to configure Updated regularly Content analysis  functionality • Optimize your sites titles  and descriptions with the  snippet preview. • Automatically generate XML  Sitemaps
  • 21. all ins • Title – – • • Text Tags – – – • • • page file media library alt post H2, H3 Page Subheads Descriptions
  • 22. other considerations • Inbound links • Bold • Cross site links as on‐ page navigation • No “click this link” rather, “click for map to  our location”
  • 23. author, author • Rich snippets • Google Profile – rel=”author” and  rel=”me” • Best writer about this is  Joost de Valk aka Yoast‐rel‐author‐ rel‐me/ Learn from Google: What are rich snippets?
  • 24. rich snippet example
  • 25. share, friend, participate
  • 26. lather, rinse, repeat • • • • monitor adjust refresh keep alert to Google’s  changes • competition Photo credit: 1950sUnlimited