Stress management

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  • 1.  Stressors
  • 2.  Hindrance stressors – ◦ Those stressful events that have a negative effect on motivation and performance Challenge stressors – ◦ Stressful events that have a positive direct effect on motivation and performance.
  • 3.  Stress Symptoms ◦ Physical ◦ Emotional
  • 4.  BURNOUT ◦ Long-term stressors ◦ Emotional, mental and physical exhaustion ◦ Symptoms: irritability, impatience, being cynical ◦ Five factors creating burnout  Limited control in the workplace  Insufficient recognition for accomplishments  No advancement opportunities  Poor relationships  Organizational culture not compatible with your beliefs
  • 5. Six significant sources of job stress2)Role conflict Confusing expectations3)Adverse environmental conditions Noise/air pollution/crowding4)Adverse customer interaction Conflict with customers/lack of mgmt support5)Environmentally induced ADD6)Job insecurity7)Role overload/Extreme jobs
  • 6. Stress Management
  • 7.  Improving Personal Productivity ◦ Dealing with procrastination  Commit to what you want in life  Calculate the cost of procrastination  Worst in, First out  Break the task into manageable chunks  Make a commitment to other people  Eliminate a few trivial items from your to- do list  Satisfy the need to be busy in constructive ways  Eliminate rewards for procrastinating (talking to others, walking around, surfing the Internet)
  • 8. Improving productivity through attitudes and values Begin with a mission and goals Work smarter, not harder Value orderliness and cleanliness Value good attendance & punctuality Attain a balance in life Increase your energy
  • 9. Increase productivity through work habits and skills Prepare a “to-do list”/set priorities Streamline your work Concentrate on one task at a time (avoid multitasking) Stay in control of paperwork Enhance your Internet skills
  • 10. Why do we care?? Excessive stress is expensive!!Increased costs medical coverage lost productivity while at work lost productivity from sick days cost of hiring new employeeIncreased injuries/safety issuesIncreased workplace violenceDecreased customer service