Cetis13 plenary


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Feedback from the parallel sessions at the CETIS13 conference

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  • NMC and TEL-MAP
  • Cetis13 plenary

    1. 1. CETIS13 Plenary
    2. 2. QTI v2.1Wilbert Kraan
    3. 3. IMS Question & Test Interoperability• QTI 2.1 is out now, and being implemented in six nations, with around £300 mill. investment• UniQurate authoring editor allows lecturers to combine lots of interactions in one question item• QTIWorks does most of the spec, works seamlessly in BB, Moodle and other LTI enabled platforms• Jassess is reporting back from the outer reaches of adaptive testing: that works, but requires pondering• Too early to nail a UK HE profile of QTI, but the outline is pretty clear 3
    4. 4. HE Information Landscape - Seize the Day Adam Cooper
    5. 5. Lightening Talks● Course data – useful applications● Search engines are useless● Educationhackers.org - developer talents solving problems in our educational institutions● Big data + big project = big waste of money● Just one academic me please!● Data warehouses, reporting and the HEIL
    6. 6. Four Ideas1.Staff Development - “data literacy” Better equipped for collaborative design2.Open [Sector] Vocabularies Discovery, transformation, publication3.Students as data creators/consumers Students building the tools they need4.Course data/information Hire students to curate course data
    7. 7. OPEN Practice and OER Sustainability Phil Barker
    8. 8. Open Practice and OER Sustainability “Scratch your own itch”Images @mrnick, @dkernohan; quote Julian Tenney
    9. 9. Is your open their open? “It’s like MOOCs stole OER’s girlfriend”
    10. 10. Future of CETIS session Paul Hollins
    11. 11. Future of the CETIS Emerging technologies • Short term (12months) Bring You Own Cloud, Mobile Devices • Mid term (2-3 years) Haptics, New User Interfaces Market Analytics • Long term (3-5years) Next Generation Institutional Systems Semi Autonomous Software Agents
    12. 12. future of the CETIS “need to demonstrate ROI, need to show short term “lots of choices need to be for governments” made for the future” “cross road or a roundabout”“keep the conversationgoing , more than creating “not everything is educationstandards/interoperability specific - has other widerspecs” potential” “vision and value set are keys”“cetis stops massive cock-ups! “applying this group of "stopping sector making stupid brilliant people" ideasdecisions - hard to share that”. to the rest of the world ”
    13. 13. Open Innovation and Open DevelopmentScott Wilson and Simon Whittemore
    14. 14. Stay Alive
    15. 15. Mine buried treasure
    16. 16. Skills and Competence Simon Grant
    17. 17. Skills and competence opportunities session  Session framed as opportunity to think forward  What if we had a good infrastructure in place  With lots of linked data  Outcomes, competences etc. linking to frameworks  What opportunities would open up?  Some short presentations  Two small groups formulating opportunities etc.  Much useful discussion and clarification  InLOC mentioned as enabler17
    18. 18. Group A  Learner tools  How am I doing? What do I know well; what dont I know well?  Employer tools  Role aware job spec management / tailoring; upskilling  Many other service tools  Awarding bodies, universities, etc.  Small-time developers  Youtube clips, apps, effectively linked / tagged  Disaggregation makes parts much more accessible generally  Possibility of taking into account accessibility  Mix physical ability requirements in with other skills18
    19. 19. Group B  Motivation  Individual lifelong learning pathways  Disaggregating courses and qualifications  Which are currently too course  Using a common language  Skills audits; evolving skills requirements  Path to the outcome  Built on common language  Tools include granular skills audit, flexible self- description19
    20. 20. Analytics and Institutional Capabilities Sheila MacNeill
    21. 21. • Big Data +•Big Project=•Big Waste of Money