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Presentation1 Presentation1 Presentation Transcript

  • By: Courtney Lyons
  • No need for a definition ofCrime... Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.-ARISTOLE,PoliticsThere is no such crime as a crime of thought; there are only crimesof action.-CLARENCE DARROW, Clarence Darrow for the DefenseWhat do you think, would not one tiny crime be wiped out bythousands of good deeds?-FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY, Crime andPunishment Crime is as much a condition as an intention.-LewusF.korns,ThoughtsCrime is a logical extension of the sort of behaviour that is oftenconsidered perfectly respectable in legitimate business.-ROBERTRICE, The Business of Crime Crime and bad lives are the measure of a State’s failure, all crime inthe end is the crime of the community.-H.G. Wells,A ModernUtopia
  • Factors of crime & violence Poverty Economic/political Social/cultural Unemployment The growing gap Urbanization ...the list goes on but those are a few!!
  • Sex Crimes against Women andchildren From the aftermath ofgang rape, theattention of crimes likesexualviolence, domesticviolence, and femaleinfanticide againstwomen in NewDelhi, India isbecoming a majorconcern. These acts of sexualviolence against allwomen and childrenbrings shame andrejection from theirfamily and country. Current Events: SexCrimes againstWomen and Children
  • War affects crime... A massive explosion blasted across the borderbetween Syria and Turkish killing 13 peopleand wounding dozens. Some claim thatTurkey has been at war with Syria for the past22 months. Syrian rebels have taken controland detain positions that once belong toSyrian security forces. This conflict of crime inSyria seems like an attack for territorial andpolitical reforms. Current Events: Conflict in Syria
  • Organized crime Organized crime threatens security, violateshuman rights, and destroy the developmentsof society around the world. These criminal groups engage intransactional type crimes likedrug trafficking, firearms, corruption andmigrant smugglers thorough moneylaundering. Current Events: Organized Crime
  • Campaigning to reduce crime United Nations on Drug and Crime(UNODC)is a global fighter assisting help in areas oforganized crime.
  • Hatred and DiscriminationCrimes Race,religion,ethnicity, and culture have beenattributes of a person facing discrimination, whichis considered a crime and have legalconsequences in some countries. Elderly Armenian women have been the victims ofattacks and now lives in fear under theirresidents in Samatya.Turkish people view themas minorities and second class citizens with norights to live Turkey. Current Events: Attacks on Elderly ArmenianWomen inTurkey Awakens Fear
  • Bringing an end to Crime! Crime has a long history and continues togrow violently around the world. People live infear of new dangers and terror but its time tobuild a sense of trust and security by offeringopportunities for advancement and creatingorder in society.