My team ignite setting up sales funnels


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Setting up sales funnels for My Team Ignite for your SoZo business. Very simple process once you sign up for your own marketing system. We make it easy to share all the capture pages which each of your team.

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My team ignite setting up sales funnels

  1. 1. { My Team Ignite Setting Up Your Custom Capture Pages/Sale Funnels
  2. 2. First you need to tell the system that you promote SoZo® One way is in step two Companies I promote which you can find under the quick start which opens each time you Enter the system
  3. 3. Or you can go under account, Box drops down, go to my business Another drop down choose companies I promote. On the right. Click & this will take you to screen you see below. What company or companies do you Promote?
  4. 4. There is a long list of Companies scroll Down find SoZo®, Highlight than click Here to save at the Bottom of the page
  5. 5. Once you click save it will take you to this screen place your replicated Website for SoZo in the blank and click here to save again. Now the system Will remember your site.
  6. 6. So next you need your own domain, once you have your own Domain you will be able to make subdomains for each of your Capture pages. You can go back to quick start and than to step 5
  7. 7. Or you can go to Websites on Menu bar drop down box to Domains/subdomains, to the right drop down choose buy a domain or you can choose to transfer a domain you already own.
  8. 8. Choose a domain name DO NOT USE SoZo® in the name and in the Drop down where you see dot com you can also choose, com, net, biz , Info or org. Than click is this domain available it will tell you yes or no if no you need to try another name. If yes just proceed.
  9. 9. Now that you have a domain. You will make a subdomain you can make as many as needed on one domain . Go back to menu at the top of the page in your system select websites, domains/subdomains than to the right you will see manage subdomains. Select manage subdomains.
  10. 10. Subdomain Domain Where you see ladycoffee that is a subdomain name you may name it whatever you choose but this is where you create it. Click Create. (There are directions above about what can be used follow steps 1-5 and you now have a subdomain. ) Again Do Not Use SoZo® in the subdomain.
  11. 11. Now You have created your subdomain you only need to assign it to a page already created for you in the system located in our library. So click on click here in blue above and it will take you to the pages already made for you.
  12. 12. The next screen will look like this, scroll down to where you see The green buttons.
  13. 13. Okay so now #1 in green is a drop down menu which should have that subdomain you just made in it. I made Ladycoffee for this demo. In #2 make sure it say’s become a Prospect for whatever I want. Than scroll down and you will find images for the salesfunnels. Choose the image for the sales funnel you are making and click the small green bottom to the left of the image now go to save my Choice in green. This will save your choice.
  14. 14. There you are now done you may now click on the link above While in the system and see that it is working. Just repeat the steps For the subdomains and assigning each of them for each of the salesfunnels we have for My Team Ignite. You may want to use all of them or just a couple, that is up to you.
  15. 15. As you can see setting up your capture pages is not difficult. If you have any trouble at all please let me know I can help if you need It. You can reach me Cindy Slick @ 720-885-1996