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Marie Slim's CSLA 2012 Ignite Presentation
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Marie Slim's CSLA 2012 Ignite Presentation


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Marie Slim's CSLA 2012 Ignite Presentation

Marie Slim's CSLA 2012 Ignite Presentation

Published in: Education, Sports

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  • Do you ever see this in the library? How about hear this? Don’t they know they are being disrespectful?
  • Our problem.  They come in, agitated.  Get to sit by friends. Loopy.  We don't know their names nor their issues!!!! 
  • Lower affective filter
  • Give ur expectations of them.  You will take a few notes, but mostly just watch and listen. Let them know what to expect from u:  I will talk for 10 minutes, and then you will have 40 minutes to finish your data cards 
  • Be positive
  • Be polite! Ask questions!
  • Be attentive to their needs. Be kind - but not a doormat  
  • No sarcasm
  • Don’t embarrass them. Respect, courtesy  Mind your manners, please, thank you, ladies, gentlemen, sir, ma'am 
  • Give them an escape????
  • Everybody makes mistakes! Let them see you make mistakes too!
  • Give warning and consequence Consequence: immediate - move and sit next to me. 
  • Give students an opportunity to talk to each other about their task, findings, solutions. Vygotsky’s theories of social interaction.
  • Ask them about their needs.  Comments, questions or concerns? Does anybody not understand?  Does anybody not know what to do?
  • Power Point Reform.
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