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  1. 1. I have decided to use Q magazine for my research. I have chosen this magazine because I think it is very successful and it suits the genre of my magazine, Indie Pop. Q is a magazine which is published monthly in the United Kingdom. Its first issue was in 1986 and its publisher is Bauer Media Group. The language is English and since June 2007 it has had a circulation of 130,179. Q was known for its higher standards of photography and printing The magazine has many review sections such as, new releases , film and live concert reviews, as well as radio and television reviews. It uses a star rating system from one to five stars. Much of the magazine is devoted to interviews with popular musical artists. The magazine is well known for compiling lists. It has created many, ranging from "The 100 Greatest albums" to the "100 Greatest 100 Greatest Lists". The most famous of these is the classic "50 bands to see before you die"
  2. 2. Also, I have decided touse NME for my researchas I also think this is asuccessful magazine andsuits the genre of mymagazine, indie pop.NME, formally known asThe New Musical Express isa popular musicmagazine which ispublished weekly sincethe 7th March 1952. NMEhas a circulation of 40.948 since June 2009
  3. 3. Bauer media group, a largeGerman publishing companybased in Hamburg wasfounded in 1875 and has beenprivately owned and undermanagement by the Bauerfamily. Bauer also operates in15 countries worldwide.Bauer produces and distributesmany popular magazines suchas Q , Mojo and Kerrang!Worldwide circulation of BauerMedia Groups magazine titlesamount to 38 million magazinesa week
  4. 4. IPC Media,formerly known asInternationalPublishingCompany UK Ltd isone of the leadingmagazine anddigital publishers inthe UnitedKingdom
  5. 5. Extremely strong and eyecatching imagesBright, strong, eye catchingcoloursColour co-coordinatedBusy front coverBold textOften a picture of anartist/celebrity/band etcMastheadTaglinesLeft thirdCover linesBar codesImage bleedEye catching cover linesSplashes
  6. 6. To look for inspiration for my front cover tomy music magazine I have researchedinto Q magazine. I have chosen Q overNME magazine as I particularly like theirstyle and would like to include similarconventions into my own work.I think the image used on the cover is veryeffective. The images colours works wellwith the rest of the cover. The image alsoportrays women as being, sexy, confidentand fully in control of themselves. Itportrays this because she is lookingdirectly at the camera, licking her lips andis wearing dark eye make up and redlipstick. Also the clenched fist suggests amore masculine role. I want my magazineto also portray this view on women
  7. 7. This image shows a magazine frontcover of a past issue of “More”magazine, a womens fashion,beauty and celebrity gossip. As mymagazine is aimed at women Ineed to include particularconventions of other womensmagazine, as I understand thatwomen are attracted to “pretty”and “eye catching” objects andare more likely to pick up amagazine which is visually pleasant.The left third of this magazinemakes this magazine veryrecognisable, due to the layering ofcoloured rectangles, therefore, Iwould like to include this into myown magazine
  8. 8. Here is a contents page of a past Q magazine along with the front cover. I think this contents page is very effective and works very well with the front cover.It works well because,• a section of the contents page includes thebackground of the front cover. This helps thereader relate the two pages together as theyhave similarities• the same colour scheme is used on the frontcover as well as the contents. In this case its,black, blue, white and small parts of red.Personally I think this contents page could beimproved by changing the colour of the Q on thecontents page to red so it matches the cover andhelps the audience to relate even more.
  9. 9. For my double feature page I wouldlike to include a large “C” on the leftpage. When writing my own feature Iplan to not include as much writing asthe picture shown here. I have chosento do this because I believe it will keepthe reader more interestedAlso, I plan to useother forms of thelayout such as the“cheryl COLE” at thetop of the image This picture to the left shows the outcome of my feature after planning
  10. 10. I plan that the final outcome of mymusic magazine will relate to existingmagazines such as Q magazine. Mymagazine will use certainconventions of Q such as the style,layouts and colours and will share thegenre of the music and the way inwhich it is presented to theiraudience.Although, my music magazine willchallenge other magazines on themarket, and forms of conventions ofQ, as my magazine is a musicmagazine targeted at women. Tohelp make my magazine appeal towomen I have researched womensweekly magazines such as More. Thishas not really been done before byother magazines so I feel that there isa gap in the market.
  11. 11. I plan that my magazine willrepresent young womenaged 17 – 25.I want the representations inmy magazine to be positiveunlike many representationsof young women in mediatoday.My magazine will representwomen as being strong,independent, sexy andconfident. I will portray thisview with pictures throughoutthe magazine andquotations in my feature.
  12. 12. As I am using Q magazinefor inspiration I havelooked into what mediainstitution publishes them,The Bauer Media Group.As my magazine will havemany similar conventionsof Q magazine I am prettyconfident that BauerMedia Group will beinterested in distributingmy magazine.
  13. 13. My new musicmagazine will be aimedat women aged 17 – 25who enjoy the musicIndie-Pop. also, youngwomen who enjoyreading features onfemale Indie-Pop artistswho represent womenwith a positive outlook.
  14. 14. I will attract my audience visually by using bright colours,attractive pictures and bold lettering throughout themagazine.I will also make sure that colours are consistent throughoutmy magazine.On my front cover I will have a strong, eye catching pictureof my model.On the contents page I will keep the writing as simple as Ican and use various pictures to keep my audience’s interest.On my feature page I will include a large picture and not toomuch writing so I can interest the reader as best as I can.After doing all this, I am sure that my target audience will beattracted to this magazine and it will appeal to them.
  15. 15. The first thing I had to decide on was the name of my magazine and I decided to call itSupremacy. I have chosen this name because it is aimed at mainly women who arestrong, independent and could be described as feminists and I want them to feel theyhave an importance.Secondly, I had to decide if my magazine was going to be sold nationally or global. I havechosen it to be national so it will only include British bands, artists and also I think it will beeasier to advertise and make it more appealing to British people as I understand the Britishculture very wellNext, I had to decide on the price I was going to sell my magazine at. From looking atother professional music magazines I can the prices range from around £2 to £6. I havechosen to sell my magazine at the price of £2.90. I have chosen this price as I think it is areasonable price and this is a very important factor that will influence people into buyingmy magazine.Afterwards, I created a draft of my front cover, which outlined how my cover was goingto be set out. I decided from the start that the colours of my magazine were going to bered, white and black. Throughout the process of making my magazine I changed manythings and felt that my final outcome was very much improved
  16. 16. I propose to produce the magazine called Supremacy, a new Indie PopMagazine, published monthly and aimed at young women aged 17-25 whoenjoy reading about strong, independent women.My magazine will be published by Bauer Media Group as they publish similarmagazines to mine such as Q.My magazine will represent women as being confident and sexy and fully incontrol of themselves. This could represent a social group of feminism.I will attract my target audience by using strong, attractive images and strong,bold colours. The price of my magazine will be £2.90 as I believe this is areasonable price for my magazine. My magazine will have 174 pages and willhave a width of 220mm and a length of 285mm.The style of my magazine will be informal and fun. I have chosen this stylebecause it is aimed at women aged 17-25 and as I am within this age range,this is what I’d look for in a music magazine.My product uses similar conventions from Q magazine but in very differentways as my target audience is more of a niche market to Q’s target audience.My unique selling point of my magazine is the style of my magazine and theway it represents women. The media is full of false representations of womenand I feel my magazine will challenge this.
  17. 17. Four key characteristics of stereotyping1. They involve both categorising and an evaluation of a group being stereotyped.2. They usually emphasise some easily grasped features of the group and suggest that these are the cause of the groups position.3. The evaluation of the group is often, though not always, a negative one.4. Stereotypes often try to insist on absolute differences and boundaries where the idea of a spectrum of difference is more appropriate.
  18. 18. Representations of women across all media tend to highlight the following: beauty size/physique sexuality emotional dealings relationships (not much independence or freedom)Feminism has existed for more than thirty years now and the changes that have taken place in the roles in western society have been outstanding. Yet media many negative representations of women remain. I want my music magazine to represent women as being strong, independent and more dominant. I want to do this with my magazine as I feel new, positive portrays of women are needed and also I believe there is a gap in the market for this kind of product.
  19. 19. The image here is from a past Q issue. It includes a feature on Cheryl Cole along with the contents page and front coverThis double feature page works well because From looking at all three images I can see that the colour scheme is constant and works very well. This helps the reader relate this feature with other aspects of the magazine such as the front cover and contents page The feature is written in columns and the size of text looks about a size 10 which I think is a suitable size • There is quite a lot of writing which is complimented with a medium sized picture and also a bigger picture which fills the page. This helps the feature work as not only are they attractive, they interest the reader, and make them want to carry on reading On the left page of the feature there is a large red “C” spread across the page. This is used to represent the name of Cheryl Cole, this works extremely well because it is red, which is part of the constant colour scheme used and also it is very eye catching and decorates the page. A magazine would not get many people reading their features if they were dull looking and boring
  20. 20. On my front cover I would like to use a mid shot to a close up of my model asI want my model to be the main focus of the front cover.My model will look directly into the camera as this gives the audience asense of power and suggests confidenceI will take my front cover photos on a plain background either a dark or lightcolour as this will also make my model the centre of attentionI will take a number of pictures using flash on and off and then decide whichsetting works bestMy model will wear heavy make up on the eyes and lipslike the picture shown here.A mid shot to a close upModel looking directly into the cameraA plain background either light or darkDark eye make up and red lip stickDay lighting
  21. 21. For my feature page Iplan to take one longshot like the photo onthe left from Qmagazine. I plan to usea white backgroundand for my model to PHOTO FROM Qstand in a similar pose MAGAZINEto Cheryl ColeMy own photo on theright is the outcome ofmy plan MY PHOTO
  22. 22. For my contents page Iplan to use a variety ofshots such as, close ups,mid shots and long shots.Also, I will use differentmodels in myphotos toattract mytarget audienceeven more. Photos I have taken for contents page
  23. 23. I didn’t want to change the first image drastically so I decided to make slight changes. Firstly I cropped the image, cutting out things that werent relevant such as the plugs and to make it fit better. Secondly, I went onto image, adjustmentsThis image is for my feature and chose auto levels, This is the photo after beingpage and this is how theimage was before making auto contrast and edited in Photoshop andany changes to it on auto levels this is what I will use in myPhotoshop feature
  24. 24. Masthead – the main headline/title of the magazine. Including the date and price of the magazine. The font used on the masthead is “Lucida Drop shadow Handwriting”, I chosen this font gives a more because I think it appeals to professional women finnishThe left third – Strapline – this is a smallermakes the headline which sums upmagazine easy Supremacy magazine.to recognise in Font is Timesshops Strong image. Used to attract my audience. Also, the model is the 3 smaller images to advertise main focus as she is the other features in the magazine main feature in the magazine
  25. 25. The red strip going A mix of lower anddown the left of the upper case letters.page makes it stand Creates a goodout and relates to the effect and attractsfront cover my audience A variety of different pictures and models will make the readerI decided to include an want to read theeditors letter because I magazine furtherthink it works well if theeditor themselves speaksto their audience. Itmakes the reader feel An advertisement to trythey have an and persuade peopleimportance and into subscribing tomagazine can receivefeedback Supremacy. I have used this so my magazine can attract more customers.
  26. 26. Quotations to show the reader what the person in the feature has said. Also, if the Head line – shows the reader reads the quote first, it may interest reader what or who the them and make them read further feature is about. I decided to use black, bold writing in lower and upper case as I think this really stands out to the reader, especially on a white backgroundByline – shows thereader the journalistwho has written thefeature and thephotographer whohas taken the A large, eye-catchingphotos The large “C” makes the photo which takes up feature attractive and will the page makes the catch the readers eye feature very visually pleasant
  27. 27. After I had printed my final front cover, contents and feature page I asked 100 women and 100 men aged 17 – 25 what they thought of my magazine1. Firstly I asked what target audience they thought my magazine was aimed at. 90% said women aged 17 – 25 the other 10% said men aged 17 - 25
  28. 28. 2. Secondly I asked the 100 women if they would buy Supremacy magazine 85% said “I definitely would 7% said “probably would” 5% said “probably not” 3% said “I definitely wouldn’t” WOMEN
  29. 29. Also, I asked what could be doneto improve my magazine.40% said if I had a wider range ofmodels in my photos it wouldhave improved it. The other 60%said the range worked well as it is30% percent said my front covercould of been more busy andhad more cover lines on it. Theother 70% percent said the frontcover was fine how it was
  30. 30. Finally, I asked what they liked about mymagazine95% liked the colour scheme andthought it was very consistent. Theother 5% thought it should havebeen a colour which is more aimedat young women, such as pink.90% percent liked the photos I hadon the front cover and said theywere eye catching and veryeffective. The other 10% said adifferent shot may have workedbetter
  31. 31. The target audience for mymusic magazine is youngwomen aged 17 to 25 yearsold who like the genre ofmusic, indie, pop. Typically,other music magazines withinthis genre are usually aimedat the British, white race. Mymagazine however is aimedat British white or black. Also,women who enjoy readingfeatures on strongindependent artists whichportray women in a positiveway.
  32. 32. When starting AS Media I had no knowledge, or experience with theprogram InDesign or Photoshop neither had I worked on producinga magazine before. I have learnt it takes a great deal of time andeffort to put a magazine together.I have learnt that with InDesign you can create many differentlayouts for your magazine. Indesign has probably helped me themost because without it I would not be able to of created mymagazine.I have found Photoshop very useful when editing my photos. Ivelearnt that using Photoshop doesn’t mean you have to change yourimages drastically. Without it my images would not make anystatement what so ever