Final Trial Protocol - Super Grain Bags


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Final Trial Protocol - Super Grain Bags

  1. 1. GrainPro Phils, Inc. Lot 28&29 Innovative cor Efficiency Sts., Gateway Park, Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222 Philippines, Tel. #: +63472527884 Fax #: +63472527885 E-mail: customerservice@grainpro.comPROTOCOL FOR SETTING UP A DEMONSTRATION TRIAL ON THE SAFE STORAGE OF SEEDS USING GRAINPRO’S SUPER GRAIN BAGS™ In Collaboration with Organization:________________________________________ This Protocol may be terminated by both parties upon mutual agreement or if there is any violation of accepted conditions of this protocol CONFORMED FOR IMPLEMENTATION:GRAINPRO REPRESENTATIVE________________________GrainPro Philippines, Inc.The issue under discussion i.e. losses incurred in storage of seed is an important componentof our operations in agriculture and the results will help us develop and implement betterextension communication strategies leading to more profits for associated farmers.PEST CONTROL OF INDIA (PCI) _____________________________________REPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTATIVEDate Signed: _______________ Date Signed: _______________1. RATIONALEThe purpose of this trial is to provide a demonstration of the effectiveness of storing seed of____________________ commodity under gas-tight conditions (also termed hermeticconditions), specifically in a GrainPro SuperGrainbags™ (SGB). This trial shall also illustratehow these can be used to maintain quality of COMMODITY/SEED for short to long termperiods of time. Moreover, also prevent changes in moisture level in the commodities andits consequences due to external changes in humidity.The SGB works under the principle of hermeticity and is made of a multi-layeredPolyethylene (PE) plastic with distinct gas barrier properties. It has a low oxygen and watervapor permeability enough to create a modified atmosphere for individual packing andmaybe placed inside any convenient protective cover such as woven polypropylene forphysical protection.The Super Grain Bag has been developed by the international non-profit International RiceResearch Institute (IRRI), endorsed by CIMMYT and shared with GrainPro to scale up andreduce seed loss in storage - across the world at the lowest possible price. Till date across 82countries, GrainPro has helped several international development agencies such as USAID,BMGF, DFID etc, CARE and INGOs and poor they help - to reduce seed losses.The intention of this trial is to bring cutting edge research to partners who directly workwith poor and marginal farmers. Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. PROTOCOL FOR SETTING UP A DEMO-TRIAL ON THE SAFE STORAGE OF COMMODITY USING GRAINPRO SUPERGRAINBAGS™2. SCOPE OF THE TRIAL2.1 PersonnelA competent staff, preferably from the agriculture team of the field organization shall bedelegated as responsible for overseeing the trial, shall maintain contact with GrainPro andPCI when necessary, and shall document the results of the trial. Designated as Trial-In-Charge (TIC), s/he will commit himself/herself to oversee the trial according to theguidelines of this protocol.The Trial Incharge [TIC] shall be:Name: _____________________________________ Mobile #:___________________Email (if possible): _______________________Monitoring at specific stages of storage will also be carried out by the partner organizationTIC or other representative and also from PCI and GrainPro. The documented reports of thetest conducted (visual/ocular inspection and cupping test) at the storage destination will beshared with GrainPro and PCI.2. 2. Duration of the trialDuration of the trial shall start upon just after harvesting till next sowing of the samecommodity – on actual loading and unloading of seed in the Super Grainbag™.3. MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT REQUIRED  Number of GrainPro SuperGrainbags™ : 2 bags  Local storage material : All used  Seed to be stored : __________Commodity: _____ Kg4. PACKING OF SGB  Place SGB as liner inside polypropylene, jute or equivalent protective bags.  Fill SGB with seed.  Close the opening by twisting the free plastic portion and fold it in two and then tie off using supplied cable ties.  Close the outer bag, taking care not to puncture the SGB.  Measures to ensure gas-tightness of the SGB will be done to prevent escape of gas.  Ensure that the surrounding of the bags are kept clean.5. MONITORING PROCEDURE  Sampling at start and end of transport trial.  Conduct visual observation and gather enough samples for analyses. Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. PROTOCOL FOR SETTING UP A DEMO-TRIAL ON THE SAFE STORAGE OF COMMODITY USING GRAINPRO SUPERGRAINBAGS™6. SUCCESS OF TRIALSuccess of the trial shall be based on visual observation and parameters results before,during and after storage of seed of ________________commodity.7. REPORTSThe report of the trial should consist of a summary of all work undertaken and will beshared with GrainPro, Inc. and its partner PCI.The report will indicate the qualitative and quantitative differences between the controlsample and the product stored in the SuperGrainbags. Economic benefits (buying and/orselling price during and after transport) are also recommended for inclusion. SUPER GRAINBAG TRIAL OBSERVATIONS CHART Commodity - ____________________ Period of storage:____________ to________________ (_____months _____ days) Control SamplesMaterial Used for storage Super Bag Jute Plastic Others (___thickness)Moisture content at start of trialMoisture content at end of trialWeight of commodity at start of trialWeight of commodity at end of trialInfestation (approx. nos./ kg) 1 to 10 11 to 30 31 to 50 51 to 100 HeavyGermination Percentage [%]Cost of BagCost of preservativesOther savingsLossesPrice Before Storage After StorageNoteInspection Visits Date Organization Persons Page 3 of 3