20 sep 2011 digital green partner meeting Access Development Services


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20 sep 2011 digital green partner meeting Access Development Services

  1. 1. digitalGREEN @ Partners Meet 20 September 2011 Contact: ACCESS DEV SERVICES , 28,Hauz Khas Village, 1st Floor, New Delhi-110016 Website: www.accessdev.org1 ACCESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES e
  2. 2. Geography : Working in MP, West Bengal, AP, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Orissa, and Bihar . Under Digital Green Program we are working in three districts namely GUNA, RAJGARH and ASHOKNAGAR Years of operation : Since 2006 Main areas of focus : Livelihood (Farm & Non farm based) intervention and consultancy work in Microfinance2Partner’s Logo Organizational Overview e e www.digitalgreen.org
  3. 3. Quantitative Progress(From April 2011 to Aug. 2011) Parameters Targets Status Village Operational ized 93(excluding Ashoknagar) Video produced/Uploaded 83 Mediated 2707 Dissemination(from April till Aug. end) Adoptions(from April till Aug. 3857 end) Community Intermediaries 50 Trained3 Digital Green @ Partner OverviewPartner’s Logo e e www.digitalgreen.org
  4. 4. HouseholdDistrict Village Group HouseholdGuna 47 140 2074Rajgarh 46 252 3032Ashoknagar 48 98 1470
  5. 5. Quantitative Progress(Till August ) Parameters Targets Achieveme nt Video 419 348 produced/Uploaded Mediated 6571 4993 Dissemination Adoptions 9458 53013 Digital Green @ Partner OverviewPartner’s Logo e e www.digitalgreen.org
  6. 6. Progress from April till Aug. end April to June –Quarter Screening Adoption Video Produced Targets Achv Targets Achv Targets Achv 837 1633 1303 1502 59 47 July to August, 2011 Screening Adoption Video Produced Targets Achv Targets Achv Targets Achv 730 1074 3880 2355 40 36 April to August , 2011 Screening Adoption Video Produced Targets Achv Targets Achv Targets Achv 1567 2707 5183 3857 99 83
  7. 7. Qualitative Progress Reflections on integration with Well integrated with ATMA and existing intervention NABARD program as well. At one hand through screening of film we inform about the application of IPM Kit and other hand we also provide some of them IPM kit under ATMA program. Similarly we inform them about suitable variety of seed for the region and also provide them for demonstration to see the result. This is identified as good practices to increase farmers acceptability to practices/product. Also through RTRS program we have distributed best quality seeds, fertilizers etc. for their demonstrations. Awareness through visual media and making available the suggested tangible services has helped us to get adoption response well. Experiments with quality assurances, 3857 farmers have adopted impact assessment and /or various agricultural practices after3 sustainability they got motivated by watching Digital Green @ Partner Overview the films . ePartner’s Logo e www.digitalgreen.org
  8. 8. Success Story Madhav Singh is inhabitant of Biloniya Village ofGuna district. He has 2.5 Ha of land in which hedo agricultural practices. There is five membersin his family. He used to practice in traditionalmanner like many other farmers. He joined thegroup as he motivated to learn innovative andbest agricultural practices. He saw the followingmovies and adopted most of the practices out ofthis which enhanced his productivity by 50% inSoyabean and Gram while 60% in Wheat.
  9. 9. Film seen by Madhav Singh1 Urad Seed Treatment2 Urad Seed Germination Test3 Collection of Soil Sample4 Not burned to Nerbai5 M.B. Plough6 Insect control of Cucumbar7 Field Preparation With Haro machine9 Storage of Garlic10 Nadap method11 Maize Seed Treatment12 Advanced Cultivation of Potatoes
  10. 10. ImpactBeforeInter vention Af ter inter vention 1. Now most of the farmers started doing1. Germination test were not followed germination test by the farmers 2. Seed treatment were properly adopted by2. Seed treatment were not properly the farmers done 3. Now most of the member farmer knows3. Balance dose of fertilizers and their application were not known. the doses and application of fertilisers 4. Now most of them following line method4. Method of sowing practiced mostly were broadcast of sowing 5. Soil sample get collected by them properly5. How to collect sample for Soil and also knows the places where it should testing was not well informed be send for testing.6. Use of IPM kit were never practiced 6. Now most of them have purchased IPM kit and applied in their field
  11. 11. What worked well? • Revisit on planning to finalize Adoption/Screening/Video produced targets • Structured field level implementation team placed with ensured proper monitoring & guidance flow from top to bottom. • Most of the staff engaged are from agricultural background • Effective training module designed for mediation and video produced by DG. What can be improved? • Video quality can be improved by handholding support from so called expert video shooter from the team.4Partner’s Logo Learning & Challenges e e www.digitalgreen.org
  12. 12. What can be improved? • Quality of facilitation in dissemination can be improved. • Time period of film need to be enhanced so that it covers more adoption point. If one film has four adoption point and a farmer adopt all this practices it should be taken as four adoption and not treated as one. They should be given opportunity to see a complete cycle of story. It can be considered that whether we can increase time period for film as well as screening.4Partner’s Logo Learning & Challenges e e www.digitalgreen.org
  13. 13.  In the month of July due to consistently heavy rain farmers could not visit their field for agricultural practices so adoption declined in the month of July. HR deployed and training imparted to them but they were not provided with PICCOs on time.
  14. 14. Contact: ACCESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, 28, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, Phone: 011-26510915 Website: www.accessdev.org5Partner’s Logo e Thank you! e www.digitalgreen.org