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  1. 1. Hub Communication Platform (HCP) Neelam Chaudhary- CIMMYT India off n.chaudhary@cgiar.org Website: csisaportal.org
  2. 2. OUTLINES HCP updates Past learning Future focus
  3. 3. HCP updates in EGP hubs Modules released (Weather Pin, Pest Monitor, User friendly- aWhere Desktop) Adoption survey software under development (first release January 2011) Hub characterization- EUP, Nepal ; Bihar (in pipeline) Hub Partnerships mapping (EUP, Bihar, Nepal hubs) Technology mapping- DSR; ZT wheat in Haryana Census data mapping- District-wise Total, male & female population, sex ratio, population density, growth rate- Complete India KVKs network with CSISA Third party data Manufacturers- National Agro seeds- Dealers in Bihar Network of Haryali outlets in India Media coverage- In Western UP (26 districts) Trainings- Hubs ( EUP hub), Public & Private partners Email alerts (more than 200 emails)- throughout South Asia
  4. 4. Interlinking and sharing of information HCP with Training & CKB
  5. 5. HCP with TrainingHCP part of communication workshops to be held in Punjab,EUP, Pakistan hubs R = Rice Subject JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC W = Wheat Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week M = Maize Laser Land Leveling 3&4 Quality Seed Production Sprayers & Spray 1&2(R), 3(M) Techniques 3&4(W) Planting Machinery 1&2(M) 1(R) 4(W) Operations & Maintenance Site Specific Nutrition Management/Leaf Colour 4&5(R) Chart (SSNM/LCC) Integrated Weed 1&2 Management (DSR) Integrated Pest 2&3 3&4(R) Management (W&M) Residue Management 2&3(M) 3&4(R) Water Management 1&2(R) Data Management, Analysis, Reporting & 2 Scientific and Case Study Writing Communication skills & 1 Cereal Knowledge Bank Hub Communication 1 Platform
  6. 6. HCP with CKB
  7. 7. Past learnings Impact of training Direct use of HCP modules
  8. 8. Future Focus1. Adoption Survey tool- training on the use and impact2. Analysis of the data in adoption survey tool and to define recommendation domains of the technologies (technology targeting) using analytical capability of the HCP modules3. Inter -linking of Adoption survey tool, Email alerts and Agriplex4. Hariyali Case Studies – Farenda and Ladwa: why they are doing better than other Hariyali outlets?5. Documentation on establishment and management of Delivery mechanisms6. Analysis of lessons learned for hub development differentiated by region and need7. Hub Characterization- all the hubs8. More trainings on HCP modules (especially aWhere desktop) and also supported by manual in local language9. HCP Brochure- Local languages for all the hubs (in collaboration with CKB)10. Pest Module- Need to strengthen (with the support of hub teams and partners) Continued..
  9. 9.  Documentation on establishment and management of Delivery mechanisms Analysis of lessons learned for hub development differentiated by region and need In collaboration with hubs & partners: 1. Partnership details- Name, type, area of strength, location 2. Category – passive/ active and why? 3. Technology (name and area) adopted in the hub domain area 4. ….
  10. 10. Adoption survey tool Regional & District level data Introduction Data entry excel sheet Interpretation of the data
  11. 11. Goal: “Empower frontline capacity for Professional Agricultural Extension Services”