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4th of workshop of the Romanian Ministry of Culture on resort architecture, Baile Herculane, Romania, June 2008

4th of workshop of the Romanian Ministry of Culture on resort architecture, Baile Herculane, Romania, June 2008

Published in Education
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  • 1. Ressort architecture at Lake Balaton, Hungary Maria BOŞTENARU DAN researcher
  • 2. Balatonfüred• a resort, considered to bet he capital of the Northern shore of Lake Balaton• the oldest resort of the Balaton shore• first timber and stone buildings existed in 1722 already• started to develop in the 1800s, during the Reform
  • 3. Balatonfüred• private villas of politicians and artists started to be built after 1848• most known for its mineral waters and the Mediteranean climate• listed buildings from the middle of the 18th and the 19th centuries in its old cure part along the railway
  • 4. Environment
  • 5. Environment
  • 6. First nucleus• Horvath villa• Kossuth Fountain• Anna bál building• Tibor fürdö• Around a park
  • 7. Balatonfüred – Horvath villa (1795-1798)
  • 8. Balatonfüred – Horvath villa (1795-1798)
  • 9. Balatonfüred – Horvath villa (1795-1798)
  • 10. Balatonfüred – Horvath villa (1795-1798)
  • 11. Balatonfüred – Horvath villa (1795-1798)• Füred was already in fashion at the end of the XVIIIth century• Copf style, the biggest in this style in the Balaton region• 1825 here was hold the first Anna ball• It needs today some restoration
  • 12. Balatonfüred – Anna bál• Event: the Anna bál with its beauty contest.• The first ball was organised in 1846 by János Horváth in honour of his daughter, Anna Krisztina.• It became tradition.• In 2005 it took place for the 180th time.
  • 13. Balatonfüred – Anna bál
  • 14. Kossuth fountain
  • 15. Kossuthfountain
  • 16. Tibor fürdö
  • 17. Related building in Buzias,Romania
  • 18. Second nucleus• Blaha Luiza villa• Jókai villa• Hurray villa• Round church
  • 19. Balatonfüred – Blaha Luiza villa(actress), 1816
  • 20. Balatonfüred – Blaha Luiza villa(actress), 1816 and Round church
  • 21. Balatonfüred – Blaha Luiza villa(actress), 1816• Today hotel• Classicist style• 1893-1916 was the villa of Blaha Luiza
  • 22. Balatonfüred – Jókai villa (writer)1870
  • 23. Balatonfüred – Jókai villa (writer)1870
  • 24. Balatonfüred – Jókai villa (writer)1870
  • 25. Balatonfüred – Jókai villa (writer)1870
  • 26. Balatonfüred – Jókai villa(writer) 1870
  • 27. Balatonfüred – Jókai villa(writer) 1870
  • 28. Balatonfüred – Jókai villa (writer)1870• The writer wrote in his villa here the novel „The gold man“, a part of which takes place on the Balaton shore.• The building was 20 years the property of Jókai• The building is today a museum.
  • 29. Balatonfüred – Huray villa (1868)
  • 30. Balatonfüred – Huray villa(1868)
  • 31. Balatonfüred – Huray villa (1868)
  • 32. Balatonfüred – Huray villa (1868)
  • 33. Balatonfüred – Huray villas (1868)• On one of the most beautiful sites, opposite to the round church• Two houses, both monuments• Romantic style, typical for the 1860s• Covered terrace• Rich ornaments
  • 34. Related architecture in Buziasresort, Romania
  • 35. Round church
  • 36. Round church
  • 37. Round church
  • 38. On the way to the Red church• Döry villa• Lohner villa• Pálóczi castle
  • 39. Balatonfüred – Dőry villa (1869)
  • 40. Balatonfüred – Dőry villa (1869)
  • 41. Balatonfüred – Dőry villa (1869)
  • 42. Balatonfüred– Dőry villa(1869)
  • 43. Balatonfüred – Dőry villa (1869)• Was told to be the most beautiful family villa in Füred• Romantic style, one of the most beautiful in the large region• Today called Astoria
  • 44. Balatonfüred – Lohner villa
  • 45. Balatonfüred – Pálóczy castle(1785-1787)
  • 46. Balatonfüred – Pálóczy castle(1785-1787)
  • 47. Balatonfüred – Pálóczy castle(1785-1787)
  • 48. Balatonfüred – Széchényi castle(1781-1782)
  • 49. Balatonfüred – Széchényi castle(1781-1782)
  • 50. Balatonfüred – Széchényi castle(1781-1782)• Considered to the model of the castle of Timar Mihály in „The gold man“ of Jókai Mór• Barock style, which was then in fashion• 1871 transformations, becomes eclectic features, the balcony is built then, with two stone columns, which retain their beauty today.
  • 51. Balatonfüred – Gombás kúria (2ndhalf of the XVIIIth century)
  • 52. Balatonfüred – Gombás kúria (2ndhalf of the XVIIIth century)• Late barock or Copf (Zopf) style• The Zopf style is a German style, late barock or early classicism as transition between rococo and classicism, 1760 till 1790.• Typical for the Balaton region, especially for Füred, a beloved place of the aristocracy
  • 53. Balatonalmádi• a historic resort on the Northern shore of the Lake Balaton in Hungary.• renowned resort from the begin of the 20th century, recognised as such in 1961.• surrounded by hills at the West and the North.• The construction type is characteristic for the region, often red sandstone is used, since this can be found here. In the historic centre a few of this buildings can still be found. The most of them, however, don´t exist today anymore.