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"Turning this year into your best year ever." My keynote presentation slides from the CA Staffing Professionals Conference in Los Angeles.

"Turning this year into your best year ever." My keynote presentation slides from the CA Staffing Professionals Conference in Los Angeles.



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    CSP Keynote Presentation CSP Keynote Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Turning 2010 into your best year ever! Craig Silverman Keynote Sponsor:
    • Here’s a Thought
      • Will McDonough; Architect and Designer says: The significant problems we face can not be solved by the same level of thinking we used when we created them.
      • We have to be different!
    • Radically Different
      • Your Business Thinking has to change
      • The times demand it
      • Look at the pace of change and how fast your clients needs are changing
      • There is a need to lead, not to just keep pace
      • Your business has to change!
    • How do we know what to do? Who should we follow?
    • Out of our Control
      • Economy
      • Weather
      • Conflicts
      • Competition
      • Market Trends
      • Geographic Desire
      • More…
    • Factors We Control
      • # Calls
      • How we React
      • Time Management
      • Practicing our Craft
      • Our Attitudes
      • The Effort We Put Out
      • Following the Process
    • What Is Your Plan?
      • Where are you? Where do you want to go? What guides you?
    • Are you a Leader?
      • What is your leadership philosophy?
    • 10 Things that Leaders Say
      • I will treat people the same way I would like to be treated.
      • There are no shortcuts, and there is no substitute for hard work.
      • I will do whatever is necessary to be honest, hard-working, and to deliver quality service
      • I will never be afraid to admit a mistake when I make one, or to say I’m sorry
      • I will always tell you where I stand and what I believe.
      • Trying is not good enough, almost any action is better than no action.
      • I will be proactive so that my competitors are always forced to react.
      • I understand that if I grow, my results grow; if my results grow, my company grows.
      • If I’m not having fun, I’ll find a way to have fun, or I’ll find another job.
      • I will impart this philosophy to everyone I come in contact with
    • The Plaza Hotel, NY
    • Think Strawberries
      • The Plaza Hotel. Everybody Sells. Generate More Revenue from Existing Sources.
    • Give Me What I Want
      • Learn about me. Get to know me. Deliver the things you promised me.
    • There’s a lot you can do for a little
      • Good service doesn’t cost a penny
    • You Hold The Key
      • Share Ideas
      • Training
      • Create a guidebook
      • Articles and expert information
      • Present a Webinar
      • Create a video
    • Don’t Take Shortcuts!
      • You have to go the extra mile
      • Don’t waste your clients time
      • Never Disappoint
      • We deliver!
    • Take Small Jumps
      • Make little tweaks
      • Pick up your game
      • Pay attention to details
      • Stop spinning your wheels
    • Stand Out from The Crowd
      • How are you different?
      • What is your mission?
      • What are you known for?
      • Where are you going?
      • Are you really better?
    • Start a Turnaround Effort
      • Take a good look at yourself. “Try the Fish”, “I Hate Fish”
      • Know what Clients and Candidate Love
    • Wanna Buy a Car?
      • Go to every dealership. Want to buy a car today?
      • Danny the Jaguar Dealer: Do you love it? What color? You gotta love it!
    • Make Yourself Better
      • Improve your fill ratio. Learn new skills.
      • Train. Practice. Debrief. Survey.
    • Win By A Nose
      • Just win. Look around. Who is your competition?
      • Make it happen.
    • Teamwork
      • Surround yourself with winners. The Answers are Complex.
      • Collaboration is Required. The Problem is NOT Filling Jobs.
    • We Need Position Players that Work Together
      • What inspires you? Social Consciousness. Money isn’t everything.
      • Need for Creativity. Freshness. Focus on the client.
    • Don’t Waste Time
      • Life is too short. Don’t go backwards. Respect your time and others.
    • Celebrate
      • Enjoy the moments. Take time to reflect. Balance is key.
      • To be #1 you have to have goals and aspirations.
    • What is Your Burning Desire?
      • Drive. Ideas. 100% Commitment. Goals. Motivation.
      • Hope beyond normal wanting.
    • Cultivate your Desire
      • There’s no Going Back
      • Surround Yourself with Images
      • Find Positive People
      • Fertilize Your Mind
      • Replace Negative Energy
      • Think about it
      • Take Action!
      • Motivation Follows Action
    • Thought of the Year – Light Your Fire
      • “ Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.” Stephen Covey
    • Contact Craig Silverman – It’s OK
      • Email – [email_address]
      • Phone – 650-678 -0044
      • Get Linked - http://www.linkedin.com/in/craigsilverman