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State of the Commission for Student Involvement (07/31/2012)
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State of the Commission for Student Involvement (07/31/2012)


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This presentation is a status update on what the Commission of Student Involvement has been up to over the past few months. It also highlights upcoming initiatives, potential changes, and ways to …

This presentation is a status update on what the Commission of Student Involvement has been up to over the past few months. It also highlights upcoming initiatives, potential changes, and ways to become involved with the commission.

The Commission for Student Involvement is a part of ACPA - College Student Educators International. For more information on CSI and ACPA please refer to ACPA's website,

Published in: Education

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  • In my section, I need to do an overview of how the Commission functions Strategic priorities are looking at the outline that Mark and Sarah Created
  • Talk about the work of the Task Force…general feedback we need to look beyond convention General discussion about our purpose – how do we collaborate with other groups -how do collaborate internally
  • Transcript

    • 1. State of CSI WebcastPresenters:Darren Pierre, ChairSarah Hermsmeier, Vice ChairMark Torrez, Leadership Education ChairKeegan Mills, Directorate Chair
    • 2. Agenda• Overview of the Commission for Student Involvement• Call to Action (CSI Task Force Report to Mid-Year Meeting)• The Commission Directorate• Current Initiatives of the Commission• Highlights from the Four Functional Areas• Announcements• Question & Answer
    • 3. Purpose The focus of the Commission is students in colleges and universities and their environments. Efforts of the Commission are directed toward a deeper understanding of the students, their characteristics, purposes, attitudes, behavior, mores, campus activities and community life as a basis for more effective planning of relevant programs for students. A major emphasis of the Commission’s work is on the integration of out of class activities of students on the campus and in the larger community with the formal academic curriculum. The college student’s total educational experience is seen as a potent force for student development. The Commission fulfills its function not only through convention programming but also through research and ongoing task force efforts aimed at advancing and advocating the development of more visible student organizations and activities programs. Within the Association, the Commission provides an avenue for involvement of anyone working with and/or interested in student activities at post secondary institutions.
    • 4. Core Values1. Education and development of the total student2. Diversity, multicultural competence and human dignity3. Inclusiveness in and access to Association-wide involvement and decision-making4. Free and open exchange of ideas in a context of mutual respect5. Advancement and dissemination of knowledge relevant to college students and their learning, and the effectiveness of student affairs professionals and their institutions.6. Continuous professional development and personal growth of student affairs professionals7. Outreach and advocacy on issues of concern to students, student affairs professionals and the higher education community, including affirmative action and other policy issues
    • 5. Overview of CSI Leadership Chair Directorate Functional Area Chairs (4) Vice Chair for CSI Committees Vice Chairs (5) Committees
    • 6. Mid-Year Meeting• Intersectionality• Accountability• Engagement• Innovative Practice
    • 7. Directorate Background• 19 of 27 members of Directorate met during the ACPA 12 Convention to review initial findings from taskforce survey. Identified two major action items: • Develop strategic plan to provide “roadmap” for CSI Leadership Team • Clarify/Re-define role and identity of Directorate• Directorate met three times to discuss strategic priorities for Commission
    • 8. Current State• Identified need to place priority on Directorate role and identity• An "Identity Workgroup” has been established to identify criteria for serving on Directorate as well as function and role of Directorate• Identity Workgroup will put proposal forward in September• Proposal will include: • Revised title of Directorate • Criteria for serving • Selection of Directorate members • Directorate function and role defined
    • 9. CSI Vice Chair Initiatives “We are fundamentally in a state of becoming” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche• This year, we are…• …connecting around our intersecting identities as vice chairs• …considering new and innovative ways of being and doing• …creating opportunities to engage our members year-round• …communicating to maintain accountability to our members
    • 10. Connecting Around theIntersections• cohort now supported by the Vice Chair of the CSI• a connection with one another and Functional Area Chairs
    • 11. Considering Innovative Ways of Being• evolving positions to be year-round role (June- June)• transition toward working job descriptions• development of finance & development position• expansion of research & assessment initiatives
    • 12. Creating Opportunities to Engage Our Members• open dialogue between members and Commission • member education • suggestion box
    • 13. Creating Opportunities to Engage Our Membersestablishment of volunteer roles and committees• allocations (by appointment only) elections (• membership ( programs (• publications ( research (• technology ( volunteers through new technologies• Plug Me In Form• volunteer tracking
    • 14. Communicating to Maintain Accountability • new financial procedures increase transparency • new strategies streamline communications • Happenings, Newsletter, Interchange • implementing new technologies as a team • Google+, MailChimp, Webcasts • exploring a new resource management system
    • 15. CSI Functional Area Priorities• Book Club • Student Involvement Book Club • Bi-monthly rotation • Launch in early fall• E-Series • Monthly webcast • Emphasis on leadership, social justice, and CAS Standards • Launch in August For more information email
    • 16. Functional Area Committee Development• Book Club Committee:• Convention Committee:• Research & Resources Committee: &
    • 17. Functional Area HappeningsStudent Act. & Orgs. jtabacchi@pointpark.eduFraternity & Sorority Life D.BushScott@neu.eduLeadership Education mark.torrez@emory.eduComm. Service/Service-Learning
    • 18. Announcements• Service-Learning Symposium: December 5-7, 2012 – more information forthcoming.• Leadership Educators Institute: December 9-11, 2012. Registration is now open:• Be a Convention program reviewer• Publications editor
    • 19. QuestionsDarren Pierre –depierre@uga.eduSarah Hermsmeier –shermsmerier@uky.eduMark Torrez –mark.torrez@emory.eduKeegan Mills-