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  • 1. Cast NotesSharna Mandil
  • 2. Name: Arran Sharma Age: 18• When deciding as a group to create a comedy film, we thought straight away that Arran would be very suitable for the role for many reasons.• Arran has appeared in many media productions for other students due to his very professional-like acting ability. He is able to portray any sort of character within any genre from comedy to horror.• Another factor that contributed to us deciding to use Arran as our main character, is due to the fact Arran took drama for GCSE and obtained an A so we knew he would be a brilliant actor in our film.• Arran also had the look we wanted for our protagonist, a young male who has a geeky look about him, which was our initial idea when creating ‘Bad Luck Bobby’.
  • 3. Name: Simren Saund Age: 17• Upon creating ‘Bad Luck Bobby’, our other main character was created to be ‘a very attractive popular girl’, in which we believed Simren fitted the role.• Simren also like Arran has acted in other media productions for people due to her acting ability and height.• For her GCSE’s she also studied Drama, which also contributed to us wanting to use her for our short film.• Upon auditioning for the role as Bobby’s love interest ,she stood out to us as being the person who really understood how to portray the role to make it believable to the audience, which would be a benefit for our production.
  • 4. Name: Jaspreet Hanspal Age: 17• Jaspreet is the director of our short film ‘Bad Luck Bobby’ and decided to make a cameo appearance as the ‘Pizza Delivery Guy’.• As the role was only a brief appearance, we decided Jazz would play the role as she was very enthusiastic to play the role as she loves acting.• Jazz, also like Simren and Arran took drama for GCSE hence the reason for her enthusiasm to act within the production.