V Mworld 2010 Lab Cloud


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Presentation from Guy Bowers: What it too to create and run the cloud at VMworld

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V Mworld 2010 Lab Cloud

  1. 1. VMworld 2010 Lab Cloud Guy Bowers Senior Systems Engineer gbowers@vmware.com © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential
  2. 2. Agenda VM ld Th It’ ll b t Cl dVMworld Themes – It’s all about Cloud VMworld Statistics S fVMworld Self Paced Lab Results VMworld Announcements VMworld Key Takeaways VMworld 2011 – Las Vegas – plan your trip now! 2 Confidential
  3. 3. VMworld 2010 Theme 3 Confidential
  4. 4. VMworld 2010 Theme MOSCONE WEST LOBBY 4 Confidential
  5. 5. VMworld 2010 – Record Attendance Over 17,000 attendees! Thank you to all our attendees and sponsors! Some fast facts: - over 17,000 attendees - over 15,000 labs completed - over 145,000 VMs deployed - 102,000 sodas consumed 27 000 t i d- 27,000 pastries consumed - 5000+ Partners - 233 Sponsors/Exhibitors 5 Confidential
  6. 6. VMworld 2010 Self-Paced Lab Fast Facts L bCl d d 30 l b t i d t 21 i 2009LabCloud served up 30 lab topics compared to 21 in 2009 LabCloud delivered 15,344 labs compared to 4,500 labs in 2009 Delivered Over 21,000 lab hours with 480 lab seats, 44 hours of open door lab timeDelivered Over 21,000 lab hours with 480 lab seats, 44 hours of open door lab time Deployed a total of 145,097 VMs Every hour Lab Cloud was creating (deploying) and destroying (un-deploying) i l 4 000 Vi l M hiapproximately 4,000 Virtual Machines Just under 11 miles of CAT 5 cable used for the Labs Several of our customers completed all 30 lab topicsSeveral of our customers completed all 30 lab topics The Top 5 labs were: VMware View 4.5 Install and Config VMware vSphere Perf & Tuning VMware ESX 4.1 new features VMware vCloud Director Install & ConfigVMware vCloud Director Install & Config Basic VMware vSphere Install & Config 6 Confidential
  7. 7. Support of VMware Hands on Labs 7,640,306,790 IOs served ~140,000 VMs created and destroyed over 4 days ~5000 labs done ~5 people who completed all 30 labs about 30 hours of30 labs – about 30 hours of lab time = 5 people who spent 8 hours each of the 4 d i th l bdays in the lab. 7 Confidential
  8. 8. Conference Highlights F ll 4 d ith l b & i i th M ThFull 4 day program with labs & sessions running thru Mon-Thurs More than 170 unique breakout sessions – featuring topics covering everything from the private cloud to how the newcovering everything from the private cloud, to how the new vStorage API is helping storage vendors improve networking, memory and CPU virtualization Self Paced labs delivered from a self-service Lab Cloud portal built on a vSphere enabled cloud architecture Group Discussions (aka Birds of a Feather Sessions) take placeGroup Discussions (aka Birds of a Feather Sessions) take place throughout the week, both scheduled and non-scheduled Ability to schedule 10 minute One-on-Ones with Knowledgeb ty to sc edu e 0 ute O e o O es t o edge Experts Solutions Exchange with over 225 partners showcasing the latest virtualization and cloud computing technologies; including Welcome Reception on Monday and Hall Crawl on Tuesday 8 Confidential
  9. 9. Content Tracks D kt Vi t li tiDesktop Virtualization Enterprise Applications CHybrid and Public Cloud Partner Track Private Cloud – Business Continuity Private Cloud – Management Private Cloud – Security Technology and Architecture Technology Partner Sponsor Sessions Virtualization 101 9 Confidential
  10. 10. VMworld 2010 Key Quotes include: “This is the fifth VMworld I've attended and it has been the most entertaining by far. At previous VMworlds, VMware and its partners seemed to announce their products in a vacuum; this time, they all spoke the same language and stayed on message. VMware has made the transition from simply holding a big market share to being a true industry leader.” -- Matt Prigge, Infoworld “As technology giants rush to add products and services for the fast growing part of theAs technology giants rush to add products and services for the fast-growing part of the industry known as cloud computing, VMware Inc. – a Silicon Valley company that helped usher in the mania – is readying a new push of its own.” – Ben Worthen, Wall Street Journal “VMware on Tuesday stumped for its IT as a Service vision, which revolves around virtualization efficiency and automation This IT Vision also includes a hefty dose ofvirtualization, efficiency and automation. This IT Vision also includes a hefty dose of hybrid data centers as cloud computing and traditional infrastructure, or so-called private clouds, meld together. -- ZDNet “So, what’s the verdict? I’m very positive. There’s been a lot of talk about cloud, and it’s a relief to finally have a product and tools that actually allow the talk to become a reality.” – Mike Laverick, SearchCloudComputing 10 Confidential p g
  11. 11. VMworld 2010 Announcements © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential
  12. 12. VMware Solutions for IT as a Service VMware End User Computing Management Securityp g y Compliance VMware Cloud A li ti Pl tf • Secure • Manageable Management Security Application Platform • Open Security Compliance VMware Cloud Infrastructure and Management Management Security and Management y Compliance 12 Confidential
  13. 13. Conference Announcements IT S i d VM St t Infrastructure Application Platform End-User Computing IT as a Service and VMware Strategy • VMware vShield Suite • vCloud Datacenter • VMware vFabric - Cloud Application Platform • View 4.5 • ThinApp 4.6 Services • vCloud Director • vCloud Platform • Preview Project Horizon • Zimbra AppliancevCloud momentum/Service Provider Strategy Acquisitions Integrien TriCipher Simplifying Performance Management and Improving Operational Efficiency Integrien Bridging Hybrid Cloud Security, Improving End User Provisioning and Security of SaaS Applications TriCipher 13 Confidential p g p y SaaS Applications
  14. 14. VMware Solutions for IT as a Service VMware Enabled Public Clouds Independent Public Clouds Secure Private Cloud Secure, Manageable, Open SaaS Other SaaS View ThinApp Zimbra Public Clouds Public Clouds VMware End-User Computing Application Access G l A Applications Providers View ThinApp Zimbra Application Portabilit Spring vFabric VMforce Other PaaS Partners Google App Engine Other cloud infrastructure providers VMware Cloud Application Platform Application Portability vCloud Datacenter VMware Cloud Infrastructure and Management VMware vSphere: Foundation for Cloud Computing vCenter Suite vShield vCloud Director vCloud Express Application Mobility 14 Confidential
  15. 15. VMware vCloud Director provides the interface, automation, and i d b i d i id b ildmanagement required by enterprises and service providers to build private and public clouds. Supports multi tenancy/organizational isolationSupports multi tenancy/organizational isolation Allows for the creation of central application catalogs and personalization of templates Enables creation and deployment of vApps from catalogs/templates Controls user resource usage through roles/rights, quotas and leases Enables programmatic control through the RESTful vCloud API Provides an additional level of abstraction from underlying hardware 15 Confidential
  16. 16. VMware vShield App Application protection against network-basedpp pp p g threats VMware vShield Edge Network security for the perimeter VM Shi ld E d i t Offl d d d t li d ti iVMware vShield Endpoint Offloaded and streamlined anti-virus VMware vShield Zones Basic protection from network-based threats VMware vShield Manager Complete security managementVMware vShield Manager Complete security management 16 Confidential
  17. 17. • Increase visibility and control over network communications betweencommunications between virtual machines • Eliminate the need for d di t d h d ddedicated hardware and VLANs to separate different security groups • Optimize hardware resource utilization while maintaining strong securityg y • Simplify compliance with comprehensive logging of all virtual machine network activity 17 Confidential
  18. 18. • Reduce cost and complexity byReduce cost and complexity by eliminating multiple special purpose appliances and rapidly provisioning edge servicesprovisioning edge services • Ensure policy enforcement with built-in edge network security d iand services • Increase scalability and performance with one edge per org/tenant • Simplify IT compliance with detailed logging.gg g • Streamline management using a full-featured interface that integrates with VMware vCenter Server and third-party solutions 18 Confidential
  19. 19. • Streamline and accelerate antivirus and anti-malware deployment • Improve virtual machine performancep p and eliminate antivirus and anti- malware bottlenecks • Reduce risk by eliminating agentsReduce risk by eliminating agents susceptible to attack and enforce remediation more easily • Satisfy audit requirements with detailed• Satisfy audit requirements with detailed logging of antivirus and anti-malware activities 19 Confidential
  20. 20. Zones Get basic protection from network-based threats in virtual datacenters withGet basic protection from network based threats in virtual datacenters, with VMware vShield Zones, part of the VMware vShield family. The solution is included with VMware vSphere and offers a hypervisor-aware, application firewall with policies based on basic traffic information • Get visibility and control over network communications firewall with policies based on basic traffic information network communications between virtual machines • Improve hardware resource utilization while implementingutilization while implementing application security • Simplify compliance with h i l i f llcomprehensive logging of all virtual machine network activity 20 Confidential
  21. 21. Get role-based access control and administrative delegation within a unified framework. Manage, deploy, report, log and integrate third-party security services with VMware virtualization security. VMware vShield Manager is the management interface for all vShield products: • VMware vShield Edge • VMware vShield App • VMware vShield Endpoint • VMware vShield Zones. • Integrated with VMware vCenter, it leverages vSphere resources and is d l d i it it i t l hideployed in its own security virtual machine. • Simplify provisioning with VMware vCenter integration and programmable management Si lif IT li ith t li d l i d ti• Simplify IT compliance with centralized logging and reporting • Integrate VMware vShield with third-party solutions 21 Confidential
  22. 22. VMware Announcements – vFabric Cloud Applications Platform VMware Announces the vFabric Cloud Applications Platformpp VMware introduced its cloud application platform strategy and solutions, enabling developers to buildgy , g p and run modern applications that intelligently share information with underlying infrastructure to maximize application performance, quality of service and infrastructure utilizationand infrastructure utilization. VMware vFabric cloud application platform combines the market-leading Spring Java developmentg p g p framework with platform services including lightweight application server, global data management, cloud-ready messaging, dynamic load balancing and application performancebalancing and application performance management. Applications built on VMware vFabric provide performance and portability across heterogeneous cloud environments. 22 Confidential g
  23. 23. VMware Announcements – View 4.5 L t f h t • Rapid, Cost-Effective Windows 7 Migration – VMware View 4.5 fully supports Windows 7 Offli D kt A VM Vi Cli t ith L l M d bl t th i i t l d kt Lots of enhancements… • Offline Desktop Access – VMware View Client with Local Mode enables users to access their virtual desktops even while disconnected from the network. • Expanded Administrative Capabilities –VMware View Administrator has been enhanced from the ground up to deliver new levels of scalability and efficiencies for IT organizations.y g • Integrated Application Assignment – VMware View 4.5 simplifies the delivery of virtualized applications to end- users through integration of application assignment • Improved User Experience – Enhancements to the PCoIP protocol in the VMware• Improved User Experience – Enhancements to the PCoIP protocol in the VMware View 4.5 release include expanded support for authentication mechanisms, improvements to zero client capabilities and optimized interaction for end-users over wide area links. • Reduced Solution Cost – With the introduction of tiered storage, VMware View 4.5 helps reduce the cost of t b bli t t t k d t f lti l t ti VM h k d ith EMC t idstorage by enabling customers to take advantage of multiple storage tiers. VMware has worked with EMC to provide prescriptive reference architectures, which enable customers to deploy a desktop virtualization solution that is both scalable and cost effective. • Flexible Device End-Points – Including Microsoft Windows and Mac devices, Zero Clients, Thin Clients, Kiosksg and new computing platforms such as the Apple iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices. • Optimized Anti-Virus Protection – Integration of VMware vShield Endpoint enables the centralization of anti-virus and malware scanning to optimize virtual environment performance, simplify AV management and improve desktop security 23 Confidential security.
  24. 24. VMware Acquires Integrien Simplifying Performance Management and Improving Operational Efficiency Integrien Alive™ turns IT performance data into ACTIONABLE INFORMATION. Alive™ is a real-time performance analytics solution that analyzes and correlates data across the monitored ITanalyzes and correlates data across the monitored IT infrastructure, detects abnormalities in the enterprise, isolates the root cause and delivers early warnings of degrading performance before services are impacted 24 Confidential performance before services are impacted.
  25. 25. VMware Takeaways VM i d li i h F• VMware is delivering the Future • We are in the midst of an industry-wide transformation to cloud computing, and customers require a comprehensive solution to manage this transition: new models for supporting users, creating applications and managing infrastructure • VMware is bridging the old with the new • Evolutionary transformation is the most efficient, least disruptive way to transition to thisEvolutionary transformation is the most efficient, least disruptive way to transition to this next era in IT enabled by virtualization: IT as a Service • VMware/Community is at the center of new era. • The pace of change is accelerating and (you) the VMware community is best equipped• The pace of change is accelerating and (you) the VMware community is best equipped to help businesses thrive in this new era • VMware is ensuring an open future for cloud computing, • In which applications are portable and customers can choose the best technology for their needs 25 Confidential
  26. 26. VMworld 2011 – Las Vegas Save the Date! 26 Confidential
  27. 27. VMworld 2010 Thank you! © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential