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  1. 1. ParentalInvolvement
  2. 2. Parental Involvement:Volunteering Time for the Success ofStudentsParental involvement in the area ofvolunteering has not excelled over theyears when it comes to succeeding inacademics in schools.
  3. 3. The school does not have parents volunteeringenough of their time to help out in neededareas such as classroom (academics), field trips,and school events.
  4. 4. What is the problem?
  5. 5. *Parents do not feel welcome in their child’sschool.*Parents do not know how to help out in theclassroom.*Parents do not want to be a disturbance to theteacher and students
  6. 6. What does research say?
  7. 7. Parental involvement has increased over the years,there is work that still needs to be done. Parentsvolunteering in the schools are still low.Over the years, the percentage of parents gettinginvolved is only increasing by 4%.
  8. 8. Now What?SolutionSince parents like to cometo school and classroomevents, find ways toengage parents byplanning differentactivities or eventsthroughout the schoolyear.Recommendations• Back to school carnival• Fall Festival• Halloween Dance/SockHop• Secret Santa• Christmas Ball• Family Book Fair Luau• Talent Show• Etc…….
  9. 9. Why these suggestions?Look at the data, parents are not volunteeringoften in the schools or classrooms. If we planactivities for the parents to take part in, maybethe percentage will be high in years to come. Ifwe do not have anything for the parents topartake in, how can we expect them tovolunteer free willingly?
  10. 10. What’s the outcome?Planning a wide variety of school or classroomactivities or events will invite the parents toparticipate more and make them feel like theyare welcome.
  11. 11. Once we get the parents to feel welcome, doorsare opened to more success. The doors ofstudents succeeding academically are openedmore because parents want to help in variousways. There is no longer a barrier betweenparent and school, but a bridge, which is a twoway communication.
  12. 12. We need our parents and collaboration is thekey.“Teamwork makes the dream work.”Our children are our future.
  13. 13. Stop and Think!What are you going to do to ensure that parentshave every opportunity to take part in theirchild’s school and education. How will youcreate a positive environment for parents?Are you willing to be a piece of the puzzle inthe success of our students?
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