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Return on Marketing Investment (calculators)


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How using Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI or MROI) and ROMI calculators can be used to evaluate your past campaign success and make predictions about future campaigns.

How using Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI or MROI) and ROMI calculators can be used to evaluate your past campaign success and make predictions about future campaigns.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. • Session recording will be available after the presentation. • ROMI calculators are available for download. • Slides will be available on SlideShare. • Q&A to follow. • All attendees have been muted. • Please type your questions in the chat window.
  • 2. Return on Marketing Investment (calculators) Presenter: Cyndie Shaffstall, founder, Spider Trainers
  • 3. WHAT IS YOUR ROMI? How using Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and calculators can be used to evaluate your campaign success.
  • 4. The value of Return on Marketing Investment — or ROMI — is in its simplicity. — Wikipedia MROI or ROMI
  • 5.  In most cases, a simple determination of revenue per dollar spent for each marketing activity can be sufficient to help make important decisions to improve the entire marketing mix. ROMI (or MROI)
  • 6.  Many people define marketing as the spenders and sales as the earners.  It’s no wonder marketing and sales are often at odds. Sales vs. marketing
  • 7. The closers (sales and CSRs) are in a better position to recognize a specific customer need — the company can meet — and help us marketers craft a marketing strategy to solve the problem. Bottom-up marketing
  • 8. Closers believe marketing sends leads that have not been properly qualified.
  • 9. When closers are involved, they are much more likely to provide the type of follow-up they know from experience is needed to close the sale.
  • 10.  ROMI calculators help sales and marketing better understand the marketing and lead-qualification processes.  Marketing — with help from sales — can develop targeted campaigns and thus deliver more-qualified leads who go on to become customers. Better understandings
  • 11. calculators/  Online ROMI Calculator Demo
  • 12. [DEMO] [] Estimate campaign projections based upon past performance. Demo
  • 13. Email automation can be critical to achieving a positive ROMI:  Enables more efficient use of your resources  Automation reduces overhead  Enables easy A/B and multivariate testing  Provides analytics to show success/failure  Provides historical data for year-to-year review Email automation
  • 14. In this presentation we discussed:  The definition of ROMI.  How ROMI is important to both marketing and sales.  How to use Spider Trainers’ online calculator to determine ROMI.  How to use Spider Trainers’ other ROMI calculators for projections.  The importance of drip and nurture campaigns. Summary
  • 15. Spider Trainers designs, develops, and deploys custom drip and nurture campaigns. The participating client is the successful client. Check out our blog for the detailed article and learn how you can improve your automated marketing efforts. Contact us: Chuck Meyer Client relations manager 651 702 3793 m http://www.spidertrainers.c om PO Box 280487 Lakewood, CO 80228 United States Spider Trainers