Marketing on a Shoestring Budget Part 1


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If you're looking for ideas on how to get the most from your marketing budget, check out this slide deck from the Target Marketing Magazine presentation. For the recorded webcast, visit

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  • Just because you have a limited marketing budget, doesn’t mean you cannot be an effective marketer. In this presentation, I will talk about marketing vehicles that will extend your dollars and we’ll look briefly at a actual campaign we launched on a shoestring budget.
  • Marketing on a Shoestring Budget Part 1

    1. 1. Navigating Your Creative Hell on a Shoestring Budget Ideas for amplifying your campaign’s success using multi-touch marketing.
    2. 2.  You can be effective on a shoestring Learn to:  Extend your reach  Make your message sticky  Plan and deploy vehicles  Test, track, and tweak  Spend wisely  Measure success (and challenges) Shoestring budgets
    3. 3. Multi-touch marketing The simultaneous deployment of multiple online and/or offline marketing vehicles to promote a single marketing event. A good campaign choice
    4. 4.  Reach beyond the limits of your company’s assets (e.g., customers, mailing lists, etc.)  Meet leads and contacts at their preferred venue  Provide optimum viewing experiences  Enable sharing within networks  Multiple message more sticky through multiple mentions  Get better results, more sales Extend your marketing dollars
    6. 6. The process of driving leads to seek out your product — a way to earn the business.  Educate them on the benefits.  Engage with valuable content.  Build a trusting relationship. Examples:  White papers, video, and social media Inbound marketing is about discovery. Outbound is…. — B2B Digital Marketing Inbound marketing
    7. 7. The process of sending out or presenting messages that ask for the business. Examples:  TV, billboard, direct mail, email, tradeshow Outbound marketing is about interruption. — B2B Digital Marketing Outbound marketing
    8. 8. Marketing and promotional vehicles that are presented in a digital format and accessed using an internet connection. Examples:  Website, social media, email, targeted landing pages, YouTube The top three channels used for lead nurturing are: email 65%, phone calls 44%, and direct mail 25%. — Aberdeen Group Online marketing
    9. 9. Also called traditional marketing, a marketing message presented in a non-digital format. Examples:  Direct mail, signage, vehicle wraps, brochures and fliers, tradeshows 30% more dollars are spent by shoppers touched by multiple mediums [vehicles] than single-medium shoppers. — USPS Offline marketing
    10. 10.  Define campaign’s goal (e.g., build an email list)  Define success (e.g., acquire 1,000 emails)  Choose your vehicles (e.g., email, direct mail)  Define each vehicle’s goal (e.g., 27% open rate)  Define measurable metrics (e.g., clicks, visits)  Design multiple versions of creatives and assets so that you can test and improve (e.g., poster, 3D card)  Establish follow-through (e.g., sales team sends email) Plan your event
    11. 11. Example: Creative Hell
    12. 12. Depending upon your available skills/resources  Email (~$300)  Social media (free)  Local search (free)  YouTube (free)  SlideShare (free)  Case study (free)  Feature article (free) Vehicle budgeting
    13. 13. Depending upon your available skills/resources  PR distribution (~$300)  Landing page (free)  Reviews (free)  Blog comments (free)  Testimonials (free)  Co-op marketing (free)  White paper  eBook Inexpensive/free vehicle ideas
    14. 14. Depending upon your available budget  Direct mail  POS signage  Brochures  Promotional items  Analyst review  Print ad  Tradeshow or event Other vehicle ideas
    16. 16. Until you have tested vehicles and understand their effectiveness with your audience and your message, it’s challenging to prioritize spend.  Test — use A/B and multivariate testing to improve results  Track — choose meaningful metrics to monitor.  Tweak — be prepared to react quickly; have a back-up plan (design) ready. Test, track, and tweak
    17. 17.  Google Analytics monitors the activity within your website or interactions within email. (free)  Email analytics provides visibility into email interactions. (included)  Heatmap graphically represents site engagement. Warmer colors show higher engagement, cooler indicates less. ($10/mo) Small businesses do not measure the success of their marketing campaigns. An astonishing 73% of respondents fail to measure their email marketing metrics, while 80% fail to measure their direct mail or transactional mail metrics. — Pitney Bowes Online tracking tools
    18. 18.  Dedicated phone numbers (free)  QR codes (free)  Rewards, contests, discounts for engaging online (free)  Discount codes (free)  POS subscriber lists (free) 33% of consumers go online to respond to direct mail and the response rate is increased by 20 to 30% when personalized URL addresses and landing pages are used. — DMA Offline tracking tricks
    20. 20.  Not everything is about ROI  Inbound marketing builds trust and good will — impossible to measure  With multi-touch, you must look beyond the last touch point and consider the campaign as a whole If you can't accurately attribute revenue to a marketing program, you can't calculate an accurate ROI. — G. David Dodd Return on investment
    21. 21. The channel that delivered the strongest ROI for customer acquisition for B2C marketers was direct mail. Direct mail also scored the highest among B2C marketers for customer contact and retention. — Target Marketing magazine Profitability per vehicle
    22. 22. Spider Trainers provides online and offline creative services support to marketing departments of 1 to 100. Get our eBooks:  Small-business Guide to Winning at Web Marketing  Just-in-Time Marketing  The Power of Print (in Marketing)  Marketing Metrics Contact us: 651 702 3793 spidertrainer@ PO Box 280487 Lakewood, CO 80228 United States Spider Trainers