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Sakai: Free as in Freedom (Lansing, MI)
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Sakai: Free as in Freedom (Lansing, MI)


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I have this talk to the Lansing Capital Area IT Council membership meeting November-29-2012. It was fun to reminisce about the Sakai project and open source in my …

I have this talk to the Lansing Capital Area IT Council membership meeting November-29-2012. It was fun to reminisce about the Sakai project and open source in my town having given this talk all over the world at various venues. Thanks to Clarke for the invite and for setting this up.

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  • 1. Sakai: Free as In Freedom (Alpha) Dr. Charles Severance 29-November-2012
  • 2. The Past...
  • 3. 1995
  • 4. 1995
  • 5. Internet: TCI Show 08 1:22 0:52 1995
  • 6. Sync-O-Matic www.syncomat.com1997
  • 7. 2000
  • 8. 2001
  • 9. 2004
  • 10. 120 Membership Level Non-Profit100 80 60 40 20 0 1/14/04 7/12/04 1/8/05 7/7/05 1/3/06 7/2/06 12/29/06
  • 11. Learning Tools Interoperability2004
  • 12. 2005 Common Cartridge
  • 13. 2006
  • 14. Dr. Chuck Travel 2004-2006
  • 15. Dr. Chuck - Up in the Air
  • 16. Sakai: The Social Network
  • 17. Cat Herding2007-02 Ant Farm
  • 18. 2007-05
  • 19. Self-Service Exit Interview Bring an enterprise-level open source LMS into the Market Collect bright worldwide developer community and open up campus IT staff to a world of fun possibilityX Enable the rapid creation of new tools 08-2007X Create a "Learning Tool App Store"X Empower teachers to write, share and use lots of tools
  • 20. Teach Relax Reflect Recharge2007-2008
  • 21. 2007
  • 22. Tools Commercial Interoperability Common Publishers Cartridge LMS Open Source Standards2008
  • 23. Early Work on Standards • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability • Lots of convincing and cajoling (and beer) • Strategic chess game • Sakai, Blackboard, Moodle, ...2009 1:48
  • 24. 05-2010
  • 25.
  • 26. Getting a bit restless...Later that day, I receive a text message from an unknown 202 area code number: You will soon work for me. February 15, 2012
  • 27. March 26, 2012
  • 28. Chuck and Blackboard• Sakai Chief Strategist• Continue as full-time faculty member at University of Michigan• I am paid to work on Sakai and contribute to the trunk• I can use internal resources such as documentation and QA• I can hire contractors to work on Sakai• Advocate internally for Standards, Interoperability, and Open Source
  • 29. I am not speaking onbehalf of Blackboard
  • 30. Blackboard, Inc. I am not speaking on behalf of Blackboard
  • 31. Blackboard, Inc. I am not speaking on behalf of Blackboard
  • 32. The New LMS Market...
  • 33. The Market is Different in 2012• Vendors are rushing to support IMS standards for Interoperability • Common Cartridge • Learning Tools Interoperability• Standards save everyone money and make them money - expands the entire market place - interoperability is the "new normal"
  • 34. Instructure: Rapid Penetration• Instructure Canvas is open source - Affero GPL - to avoid being sued!• Zero engineering investment in proprietary expansion points for users• LTI Expansion is perfectly engineered for hosted multi-tenant instance• Publisher content using IMS Common Cartridge• We did all the hard work and made this way too easy for Instructure!
  • 35. New Effect:Venture Capital• Between 1999 and 2010, the LMS marketplace was a village • Everyone knows everyone • Changes slowly - Blackboard / Pearson buy folks once in a while• New level of investment, new tolerance for risk, new pace of innovation
  • 36.
  • 37. Moving Towards the Cloud• The forefront of innovation will move away from the LMS and toward new tools and groups of tools• The LMS will still carry the load of much of your local work and be the place that you innovate locally• Increasingly core teaching tools like assessment and structured content will be common across LMS systems and integrated using standards.
  • 38. Thank You Dr. Charles SeveranceUniversity of Michigan School of Information @drchuck on Twitter