SakaiX: The First Ten Years and the Next* Ten Years


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These are the slides from my talk at the Apereo 2013 conference. Ref: 2013-06-02-sakai-x

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SakaiX: The First Ten Years and the Next* Ten Years

  1. 1. SakaiThe First TenYears andThe Next* TenYearsDr. Charles SeveranceUniversity of Michigan School of InformationBlackboard Chief Sakai StrategistX* Some ideas about the next ten years
  2. 2. During this talk, I am not speaking forthe University of Michigan, I am notspeaking for Blackboard, Inc., I am notspeaking for the IMS Global LearningConsortium, and I am not speaking foranyone except for myself.
  3. 3. DArcy Normans Law ofeLearning Tool ConverganceAny eLearning tool, no matter howopenly designed, will eventuallybecome indistinguishable from aLearning Management System oncea threshold of supported use-caseshas been reached.
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  6. 6. NYUTHE COMPARISONMAKE ITCOUNTMAINMETHODLESSONSLEARNEDMAKE ITCOUNTMAINMETHODGETTINGRESULTSCampus ComputingSurvey Count byInstitutionNew York UniversityCount by EnrollmentSAKAI MARKET SHAREWhat is the Real Market Share of Sakai?, David Ackerman,AssociateVP,Crystal Butler, Research Associate, NewYork University
  7. 7. 1.0
  8. 8. Sakai 2.9• Out first release where the overall UI ismarket leading out of the box• Our first release with structured content(LessonBuilder)• Our first release with support for IMSinteroperability standards
  9. 9. Sakai 2.9 - Our first "LMS"
  10. 10. Sakai 2.9 Becoming OurCenter of GravityWe owe these schools a debt of gratitude...
  11. 11. Sakai is Not a Clone• Still far and away the best at combiningresearch, collaboration, and learning• Most powerful / flexible role system• Highly customizable for local needs• Real Apache-Style open source
  12. 12. Worldwide MarketPenetrationUS! 185!UK! 14!Spain! 8!Canada! 7!Australia! 6!Netherlands! 6!France! 4!South Africa! 4!Japan! 3!Russia! 3!Sweden! 3!Turkey! 3!Brazil! 2!Mexico! 2!Pakistan! 2!Portugal! 2!One reported install:Argentina, Austria, Belgium,Germany, Denmark, Algeria,Guatemala, Hong Kong,Ireland, Iran, Italy, Korea, NewZealand, Puerto Rico,Romania, Singapore225 reported schools worldwide.Missing some commercialpartner customers and otherunreported installs. About300-350 worldwide enterpriseinstalls is a good estimate.Sakai has nearly completesupport for 22 languagesincluding Asian languages andright-to-left languages. 2012
  13. 13. S Cambridge* Harvard* MITM University College LondonS OxfordL Imperial College LondonSYaleL University of ChicagoL PrincetonM CaltechS Columbia UniversityL University of PennsylvaniaM ETHL CornellS Stanford UniversityL Johns HopkinsS MichiganD McGillL TorontoS DukeL EdinburghS BerkeleyS Hong Kong UniversityS ANUL NU SingaporeTop 25 Schools In The World (June 2013) 10, Learn: 9, Moodle: 3, D2L: 1, Canvas: 0
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Open-Open-OpenRutgers University and StanfordUniversity do not have TCCrepresentatives but have mademajor contributions to Sakaiover the years.
  16. 16. What might*we see NeXT?* This is just one persons ramblings...X
  17. 17. A New Strategy• With Sakai 2.9, we can actually relax for awhile - it is a solid and beautiful product• When you have a solid product in hand,your thinking and planning changes fromfilling gaping holes to polishing andreinforcement• You can take more risks and incur less riskX
  18. 18. Some Rumblings...• Amsterdam, Montreal, UPMC are all doingMOOC experiments with Sakai....• Two new search technologies: SOLR fromOxford and Elastic Search from rSmart• Complete sakai.web tool replacement• Dashboard tool• KNL-1011 - SiteService CachingPerformance ImprovementX
  19. 19. Sakai.X• We can attack larger and larger areas thatneed improvement in Sakai if we worktogether in larger teams• Get a collective focus on fewer, larger, moreimpactful improvements.• Fix things we never thought could be fixed- sticky sessions as an example...X
  20. 20. What might be in Sakai.X?• Big, fast, powerful, scalable Sakai CLE.• Scalable to millions of users• Shard across multi-tenant - even at a singlecourse• Spin up spin down instances easily• Easy upgrades - continuous migration....• Software as Service ModelX
  21. 21. When is Sakai.X?• I dont know when - we will knowcollectively• Since we are in less of a rush it will likely be2 years between major Sakai releases• We will make bold changes somewhat andthen collectively test and validate thosechanges together...X
  22. 22. This is just an idea...• I have no resources other than my ownspare time...• I cannot make this happen - I can onlypresent an idea and see if people resonatewith that idea...
  23. 23. Thank you for yourtime..