Understanding Your Attitude To Risk part 1


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If you're planning to invest, you need to know whether you are prepared to risk all or just a very small proportion of your money

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  • “Having a positive (mental) attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can't be done.” cscz@aisainternational.cz
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Understanding Your Attitude To Risk part 1

  1. 1. Understanding your attitude to risk Part 1 Cornel Sampson BSc (Hons), Associate Partner AISA International sro Štítného 202/35, 130 00 Praha Office +420 222 361 850
  2. 2. If youre planning to invest, you need to know whetheryou are prepared to risk all or just a very small proportionof your money. How much risk are you willing to take?
  3. 3. You should ensure that you only invest what you can affordto lose and have savings to cover any short to medium termneeds. As an absolute minimum, you should look to hold atleast 3 months earnings in a savings account that offersimmediate access, in case of an unforeseen emergency.You should also think about making full use of any annualtax allowances when investing if applicable.
  4. 4. You need to understand your attitude to risk - which can bedetermined by your circumstances, age, goals and other factors -as this will help you decide what type of investments you make.A general rule is that the more risk you’re prepared to take, thehigher the potential returns could be. The downside is that anylosses are potentially greater. If you want more security – in otherwords you want to take a more cautious approach – your returnsare likely to be lower.
  5. 5. .Of course there will be people who are unwilling to take any riskwith their money. If that’s you, you’re better off putting your cashinto savings. But you should be aware that inflation can eat intothe value of your money.Look at it like this - if inflation is 3% and your savings interest is 1%,that means in a few years time your money will buy less than itdoes now. The opposite can happen, of course, where interestrates are higher than inflation – and that works in your favour.Contact me now for a Free ‘Risk Assessment profile’cscz@aisainterntional.cz .
  6. 6. Think about risk in two waysYour ability or capacity to take risk.This is all about your financial circumstances and goals. If youhave more wealth and can invest over longer periods, you may bemore able to accept a higher degree of riskYour attitude or willingness.This is more of a mental approach. Some people may not be ableto sleep at night at the thought that their investment can fall invalue rather than rise.The risk profiles in part 2 may help you identify what sort ofinvestor you are. If you cannot wait call me now...
  7. 7. Recommendations from Network MembersKevin OBrien (client)Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity“I have worked with Cornel over the last year in a financial advisory capacity andwould highly recommend him. Cornel has provided sound advice and has always beenavailable to answer any questions I may have. He is also a very nice person to dobusiness with.” September 13, 2010Roland HeijneMember of the Board, Czech-Neth Business Support (business partner)“Cornel is a professional; very driven and customer focused, looking for the bestoptions for his clients. Making him unique is the "service with a smile", showing thatserious financial matters can very well be combined with an open and humoristicattitude. A partner to thrust and good company to discuss all the other things in life.”Iztok Toplak (Client)Cornel is open minded advisor, that always comes with new creative ideas.” January 31, 2011
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  10. 10. Contact me now for a Free ‘No Obligation’ Risk Assessment Cornel Sampson BSc (Hons), Associate Partner AISA International sro, Štítného 202/35, Žižkov Office +420 222 361 850 Mobile +420 776 331 128cscz@aisainternational.cz www.aisainternational.cz