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Fashion-Brooke and Savannah
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Fashion-Brooke and Savannah

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  • 1. Women’s Fashion of the 1700s
  • 2. Parts of a Gown
    • The Bodice- the upper part
    • The Petticoat and the Overskirt- the bottom half
    • The Underpetticoat- worn under the Overskirt and Petticoat
    • The Shift- an undergarment made of silk or cotton, worn next to the skin
    • A Sleeve
    • The Stomacher- a stiff triangular-shaped insert often decorated which was pinned to the front of the bodice
  • 3.  
  • 4. Highly Structured Hairdos
    • Hairdos took hours to prepare but were left in for weeks
    • Could be more than three feet high
    • Hair was held up with wire supports or padding and paste made from flour held it together.
  • 5. Flirting With Fans
    • On hot days, beautifully decorated fans were used as portable air-conditioners, but women also used them to flirt with men.
    • Fans were used to send signals without speaking. The fan placed near the heart meant “ You have won my heart”. Opening and closing the fan meant “You are cruel ”. Fanning slowly meant “I am married”, and fanning quickly meant “I am engaged”.
  • 6. Underclothing
    • A shift was worn next to the skin.
    • A corset made of linen, cotton, or silk was worn. They were stiffened with either wire, whalebone, or wood. The corset was then tightened with laces.
    • Pocket hoops were also worn to widen the hips.
  • 7. Why all the Pain?
    • Women often laced their corset tight which was uncomfortable and dangerous.
    • The lack of air could sometimes result in fainting.
    • This was done because very small waists were a fashion.
  • 8. Accessories
    • All outfits were completed with accessories.
    • This included gloves, pockets, neckwear, masks, pocketbooks, muffs, and handbags.
  • 9. Masks
    • Women wore masks to protect their faces from the sun and wind. Back then, all women wanted their skin to look as white and spotless as porcelain.
  • 10. Women’s Modesty
    • Women of the 1700s did not feel comfortable wearing low-cut dresses.
    • Because of this, handkerchiefs, modesty pieces, buffons, and frills called ruffs were worn around the neck.
  • 11. Warming the Hands
    • Women wore gloves made of leather or silk usually at elbow length.
    • They also placed their hands in a short tube of fur or other material called a muff.
  • 12. Functional yet Fashionable?
    • Aprons could be either useful or dressy.
    • Working women of the house wore aprons made of sturdy cloth to protect their skirts from getting dirty.
    • Dress aprons were made of fine material and decorated.
  • 13. Upper Class
  • 14. Indigo Dye
  • 15. Marie Antoinette
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