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OpenSocial CyWorld Dev.Square presentation Sep 09
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OpenSocial CyWorld Dev.Square presentation Sep 09



This is a presentation by Google Developer Advocate Chris Schalk given to a Software Developer workshop hosted by CyWorld, a new OpenSocial container. This was presented to about 200 software ...

This is a presentation by Google Developer Advocate Chris Schalk given to a Software Developer workshop hosted by CyWorld, a new OpenSocial container. This was presented to about 200 software developers in Seoul, Korea, Sept. 2009.



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  • Show building an running apps in orkut, Ning, hi5..

OpenSocial CyWorld Dev.Square presentation Sep 09 OpenSocial CyWorld Dev.Square presentation Sep 09 Presentation Transcript

  • A Developer’s Overview Chris Schalk, Google Developer Advocate Sept 4, 2009
  • Agenda
    • Introduction
    • OpenSocial History, Background, Roadmap
    • OpenSocial Developer Basics
    • OpenSocial Development Tools
    • Advanced Developer Topics
    • OpenSocial.org
  • A Brief Introduction to OpenSocial
  • What is OpenSocial? “ OpenSocial defines a common set of APIs based on Open Standards for building social applications across multiple websites”
  • Why OpenSocial? Before OpenSocial…
  • What is OpenSocial? Standards Based
  • What is OpenSocial?
  • Who owns OpenSocial? ?
  • Who owns OpenSocial? ? OpenSocial is managed under the auspices of the “OpenSocial Foundation” - http://www.opensocial.org No!
  • Who's Using it? and many more...
  • Who's Using it?
  • OpenSocial Roadmap
    • Version 0.5 was released in a “developer release” on Nov 1st 2007.
      • First “sandbox” was made available on Orkut
    • Version 0.6 was released in December 2007
      • Initial version of Shindig server software was launched as Apache incubator project
      • Other sandboxes came live - Hi5, Ning, Plaxo …
    • Version 0.7 (production) was released in January 2008
      • MySpace, Hi5, Orkut began running 0.7
  • OpenSocial Roadmap
    • Version 0.8/0.8.1
      • Released in late 2008
    • Contains a RESTful & RPC protocol
    • OpenSocial Client Libraries launched in Dec 08
  • OpenSocial 0.9 (Current)
    • Key Goal:
      • Enable a faster development experience that is both secure and efficient
    • Core principles:
    • Client-side and server-side processing
    • Standard set of tags with extensibility model
      • Example: <os:ShowPerson>
  • Developing OpenSocial Applications
  • Demonstration
    • Building simple OpenSocial Client Applications
  • OpenSocial Developer Tools
  • OpenSocial Developer Tools
    • OSDA - ‘OpenSocial DevApp’
      • An OpenSocial app that provides the ability to build and execute OpenSocial apps within an OpenSocial container.
    • Gadget Editor
      • A new, ultra simple online gadget editor
    • OSDE - ‘OpenSocial Development Environment’
      • An Eclipse plugin that allows for OpenSocial application development completely offline
  • Demo - OSDA ‘OpenSocial DevApp’
  • Demo - Gadget Editor
  • Demo - OSDE
  • Advanced Developer Topics
  • Advanced Developer Topics
    • Performance - Designing Apps for speed and scale
      • Gadgets are Web apps too!
        • Use tools like Firebug, Yslow (Firefox), Web Inspector (Safari), HttpWatch (Internet Explorer)
        • Minify/compact JavaScript, CSS
        • Image “spriting” to reduce requests
        • Measure latency using JavaScript
      • OpenSocial development best practices
        • Use batch requests
        • Take advantage of new 0.9 features
      • http://code.google.com/events/io/sessions/DesigningOpenSocialAppsSpeedScale.html (Just google “OpenSocial Apps Speed Scale”)
  • OpenSocial Server-Side development
  • OpenSocial Server-Side Development
    • OpenSocial’s RESTful/RPC protocol has been available since version 0.8
    • Allows for server-to-server communication with OpenSocial container
    • OpenSocial REST/RPC Client Libraries simplify communication with OS container
    • Integrated with Open Standard, OAuth, for secure Web transactions
  • Introducing the OpenSocial Client Libraries http://code.google.com/p/opensocial-php-client http://code.google.com/p/opensocial-ruby-client http://code.google.com/p/opensocial-python-client http://code.google.com/p/opensocial-java-client A set of client libraries for that enable direct communication to an OpenSocial server.
    • Client libraries exist for PHP, Ruby, Python and Java
    • Supports both REST and RPC protocols
    • Documentation Wiki pages
    • Sample applications provided
  • Demos
    • Using OSDE to build Java RESTful client applications
    • New tutorials
      • Using 2-legged OAuth in a WebApp
      • Using 3-legged OAuth in a WebApp
  • OpenSocial.org
  • OpenSocial.org
    • http://opensocial.org
  • Great documentation resource
  • The OpenSocial specification process
  • Many developer resources
  • Useful OpenSocial Links
    • Homepage & specification: http://www. opensocial .org
    • OpenSocial Wiki! (Compliancy, Cross container development …)
      • http://wiki. opensocial .org
    • Get on the forums:
      • http://groups. google . com/group/opensocial
    • Help shape the specification:
      • http://groups. google . com/group/opensocial-and-gadgets-spec/
    • Check out OSDE:
      • http://code. google . com/p/opensocial-development-environment/
    • Check out OSDA:
      • http://osda.appspot.com
  • Questions Q&A
    • Chris Schalk
    • Twitter: @cschalk
    • [email_address]
  • Thank You! 감사합니다 !