GDD 2011 - How to build kick ass video games for the cloud


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This is the Google Developer Day 2011 "How to build kick ass games in the cloud" presentation that was given in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. (The title is in Spanish since it was last given in Argentina - the content is the same as Sao Paulo though)
It was given by Google Developer Advocate, Chris Schalk in Sept 2011. @cschalk

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GDD 2011 - How to build kick ass video games for the cloud

  1. 1. Chris SchalkGoogle Developer AdvocateCreación de video juegos en lanube(How to Build Kick Ass Games in the Cloud)
  2. 2. Lets start with a Demo!
  3. 3. Introducing PlayN!An abstraction layer for games (Formerly ForPlay) ● A small API for building fast cross-platform games ● Core game code can be platform agnostic ● Develop games in Java ○ Familiar language/toolset ● Is compatible with GWT ○ Compiles to JS/HTML5, (among other platforms) ● Free and Open Source (alpha) ○
  4. 4. Introducing PlayN!A GWT abstraction layer for games PlayN APIImplementations for Java, HTML5(GWT/JS), Android, Flash
  5. 5. Components of PlayN!Implements core.Game PlayN.*Fully generic gaming components. Core game logic is fully platformindependent!
  6. 6. Components of PlayN!Just implement PlayN.core.Game
  7. 7. Components of PlayN! public void OnPointerMove( Pointer.Event event ) { public void OnPointerEnd( Pointer.Event event ) { public void OnKeyDown( keyboard.Event event ) {Easy to write code to handle common input devices
  8. 8. Components of PlayN!Images are handled via the PlayN Layering system
  9. 9. Components of PlayN!Game resources are preloaded using the assetManager
  10. 10. Time for some more demos!
  11. 11. PlayN Cross Platform Magic● Game uses core PlayN abstractions, is unaware of which platform is running● The only platform-specific code is in the entry point for each platform: MyGame()); MyGame());
  12. 12. Other PlayN Benefits● Built-in physics engine based on proven OpenSource technologies ● Box2D ○ C++ 2D Physics engine by Erin Catto ● JBox2D ○ A port of Box2D from C++ to Java ● GWTBox2D ○ A port of JBox2D from Java to JavaScript
  13. 13. Benefits of GWT Abstraction● GWT Compiler optimizes code for size ○ Removes unused code ○ Evaluates when possible at compile time ○ Inlines functions ○ Heavily obfuscated result code● Smaller compiled code - faster load time● Optimized caching, avoids unnecessary network IO
  14. 14. Benefits of HTML5 for Games● New HTML elements ○ 2D canvas ○ Audio, Video● Application Cache● 3D Canvas (WebGL) ○ Open GL ES 2.0 made JavaScript friendly● CSS3 ○ Supports hardware accelerated transforms
  15. 15. More demos● Building your own games ○ Introducing "App Engine: Cloud Warrior"
  16. 16. App Engine Cloud Warrior ArchitectureApp Engine Google StorageDatastore Game Assets (images/sounds) Game Scores Profile Data Game Play (PlayN)
  17. 17. PlayN Summary● Open source, cross-platform game abstraction layer ○ Core game logic is platform agnostic● ForPlay abstracts away the core components of a game ○ The game loop, I/O system, and asset management● Write in familiar Java, get performance on multiple platforms ○ Superior Java development/debug ○ GWT allows compilation to fast JavaScript/HTML5● Your assignment: ○ Download PlayN and build a game! ○
  18. 18. Q&A@cschalk