Devfest 09 Building Wave Robots
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Devfest 09 Building Wave Robots



This is a presentation on building Google Wave Robots at Devfest 2009 in Buenos Aires Argentina on Nov 17, 2009 by Google Developer Advocates, Chris Schalk & Patrick Chanezon

This is a presentation on building Google Wave Robots at Devfest 2009 in Buenos Aires Argentina on Nov 17, 2009 by Google Developer Advocates, Chris Schalk & Patrick Chanezon



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Devfest 09 Building Wave Robots Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Google Wave for Developers: Making Robots Chris Schalk @cschalk Patrick Chanezon @chanezon Con: Martin Sarsale November 17, 2009
  • 2. Why build on Google Wave? •  Real-time == Real-awesome o  Self-explanatory •  Workflow o  Focused on bridging communication and workflow. •  Leverage o  New and exciting technology and foundation. •  Opportunity! o  New business opportunities.
  • 3. Extensions in Wave The most common ways to extend Wave are to use: •  Gadgets o  Embed them in a conversation o  Built with HTML+Javascript o  Interactive with the Wave and it’s participants o  Ex: maps, slideshows, search results •  Robots o  Are actual participants of a Wave which can ‘do things’  Exactly the same as a Wave participant o  Ex: content update, integration with other systems
  • 4. Wave Entities: Data Model “Show me your flowchart and conceal your tables, and I shall continue to be mystified. Show me your tables, and I won't usually need your flowchart; it'll be obvious.” Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month •  Wave •  Wavelets •  Blips •  Documents
  • 5. Robot Architecture Overview
  • 6. Wave Robot Concepts •  Wave Robots... o  Live in the cloud. o  Are external (robotic) participants. o  Have full access to the wave. o  Respond to events on a wave. o  Are currently available for Java and Python APIs on Google App Engine.
  • 7. Wave Robots Essentials •  APIs in Python and Java •  Runs in Google App Engine •  Events: o  "Robot added to Wave" - WAVELET_SELF_ADDED o  ”New blip" - BLIP_SUBMITTED o  "Blip edited" - BLIP_VERSION_CHANGED o  "New participant" - WAVELET_PARTICIPANTS_CHANGED •  Responds to: o  Augmented or edited Wave content o  Invites from other participants o  Interaction with other systems outside of Wave
  • 8. Robot Examples Smiley """Smiley: Yet another smiley robot.""" from waveapi import events from waveapi import robot def OnBlipSubmitted(properties, context): blip = context.GetBlipById(properties['blipId']) contents = blip.GetDocument().GetText() contents = contents.replace(':(', unichr(0x2639)) # happy contents = contents.replace(':)', unichr(0x263A)) # sad blip.GetDocument().SetText(contents) if __name__ == '__main__': smiley = robot.Robot('Smiley') smiley.RegisterHandler( events.BLIP_SUBMITTED, OnBlipSubmitted) smiley.Run() (A complete and useful robot in a single slide... with room to spare!)
  • 9. Other Robot Examples •  Swedish Chef •  Monty + Syntaxy (a match made in robot heaven) •  Wikify ( •  CleanTXT ( •  Polly the Pollster ( •  Yelpful ( •  TwitUsernames ( •  XMPP Lite ( •  Madoqua Wave Bot ( •  Emoticony ( •  Inbeddable ( •  Easy Public (
  • 10. Robot Lists • • • • robots-for-the-enterprise
  • 11. Wave videos in a theater near you •  What is Google Wave email reinvented •  Google Wave Pulp Fiction creative use of robots (strong language:-) •  Introducing SAP Gravity, a Business Process Modeling Tool for Google Wave Wave for business
  • 12. Demo: Building Wave Robots
  • 13. Robot Roadmap •  New Robots wire protocol (v0.2) o  Publish for community feedback o  Implement Java and Python API parity •  Internal speed improvements for AppEngine robots. •  Robot Gateway / OpenSocial REST Access •  Robot access to OAuth controlled resources •  Better multiple wave access •  Sunset robot cron in favor of direct access to Wave servers. •  Gateway support: Improve the current tweety type of access to support outside addresses of the form address
  • 14. Beyond Robots: Wave federation •  Open Source protocol •  Open Source Google Wave Federation Prototype Server
  • 15. Beyond Robots: Wave federation
  • 16. Wave Robot Development Experience in Argentina Local Expert building Wave Robots! Martin Sarsale
  • 17. Summary – How to get started •  Familiarize yourself with the developer sandbox. •  Explore the docs. •  Stay up-to-date on our blog updates.