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App engine devfest_mexico_10

App engine devfest_mexico_10






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    App engine devfest_mexico_10 App engine devfest_mexico_10 Presentation Transcript

    • Google App Engine Technical Update Chris Schalk Ignacio Blanco Developer Advocate Software Engineer http://twitter.com/cschalk http://twitter.com/blanconet
    • What is cloud computing?
    • Cloud Computing Defined SaaS APaaS IaaS Source: Gartner AADI Summit Dec 2009
    • IaaS value proposition…
    • APaaS value proposition…
    • APaaS value proposition…
    • Google App Engine Easy to build Easy to maintain Easy to scale
    • By the numbers
    • By the numbers
    • By the numbers 250,000+ Developers
    • By the numbers 100,000+ Apps
    • By the numbers 250M+ daily Pageviews
    • In a word… via Wordle Word source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/App_Engine
    • Some App Engine Partners
    • Socialwok
    • Social networking at scale >62M Users
    • gigy Socialize
    • gigy Socialize Flexible Scalability "Although we typically host all our services in-house, on our own infrastructure, we felt that GAE would be a better fit for the live chat feature because of its unique traffic pattern, which is characterized by very low traffic most of the time with very high bursts during high profile events." Raviv Pavel, Gigya VP of Research and Development http://googleappengine.blogspot.com/2010/02/scalability-means-flexibility.html#links
    • Why App Engine?
    • Managing Everything is Hard
    • DIY Hosting means hidden costs Idle capacity Software patches & upgrades License fees Lots of maintenance Traffic & utilization forecasting Upgrades
    • Cloud development in a box SDK & “The Cloud” Hardware Networking Operating system Application runtime Java, Python Static file serving Services Fault tolerance Load balancing
    • App Engine Details
    • Specialized Services Memcache Datastore URL Fetch Mail XMPP Task Queue Images Blobstore User Service
    • Specialized Services Memcache Datastore URL Fetch Mail XMPP Task Queue Images Blobstore User Service
    • Language runtimes Duke, the Java mascot Copyright © Sun Microsystems Inc., all rights reserved.
    • Ensuring Portability
    • Extended Language support through JVM Java Scala JRuby (Ruby) Groovy Quercus (PHP) Rhino (JavaScript) Duke, the Java mascot Copyright © Sun Microsystems Inc., all rights reserved. Jython (Python)
    • Always free to get started -~5M pageviews/month 6.5 CPU hrs/day 1 GB storage 650K URL Fetch calls/day 2,000 recipients emailed 1 GB/day bandwidth 100,000 tasks enqueued 650K XMPP messages/day
    • Application Platform Management
    • App Engine Dashboard
    • App Engine Health History
    • 20+ months in review Apr 2008 Python launch May 2008 Memcache, Images API Jul 2008 Logs export Aug 2008 Batch write/delete Oct 2008 HTTPS support Dec 2008 Status dashboard, quota details Feb 2009 Billing, larger files Apr 2009 Java launch, DB import, cron support, SDC May 2009 Key-only queries Jun 2009 Task queues Aug 2009 Kindless queries Sep 2009 XMPP Oct 2009 Incoming Email Dec 2009 Blobstore Feb 2010 Datastore cursors
    • Happy Birthday App Engine! Two years old as of Wed April 7th! Vibrant community of over 250k developers Over 250 million pageviews http://googleappengine.blogspot.com/2010/04/happy-birthday.html
    • Development Tools for App Engine
    • Google App Engine Launcher
    • SDK Console
    • Google Plugin for Eclipse
    • New Features!
    • Cursors # class Person(db.Model): ... # Start a query for all Person entities. q = Person.all() # If the app stored a cursor during a previous request, use it. last_cursor = memcache.get('person_cursor') if last_cursor: q.with_cursor(last_cursor) # Perform the query to get 100 results. people = q.fetch(100) # Store the latest cursor for the next request. cursor = q.cursor() memcache.set('person_cursor', cursor)
    • Task queue # for each user, add a task to send a custom email message for u in users: taskqueue.add(url='/work/sendmail', params=dict(to=u.email, subject='Hello ' + u.name, body='this is a message!')) return # finished now, emails will be sent offline using tasks ... # task handler automatically called for each task created above class MailWorker(webapp.RequestHandler): def post(self): mail.send_mail('from_me@example.com', self.request.get('to'), self.request.get('subject'), self.request.get('body'))
    • Cron #1 cron.yaml (in your project root) cron: - description: clear memcache url: /memcache_clear schedule: every 24 hours ... # Human-readable schedule format: # every 5 minutes # every 12 hours # 2nd,third mon,wed,thu of march 17:00 # every monday 09:00 # 1st monday of sep,oct,nov 17:00 # every day 00:00
    • Cron #2 ... class ClearMemcache(webapp.RequestHandler): def get(self): pre_flush_stats = memcache.get_stats() memcache.flush_all() post_flush_stats = memcache.get_stats() subject = 'Daily memcache flush' sender = 'somebody@example.com' recipient = 'interested-people@example.com' body = ('Hello! The weekly memcache flush succeeded.n') body += '<3 your friendly neighborhood cron job' body += 'pre-flush stats %s nn' % str(pre_flush_stats) body += 'post-flush stats %s' % str(post_flush_stats) mail.send_mail(sender, recipient, subject, body) application = webapp.WSGIApplication([('/memcache_clear', ClearMemcache)], debug=True) ...
    • AppStats Win a T-shirt Upload before/after screenshots and link them on Twitter before May 2nd @app_engine #coolappstats
    • Demo time!
    • Wall demo App http://devfestmxwall.appspot.com
    • Guestbook + XMPP http://devfestmxguestbook.appspot.com Add in gmail and chat with: devfestmxguestbook@appspot. com
    • A latin american App Engine user's perspective: eForcers.com
    • Nuestra Experiencia con Google App Engine Aplicaciones empresariales y sitios Web públicos Runtime Python y Java. ~2 años Beneficios Concentrarnos en la funcionalidad NO en el resto Fácil despliegue instalación Retos Base de datos relacional vs. Bigtable Limitantes y restricciones
    • Fundación Rogelio Salmona http://obra.fundacionrogeliosalmona.org Panel de Soporte para Operadores Google Apps
    • Contáctenos www.eforcers.com Eforcers S.A. Cra. 12 No. 90 - 20 Oficina 301 Bogotá, Colombia [571] 6 22 83 20 info@eforcers.com
    • More Info on App Engine: http://code.google.com/appengine http://googleappengine.blogspot.com/ http://gae-java-persistence.blogspot.com/ http://bit.ly/gcodelabs
    • One last thing If you experience any issue during the appengine signup like not receiving the SMS http://bit.ly/devfestsms