What business licenses do i need?


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Your Company can’t operate without business licenses. So where do you go to research what licenses and permits are necessary for your business, industry, and locations when they require local expertise and strict adherence to varied requirements?

This presentation explains why the initial research is so important, the different types that are available to companies of all shapes and sizes, what could be uncovered for an already established enterprise, and when you might need licenses the most.

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What business licenses do i need?

  1. 1. What Business Licenses Do I Need? Moderated by: John Meyer Presented by: Amy Lee Scott Malfitano
  2. 2. Agenda • Why research? • Types of research and when they are needed • How CSC can help • Resources
  3. 3. About Amy Lee • Business License Research Analyst with CSC • Responsible for conducting research on business license and permit requirements at the State, County and Municipal levels • M.A. in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin • Previous experience as Trademark Research Analyst with CSC
  4. 4. About Scott Malfitano • Vice President at CSC • Responsible for managing all administrative and business development functions for CSC Business License & Permit Services • Former business owner and has held leadership positions in both the financial industry and government • Volunteer and board member of several community- based programs in Delaware. • Graduate of St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA.
  5. 5. Why are Research Services Necessary? • Responsibility of owner/sole proprietor, corporation • Be aware of license types • Largest revenue producer for jurisdictions • Don’t be caught off guard • Consequences if ignored
  6. 6. CSC Research Experts • Dedicated, experienced – Backgrounds as trademark, brand protection, internet research analysts – Work closely with jurisdictions • Review and provide some changes at the jurisdiction level • Maintain contacts at all levels of government • Constant contact with local issuing offices • Experience and knowledge working with regulated industries
  7. 7. Business License Compliance Package (BLCP) • Identifies necessary licenses for – Starting a business – New locations – Changes to an existing location • State, County & Municipality (Federal in some instances) • Not cookie cutter - based your individual requirements and needs, business activity
  8. 8. The Value of the BLCP • Proper jurisdictions to apply to – Without the report, some have applied in the wrong locations • Regulated industries that have varying requirements state to state – Construction Contractors, Restaurant/Bars, Medical Equipment • Results will differ depending on a combination of industry and location requirements • Package includes fee, instruction, filing and issuing office information • All applications provided are electronically fillable
  9. 9. Sample Report: Business License Compliance Package
  10. 10. Sample Report: Business License Compliance Package
  11. 11. Sample Report: Business License Compliance Package
  12. 12. Sample Report: Business License Compliance Package
  13. 13. Sample Report: Business License Compliance Package All fields on form are electronically fillable
  14. 14. Sample Report: Business License Compliance Package
  15. 15. Verification Research • What is it? • Used for due diligence – Sale of a company • For seller: know what existing licenses are in place • For buyer: ask for data as a part of due diligence – M&A – Verify changes – Validate what has been filed • Make it a common practice • Report will verify – Expiration date – Penalties – Active status
  16. 16. The Value of Verification Research • Straightforward • Conducted at the state, county and municipal level • Research will uncover these required actions – Customer alerted as to when renewals must be filed – Licenses indicated as expired can be brought into compliance, penalties paid – Name change can be initiated with issuing office if license was filed under the wrong name
  17. 17. Audit & Gap Analysis • Confirm existing licenses and uncover needs • Gap analysis identifies missing licenses • Identify which licenses are no longer needed – Example: $20,000 for fictitious names • To get started, provide location(s), license type & number and expiration date • Examples – Amusement Parks Company – DC Apartment Rental Company
  18. 18. Sample Report: Audit & Gap
  19. 19. Sample Report: Audit & Gap
  20. 20. Sample Report: Audit & Gap
  21. 21. Sample Report: Audit & Gap
  22. 22. Sample Report: Audit & Gap
  23. 23. Sample Report: Audit & Gap
  24. 24. Forensic Research • Needle in the haystack • When you might need forensic research – NY, industry, Buffalo and time frame – detail description of the activity and location – Company has many branches they managed on their own with no centralized system • Forensic Research report will uncover – License numbers – Status – Expiration – Penalties due – Copies of licenses
  25. 25. Sample Report: Forensic Research
  26. 26. Sample Report: Forensic Research
  27. 27. Additional Research Projects • Research conducted to uncover specific requirements – Similar to how Verification is used to uncover specific licenses. • Example – Requirements for changing a name on a license
  28. 28. Free Resources from CSC • Business License blog http://www.businesslicensesblog.com/ • CSCGlobal.com Resource Center – Video – Recorded web seminars – Best practice tips – Whitepapers & articles • Contact the dedicated team of Business License Experts at CSC – businesslicenses@cscinfo.com – 800-927-9801 x5077
  29. 29. The Business Licenses Resource Center on CSCGlobal.com
  30. 30. CSC Business Licenses Blog http://www.businesslicensesblog.com/
  31. 31. Questions & Answers Q&A To ask a question, please type your inquiry into the Q&A panel in the upper left-hand side of your screen www.CSCGlobal.com
  32. 32. About CSC • Privately-held, 110+ year old company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware • CSC operates offices in the US, Canada, Germany, France and the UK and employs over 1,000 people worldwide • CSC offers a full suite of business license services designed to help you reduce the time and effort it takes to research, prepare, file, renew, and manage your organization's portfolio of business licenses and permits • Contact the dedicated team of Business License Experts at CSC – businesslicenses@cscinfo.com – 800-927-9801 x5077 • Check out CSC on: