2010 NIST Conference Understanding Lead Generation As A Growth Strategy


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My name is Chris Scafario. I am the Director of Marketing Services at DVIRC, a leading economic development organization in the Greater Philadelphia region. Each year we work with hundreds of highly advanced manufactures. My role is to develop the processes and services that contribute to the top line growth of these organizations. My Lead Generation Service has been designed to target 100 or more company specific decision makers with the unique selling points of my client’s business. I use a structured process for growth that includes a detailed plan for market positioning, new database creation, 4 points of direct outreach and a rigorous inside sales follow up component with real time feedback. My Business Growth Services are recognized by Leading Banks, Business Owners, Economic Development Experts, and University Professors as being the area’s most cost effective way to jumpstart flat revenue growth. And, 8 out of 10 of the Businesses I work with have gone on to request additional work from my team or refer us to their friends and associates. My deliverables on any one project can easily create a double or even triple digit impact to any organization’s top line sales. If you are looking to get serious about growth, you need to get serious about Lead Generation

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2010 NIST Conference Understanding Lead Generation As A Growth Strategy

  1. 1. Understanding Lead Generation; As a Growth Strategy Presented By: Chris Scafario 2010 NIST- Manufacturing Extension Partnership Conference
  2. 2. About Your Instructors:
  3. 3. Group Introduction: Who Are You? Where Do You Work? What Do You Do? What Are Your Client’s “BIG” Challenges? Why Are You Here Today?
  4. 4. Why are We Here? In 2008, a NIST Study of owners of small and midsized companies identified:  6 of 10 need a process for Cost Savings  8 of 10 need a process for Growing Sales
  5. 5. Our Response…  In an effort to offset the economic challenges of the early 1990s, DVIRC introduced Lean Thinking as a means to achieve world-class operational efficiencies and help our region sustain its lucrative manufacturing base.  In 2009, we were faced with a new series of challenges that required the inclusion of some new solutions. That is why we developed a new base of best practice services designed to actively address the need for sustainable pools of diversified revenue.
  6. 6. Our Solutions to Today’s Challenges: Web Marketing Lead Generation Tactical Support Marketing & Sales Planning ResearchStrategy
  7. 7. Our Results…  Over the course of the last 18 months, we’ve helped more than 40 clients establish a distinct value proposition, identify growth markets, and grow sales by as much as 25%.  This agency model provides a one-stop-resource for sales and marketing solutions. As a result we have achieved a 60%+ client retention and migration rate for our consulting services.
  8. 8. Our Results… This suite of right-sized consulting services drove a 600% increase in departmental income, reinventing DVIRC’s market penetration and ultimately succeeded where all other organizational efforts fell short.
  9. 9. Going Into This… We knew standardization would be the necessary foundation for continuous improvement. We’ve learned an agency approach trumps the traditional learn-and-do model when it comes to managing and fulfilling a structured sales and marketing effort.
  10. 10. We Introduce a Structured Process
  11. 11. Our Process for Business Growth Profile Target Opportunities Build Databases Create Messaging Communicate to Target Markets Get Sales Appointments
  12. 12. Our Process Goes To Work On: Identifying specific growth opportunities to match competencies Collecting purchasing intelligence related to specific decision makers Building a call-screened database, complete with emails Creating reusable marketing collateral to support active sales efforts Real-time Project Management and follow-up Securing qualified Leads!
  13. 13. In Our Travels
  14. 14. ABC Industries Inc. Good People Selling Industrial Items to Industries Since 1965
  15. 15. Lifestyle Business (more than 60% are less than $3 Million in sales) Aging Boomers – with a limited/nonexistent succession plan D.I.Y. Mentality- they view the need for outside help as a weakness Over the last 18 months, sales are off by 20% or more Postpone or avoid game changing decisions They believe inaction is a legitimate course of action They lost a lot of their own personal wealth and are not happy about it! We All Know These Folks…
  16. 16. “We used to be a very successful business until, China came along.” “We had 6 client’s but 1 good one the made up 85% of our sales.” “Our account’s liked us so, Word of mouth was all we needed to grow”
  17. 17. “Last recession we sat things out…I got rid of some of the deadweight and we went from a 20 person shop down to 10 and we are still here.” “If I am going to spend money, it should be on equipment. That’s what’ll make me money… You guys are just an expense.” “I have a guy I pay that manages our office. I can tell him to pick up the phone and call some folks and get us some work.”
  18. 18. They Compete Where They Shouldn’t This is Their
  19. 19. AKA… Being in a Commodities Rut!  Their Uniqueness Wore Out  Their Offerings Got Copied  Their Markets Became Commodities  They Have Nothing New To Deliver  They Lost Their Edge!!!
  20. 20. Companies Can Fight Back…. Scouting Growth Markets Targeting New Customers Creating New Products/Services Committing to Sales & Marketing Identifying USPs Delivering a Value Proposition Being Up For a Fight!
  21. 21. The Good News is… Nearly every product has a market! Some markets are better than others… And, not all products are created equal… But ultimately, a healthy competition is when two rivals battle over who is doing a better job marketing and selling to potential customers.
  22. 22. Competition Makes Us Stronger and More Creative
  23. 23. We Believe in Holistic Approach to Grow Sales… This includes:  The foundation for a sales and marketing plan  Primary & secondary market research  A clear and distinct value proposition  Scouting relevant market opportunities that match competencies  A call-screened, custom database featuring well over 100 category- specific decision makers  Marketing to selected decision makers (letters, post cards, emails*)  Internal sales support (we make over 100 targeted cold calls!)
  24. 24. Why It Works… Profile Target Opportunities Build Databases Create Messaging Communicate to Target Markets Get Sales Appointments Products Markets Sellers Decision Makers Market Needs / Pains Unique Selling Points Structured Outreach Qualified Leads
  25. 25. It Is Our Job To “Be The Change.” E V O L V E Explore Validate Organize Leverage Vest Expand
  26. 26. A Structured Process = Comfort PLAN: Design or revise the business development process components to improve results DO: Implement the business development plan and measure its performance CHECK: Assess the measurements and weigh the results ACT: Decide on and initiate changes needed to improve the growth process
  27. 27. In Planning for Growth, We Focus On… Highlighting Distinct Organizational Competencies Developing a Unique Market Position & Value Proposition Scouting Opportunities for New Customers/Markets Researching Potential for New Products/Services/Models A structured approach towards Prospecting & Sales
  28. 28. Organizational Strengths to target Market Opportunities; We do our homework and define the:  Product (what are we selling?)  Process (how are we selling it?)  Customer (to whom are we selling it?)  Distribution (how does it reach them?)  Finance (what are the prices, costs and investments?)  Administration (and how do we manage all this?) We Assess…
  29. 29. We Identify… Strengths (internal) Weaknesses (internal) Opportunities (external) Threats (external)
  30. 30.  Capitalize on Perceived Strengths- Positioning each strength as a sales tool or unique difference to help shape market awareness and lead business development/sales conversations with potential clients.  Look at Overcoming Perceived Weaknesses- We center our efforts on areas of weakness that can be addressed through our multipronged approach to business development. This includes things like: a softening client base, lack of new accounts and limited sales support. -In addition, we call out potentially debilitating weaknesses and recommend next steps to address them. We…
  31. 31. We…  Identify New Market Opportunities- Our research team goes to work scouting opportunities that match our clients definitive competencies and builds a profiled target audience around these opportunities.  Avoiding Threats- We recognize every company can face threats to its growth, or even to basic existence. And we articulate specific areas where technological advances, competitive breakthroughs, loss of skilled labor, government regulations, stiff price competition from imports, and changes in customer preferences can impact our clients.
  32. 32. Capitalize on the 4 P’s
  33. 33. Getting to the USP… The Unique Selling Proposition is what makes you more unique, more valuable, and more visible in your market. It’s a game of Distinguish or Die…. Businesses have to be unique and fill a special niche to be successful in the marketplace. – A USP will help them get there.
  34. 34. Getting to the USP…  Having a USP will dramatically improve the positioning and marketability of a company. - It can be the force that makes or breaks business success.  It can also be used as a "branding" tool that deploys strategy with every tactical marketing effort you use such as an ad, a postcard, or website.  The ultimate goal of your USP and marketing is to have people say to you... "Oh, yes I've heard of you. You're the company who..." - And then respond by requesting more information or purchasing.
  35. 35. Getting to the USP… Masters of the trade have the ability to dramatically differentiate one product or service from another; turning commodities into equitable brands.
  36. 36. Case in Point …
  37. 37. So What’s In The Recipe ? To be effective, a USP needs to articulate the very essence of the offering. It needs to be so compelling that it can be used as a headline to sell the product or service. Here are 7 steps we follow… 1. Be Blunt With Your Benefits 2. Be Unique – Aim for Urgency 3. Solve a Pain Point or Performance Gap 4. Offer Validation or Specific Proof 5. Be Clear, Be Concise 6. Be Consistent & Connected 7. Deliver What You Promise
  38. 38. Once We Deliver on the USPs People Get Excited…. They want to do more Enhance or Redesign Websites Build Effective, Low-Cost Email Campaigns Create Segmented Marketing Campaigns Train Sales Representatives/New Hires  Create Product Catalogs, Letters, and Postcards  Establish or Redefine the Brand Position Etc…
  39. 39. Implementation requires doing things… A Plan is only as good as the actions taken to move it forward. Implementation requires people doing things… • A Fixed Schedule •Task Owners •Accountability •Success Measures A Fixed Schedule A Good Prospect List Delivery of the Pitch Task Owners Accountability Clear Success Measures
  40. 40. Map Out Your Activities…… Microsoft Project 2007 can help you track and manage your goals. It is as easy as:  Building Your Plan  Defining Your Timeline  Tracking & Managing Your Efforts  Closing Out & Reviewing Effectiveness
  41. 41. Set Up a Fixed Schedule
  42. 42.  Good Prospect List We believe in upfront due diligence to trigger unparalleled results. We use D&B as a foundation We screen target companies for relevance We identify & record decision makers We collect emails All before we take our first steps marketing to the target audience.
  43. 43. We want our clients to know who is interested in what they have to offer…  Good Prospect List
  44. 44.  Good Prospect List
  45. 45.  Good Prospect List We Believe in Building Referral Business… 1. Set A Target: Set a clear goal, 10% increase in referral business over the next 10 weeks. 2. Timing: Give your clients time to experience your service or product before asking for a referral. 3. Top 20 Rule: Find the top 20% that are ecstatic about your business and ask them. 4. Give and You'll Receive: Give your clients extra service and follow-up support before asking for referrals. 5. Type of Customer: Providing a clear picture of the customer demographics will help your referral marketing. 6. Rewards Program: Provide special rewards to your referring customers on a regular basis. 7. Thank-You: Create a basic thank you letter that can be personalized and sent to each referral you receive.
  46. 46.  Good Prospect List Is a great resource for identifying target titles, networking, SEO & much more… Start a group, connect with peers, stay out there & build your network!
  47. 47.  A Good Pitch Organic (Free) Website Traffic Development New Link Development Local Search Optimization Social Media Optimization Blogging Pay Per Click Marketing Program Development Pay Per Click Marketing Program Management Web Analytics Setup and Management
  48. 48.  A Good Pitch Stay connected, promote your products, offer incentives, or share some news  Simple to design, easy to send Email Campaign Management Tools are always a great idea for cost-effective measurable campaigns
  49. 49.  A Good Pitch Optimize your video Make it easy to view Go Viral- Exposure is king. Use social bookmarking to help with visibility. End the video with a ‘send to a friend’ option. Give them some incentive to help you spread the word.
  50. 50.  A Good Pitch Collect Customer Feedback Survey Your Employees Perform Low Cost/ No Cost Research Offer Incentives For Information Survey Monkey is an ideal tool to learn where you excel and where some improvements are needed. It can help in validating a good idea for a new product or service and much, much more…
  51. 51. Check, Recheck, Then Check Again…. • As efforts are made to grow business, monitor your progress, and assess your performance. • Obviously you will want to do more of the good, but also try to correct whatever is not working.
  52. 52.  Measure Success
  53. 53. “The ancestor of every action is thought…” Our Actions Go To Work: Identifying specific growth opportunities to match competencies. Collecting purchasing intelligence related to specific decision makers. Building a call-screened database, complete with emails when possible. Creating reusable marketing collateral to support active sales efforts. Real-time Project Management and follow-up. Securing qualified Leads!
  54. 54. “The ancestor of every action is thought…”
  55. 55. Where We’ve Been…
  56. 56. Where We’ve Been…
  57. 57. Everyone Received….  Over 100 uniquely profiled target opportunities.  Over 200 names and titles for category specific decision makers.  Real-time purchasing intelligence related to specific decision makers.  A call-screened, CRM-friendly database (complete with emails in most cases).  A comprehensive Positioning Report containing: sales and marketing, planning recommendations, and a uniquely-crafted set of promotional copy to be used across applications.  Real-time market intelligence/the specific wants and needs of a new prospect.  A CRM-friendly record of every conversation our sales team has!  An average of 12 Qualified Leads!!!
  58. 58. Our Results… Small Company, Big Rut… Before:  40+ Year Old Product  No New Customers in 6 Years  Over 1700 SKU’s and No Category Management  No Clear Target Market  Rampant Product Line Overlap  Zero Market Intelligence  Website Wasteland  No Structured Path to Market  No Unique Product Positioning After:  A Structured Path To Market  A New-Stand Alone Brand  Unique Selling Points  New Promotional Copy / Materials  A New Database of Prospects  Valuable Real-time Market Feedback  1 BIG Opportunity to Grow the Business by 25%  Multiple Diverse Leads Across New Industries  Line of Sight to Changes that Need to Occur
  59. 59. Our Results… The Best Resource You’ve Never Heard Of … Before:  World-Class Operation - Obsolete Market Perception  Growth Occurring Through Existing Client Channels  Limited Prospecting- Zero Cold-Calling  Sales & Marketing Resources Constrained  The Message Not Getting Out  Growth Not Aligned with Objectives After:  A Structured Path To New Market Opportunities  New Promotional Copy to Fuel GPCC Nomination  A New Database of Strategic Prospects- With Emails  Real-Time Market Intelligence (Who is Planning What?)  Exposure to 12 Leads Across Several New Industries*  A new Brand and Market Position are in the works  Widespread Media & Trade Coverage “This process has opened doors for us that our sales force could not. Over time, the results could be great!” * This project is still ongoing…..
  60. 60. Thank You!