Ch.39 spiritual warfare


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Ch.39 spiritual warfare

  1. 1. Ch.39 - Spiritual Warfare And the Missionary Task
  2. 2. Introduction – New Practices• The question is whether they are biblical• Concepts of – Territorial Spirits – Spiritual Mapping – Strategic-level Prayer• Spiritual Warfare means different things to different people – Daily personal struggle – Exorcism
  3. 3. Spritual Warfare• This chapter, without presuming the truth of an of these practices, will use spiritual warfare to mean all of: – Exorcism – Resistance to Satan – Dealing w/ territorial spirits – Spiritual mapping – Binding Satan
  4. 4. Beneficial Insights• Has stimulated vigorous evangelism• Combines evangelism and prayer• Provides direction for approaching difficult locations• Stimulates creativity and imagination in reaching out to the lost
  5. 5. Questionable EmphasesThat can discourage Christians in difficult circumstances
  6. 6. Excessive Triumphalism • Christ’s Spirit does move in response to prayer in ways that may bring large numbers into the Kingdom • Overemphasizing this can obscure a proper understanding of the place of the cross and of suffering • It can easily be used to imply that a missionary is to blame if their labor in a hard field of service brings no early fruit
  7. 7. Confusion over Reality• Dt.32:17,21,39 - OT doesn’t declare Canaanite gods to be real• Mt.4:8-10 - Satan claims to rule the nations, but Jesus doesn’t affirm this• Daniel 10:2-21 – the identity of the Prince of Persia is ambiguous• Col.1:15-17 – NT emphasizes Christ’s supremacy over all creation• A wrong focus can foster fear in us
  8. 8. An Overemphasis on Power Evangelism • The miraculous can advance the evangelistic task (John Wimber), but • The gospel is powerful in and of itself; conversion of a soul is a miracle of God • God is sovereign and is free to use whatever means he chooses to advance His Kingdom • Not every power encounter evoked faith
  9. 9. The Lack of a Biblical FoundationMany in the Spiritual Warfare Movement• Assume a biblical foundation that is not there• Teach prayer practices that distort the biblical nature of prayer• Promote an inadequate view of the fallenness of man and of man’s responsibility for his own rebellious heart• Teach practices such as interrogating demons for which there is no biblical precedent
  10. 10. An Unhealthy Interest in Satan Focus: • Satan or finished work of Christ • The power and work of Satan and demons or the work of the Holy Spirit and God’s angels • Feed Satan’s arrogance and pride by giving attention or give the glory to God in praise and worship
  11. 11. Can a Christian be Possessed • The term gives a mis-impression of ownership by Satan rather than influence • All can be tempted, harassed, influenced, etc – so a Christian can be demonized • Few people are influenced to the extent of the Gadarene demoniac • The Bible gives strong instruction on how to resist: Gal.6:10-20; Mt.4:1-11; Eph.1:13-14