INFO 6800 (Winter 2013) Seminar Assignment


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Handout for assignment in the Winter 2013 session of INFO 6800 Archives.

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INFO 6800 (Winter 2013) Seminar Assignment

  1. 1. INFO 6800 Archives – Seminar AssignmentDue Date: Throughout the TermAssignment Weight: 15%Assignment Goals: To relate course readings to in-class and online discussions To gain experience leading a seminar discussion To develop skills analyzing and interpreting archives literatureRelevant Course Learning Objectives: To examine the various roles played by archives in an organizational setting as a key component in information management and as a repository for research To develop an understanding of the relationship of archives to their communities and to other repositories, such as manuscript and historical centres, special collections libraries, museums, documentation centres, etc. To develop an understanding of the core archival functions and how they are practiced in contemporary Canadian archives.Assignment Description:For this assignment, you will be working in pairs. Select a reading from the courseschedule and lead a seminar discussion on the reading. 1. A sign-up sheet for seminar presentations is posted on the course blackboard site. 2. Choose a reading from the sign-up sheet. Note that each reading has an assigned date. 3. Read the article and determine the key points raised by the author. INFO 6800 Archives (Winter 2013) – Seminar Assignment | 1
  2. 2. 4. Write a 500-750 word essay (approx. 2-3 double spaced pages maximum). The essay should: a. Capture the key points raised by the author(s) b. Offer some analysis of the key points raised by the author(s) 5. Develop a set of three to five discussion questions based on the article. 6. On the assigned date, read your essay aloud in class. 7. Use your discussion questions to start an in-class discussion of the article and your essay 8. Post your discussion questions on the course blackboard site after class for further optional discussion.Please note that PowerPoint presentations will not be accepted, even as aids forfollowing the essay.Handing in Your Work:Your presentation will take place during class. Please submit your work using theassignment drop box in the course blackboard site. Your seminar presentation shouldbe submitted in a word processing file. Do not submit a PDF. Label your filesaccording to the following specifications: LastnameFirstname-INFO6800-SeminarPresentationPlease bring a printed copy of the presentation to class for me to read and mark as youpresent.Assessment:The presentation and the written essay will be graded according to four criteria:expression, comprehension, structure, and overall presentation. I will provide abreakdown of your mark out of a possible 20 points. INFO 6800 Archives (Winter 2013) – Seminar Assignment | 2
  3. 3. Expression (5 points)Your essay will be assessed for grammar, punctuation, diction, spelling, and your abilityto clearly and concisely convey arguments and ideas.Comprehension (5 points)Evidence of your understanding of the major concepts addressed in the reading will beassessed. This will include your ability to provide an informed discussion of thetheoretical and practical aspects of your topic and your ability to analyze and interpretkey points raised by the author(s).Structure (5 points)The structure of your essay and presentation will be assessed in terms of its adherenceto the instructions (e.g., reading essay, leading discussion, posting discussionquestions, etc.). The structure of your essay will be assessed in terms of the flow andorganization of your ideas. This will include sentence and paragraph structure and theessay’s overall structure (introduction, body, and conclusion). The overall presentationof the essay will also be assessed, including font and formatting choices, layout, andattention to detail.Presentation (5 points)This component assesses your presentation and in-class discussion, includingpreparation, clarity, and ability to engage and lead the class in a discussion. The qualityof your discussion questions will be assessed in terms of their relevance to the topicand potential for opening meaningful discussion.Marks:Marks will be provided in letter grades that conform to the School of InformationManagement’s Grading System: feel free to consult me if you have any questions about the grading of your work. INFO 6800 Archives (Winter 2013) – Seminar Assignment | 3