Master Card Summer.09


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Master Card Summer.09

  1. 1. SUMMER MUSIC Leveraging Music to Drive Usage
  2. 2. 2009 SuMMer MuSiC ProMotional ConCePtS MARKETING IMPERATIVE - Continue to carve out a unique and ownable space in music that is tied to 2 MasterCard’s® authentic and genuine brand equity PROGRAM OBJECTIVE - Drive usage of and preference for MasterCard during the Summer promotional period through a fully integrated marketing effort leveraging music CONSUMER STRATEGY - Position MasterCard as the best way to pay for everything that matters in music CUSTOMER & MERCHANT CONSIDERATIONS - Develop music-themed extensions to the national promotion that can be leveraged by MasterCard’s Customers and Merchant partners
  3. 3. CoMPetition tHe inSiGHt Music is a universal language – one that unites each and every one of us together. no matter the genre, whether it’s live or recorded, listened to loudly or softly, with others or alone, music has the ability to affect us profoundly: inspiring us, helping us express ourselves, allowing us to share a piece of ourselves and providing genuine, authentic and 4 memorable experiences that we can all relate to. anD MuSiC tranSForM Music is experience. MasterCard is experience, too. So it’s only natural that MasterCard can bring each of us on an experiential journey “inside the music,” in more ways than one.
  4. 4. tHe MaSterCarD tHe ConSuMer trutH BranD trutH Music is an important part of our target’s life. “Priceless” has transformed a financial services it inspires them, defines them, emotionally company into one in the emotional business of charges them. Whether it’s digital music promoting “everything that matters in life.” it downloaded to a computer or MP3 player, music appeals to our desire to transform the ordinary experienced live, from CDs, or old-school vinyl, into the extraordinary. So music, for MasterCard, music is an authentic, truly personal experience must be a Priceless, transformational experience that allows them to share a piece of themselves. 6 that intimately matters. and more than anything, our target looks to “share the love” that music generates with the “i feel like i was inside the music.” people in their lives who matter most. MasterCard understands that our target looks to “share the love” that music generates with the people in their lives who matter most. tHe BranD PlatForM SHARE YOUR MUSICAL STAGE
  5. 5. 8 this Summer, MasterCard is giving you the chance to win a truly priceless musical experience. eight lucky cardholders and their friends will board a private jet and travel across the pond to see something unprecedented — a never-been-done-before MtV unplugged performance by u2! to celebrate the 20th anniversary of unplugged, MasterCard and MtV will create this one-night, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world’s biggest rock band like never before. Plus, winners will get ViP Passes to a special backstage after-party event! u2. uK. You could be there.
  6. 6. NATIONAL PROMOTION - one Grand Prize winner per week gets a ViP trip to see u2 unplugged in the uK and a chance to meet the band backstage - 10 First Prize winners each week will receive a “u2: live and unplugged in the uK” album, autographed by the band ONLINE ACTIVATION - Consumers vote on to determine the playlist for u2’s 10 unplugged performance - Cardholders can experience the show live via streaming video on or their wireless phone - Partner with rhapsody to offer free MtV unplugged downloads via a daily instant win game u2 in tHe uK, unPluGGeD
  7. 7. MEDIA - Sponsor u2 unplugged and other relevant programming on top music networks ADVERTISING - activate via travel-based media and partners - Program supported via national tV and Print campaign - Signage within international terminals & baggage claims - Bring to life via motion and sound-based advertising - Provide free music for passengers, branded earphones, etc. • Motion-sensitive floor and OOH that plays music when you walk by PR • Bluetooth advertising allows you to download songs or receive discounts - Winners can blog live from the event on • Print that has sound and drives to web for free or discounted songs CUSTOMER EXTENSION: CHASE unplug with MasterCard and Chase! 12 - Sign up and activate your Chase MasterCard card and receive a free Sirius satellite radio receiver and 6-month subscription MERCHANT EXTENSION: BEST BUY Get Your Backstage Passport Stamped at Best Buy and you could Win! - use your MasterCard card at Best Buy and receive a “virtual passport” code on your receipt - Go to and register for your “virtual passport” - enter the code from your Best Buy receipt and receive a “virtual passport stamp” - each stamp equals a free music download from napster and an entry into a daily sweepstakes for a limited edition MP3 player, preloaded with u2’s unplugged performance
  8. 8. 14 each year, random acts of nature effect people and their communities across the country. in the past, musical artists have responded to help raise money. But this year, u2 and MasterCard are going to actually raise a hammer to make a difference. We’re going to work together — and we literally mean “work”— to help rebuild one of these communities in need. and once we’re through, we’re going to celebrate with a live concert that’s going to help put this town back on the map!
  9. 9. NATIONAL PROMOTION - one Grand Prize winner per week gets to spend a week working side-by- side with u2 and MasterCard employees, culminating in a nationally televised concert - 10 First Prize winners each week will receive a limited edition “liVe from the town that rock Built” album and autographed poster 16 - Plus, MasterCard will donate a portion of every transaction during the promotional period to the rebuilding effort - opportunity to partner with the Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity on a national level ONLINE ACTIVATION HelP u2 anD MaSterCarD - Consumers can watch the progress of the rebuilding effort in real time reBuilD an aMeriCan CitY on - Plus, consumers can make a donation to the cause on using their MasterCard card and receive music-themed gifts as a thanks for their contribution
  10. 10. CUSTOMER EXTENSION: HSBC ADVERTISING HSBC Helps Your town - Program supported via national tV and Print campaign - every time you use your HSBC MasterCard card, HSBC is going to donate $X - Bring to life via motion and sound-based advertising to help rebuild the music programs in your local schools • Motion sensitive floor and OOH that plays music when you walk by • Bluetooth advertising allows you to download songs or receive discounts - Plus, you’ll be entered into a sweeps to win the musical instrument of your • Print that has sound and drives to web for free or discounted songs choice from Best Buy 18 MEDIA MERCHANT EXTENSION: THE HOME DEPOT - leverage social networking sites to create “teams” that can help raise rock the House with MasterCard and the Home Depot money for the cause - every swipe of your MasterCard card at the Home Depot is a $X donation to the - Develop tV vignettes showcasing u2 band members talking about their “town that rock Built” rebuilding effort commitment to the cause - Sponsor relevant tV networks and shows (HGtV, Discovery, etc.) - Plus, MasterCard is going to guarantee that one Grand Prize winner will come from consumers who use their MasterCard card at the Home Depot PR - u2 band members and winners can blog live from “the town that rock Built” on MERCHANT EXTENSION: BEST BUY - Create street teams that distribute branded, reusable grocery bags at music rebuild Your Music library at Best Buy festivals, stores, etc. - use your MasterCard card at Best Buy for a chance to win a free lifetime pass - opportunity to leverage other MasterCard sponsorship assets (MlB, nFl to napster teams, PGa, SoundStage, etc.)
  11. 11. What if you could put together the greatest rock band in modern history? this Summer, MasterCard and the Grammys are going to make it possible. With the help of MasterCard cardholders everywhere, we are going to assemble a “super band” made up of Grammy award-winning artists. and, in what will be their only live performance, the band is going to play before millions of viewers at the 2010 Grammys – where they’ll announce to the world that their new single will be offered exclusively through 20 MasterCard and its partners!
  12. 12. ONLINE ACTIVATION - Consumers vote for their ultimate fantasy band members on, choosing from a list of Grammy award-winning artists - each vote is an entry into a daily sweeps for a merchant partner prize - MasterCard and the Grammys will assemble the musicians with the most votes to create a “super band” 22 - Final band kept a secret until Grammy reveal - Plus, consumers can create their own musical “mash-ups” on using Grammy award-winning songs NATIONAL PROMOTION Create tHe WorlD’S - one Grand Prize winner per week gets a trip to the 2010 Grammy awards to GreateSt roCK BanD see the band’s only live performance and meet them backstage - 10 First Prize winners each week will receive a prize package that includes autographed memorabilia from each of the artists in the “super band”
  13. 13. ADVERTISING - Program supported via national tV and Print campaign PR - Drive consumer engagement via interactive advertising - Proceeds from the super band’s live “single” can be donated to charity - times Square billboard showcasing musicians and encouraging consumers - allow winners to join the band on-stage at the Grammys to text in their vote - Winners can blog live from the event on - interactive banner ads that portray various band combinations 24 MEDIA CUSTOMER EXTENSION: CITIBANK - Partner with satellite radio or streaming music service to create a MasterCard Win a trip to the Grammys from Citibank Grammy channel - use your Citibank MasterCard card for a chance to win a ViP trip to the Grammy awards - Partner with Facebook’s graffiti application to allow consumers to create band posters, album covers, etc. MERCHANT EXTENSION: BEST BUY - Develop an online application or widget that constantly updates with the latest Host the ultimate Grammy Party with MasterCard and Best Buy voter tallies - use your MasterCard card at Best Buy for a chance to win a home entertainment - allow voting at atM booths across the country upgrade (HDtV, Blu-ray player, surround sound, etc.) and a catered “red carpet” Grammy party at your home
  14. 14. - Drives usage - Builds brand credibility and modernity with consumers, issuers & merchants - adds excitement to the brand - Provides “evergreen” solutions that could be refreshed year upon year - excites the music industry and creates tremendous buzz - engages our consumers with a fully-surrounding experience in a way that relates to the way they consume and interact with music today - tremendous content - Provides a sense of escapism during difficult economic times 26