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Dp Dancing With The Stars

  1. 1. Assignment Develop a big, breakthrough 360 program leveraging the Dancing with the Stars property and the Diet Pepsi P3 LTO
  2. 2. Dance Your Can Off Dancing. It’s fun. It’s exhilarating. And it’s good for you. Which is why, this spring, Diet Pepsi is partnering with ABC’s top rated show, Dancing with the Stars, and challenging consumers across the country to show us their best dance moves. We want to see just how “light” on your feet you really are. So grab some Diet Pepsi and get ready to move your can. 360 ACTIVATION Diet Pepsi LTO: Slim Cans • A slimmer, 12oz can highlighting the unique dances featured in the show (Tango, Cha Cha, Samba, Mambo, etc... ) as well as the overall cardio/health benefits of dancing • Product to feature additives with heart health benefits (B vitamins, antioxidants) • A portion of the proceeds from sales of the can go to the American Heart Association 2009 Show Premiere • Diet Pepsi hosts a DWTS season kick-off event in LA featuring Pepsi Smash artists, the past and present cast from the show and other celebrities. The event will raise awareness of the health benefits of dancing and raise money to benefit the American Heart Association National Promotion: Dance Your Can Off and Win! • Diet Pepsi creates a weekly online dance contest where people upload videos of themselves “moving their cans” • Consumers vote online to choose finalists each week • Weekly winner receives free dance lessons with the Stars and VIP tickets to the Dancing with the Stars finale (One person who voted for the online weekly winner will also receive VIP tickets to the finale) Show Integration • Contest is promoted via :15 spots during the show. Viewers will be encouraged to get active, dance their can off, and upload their moves to DWTS.com • Each week Diet Pepsi will sponsor the “Dance Your Can Off” moves of the week. Consumers can text in and vote for their favorite move performed by a couple on the show for a chance to win tickets to the DWTS Tour. Every text gets a bounce-back value offer on Diet Pepsi LTO Online • URL on each can would drive people to the Diet Pepsi-sponsored and branded “Dance Studio” within the DWTS website where they can learn more about the specific dances and view video tutorials • “Dance Your Can Off” Healthy Lifestyle Tips from the Stars Pepsi Stuff Overlay • Use your Pepsi Stuff Points to earn “Dance Your Can Off” merchandise (water bottles, t-shirts, dance shirts, leg warmers, video games, etc... ), music from the show, exclusive show footage or enter your points to win a trip to see the DWTS show in LA!
  3. 3. It’s Time to Tango! They say it takes two to tango, which is why Diet Pepsi is partnering with ABC’s hit show, Dancing with the Stars, to create a whole new soft drink called Diet Pepsi Tango. The drink will bring together two delicious flavors – cola and lime – for a taste that is as exciting and exhilarating as the dance itself. Plus, we’ll give dance fans everywhere the opportunity to win amazing prizes all throughout the spring season of DWTS. 360 ACTIVATION Diet Pepsi LTO: Diet Pepsi Tango • Pepsi will create an LTO that brings together the unique flavor of cola with the tangy taste of lime National Promotion/Pepsi Stuff integration: Tango for Cash! • During Tango dance segments on DWTS, consumers will be prompted to text in their Pepsi Stuff codes from Tango packs for a chance to win $100,000 cash and a VIP trip to the season finale. Winners will be scrolled across the bottom of the screen later in the show • Consumers can also use their Pepsi Stuff codes to enter sweepstakes on PepsiStuff.com to win DWTS Tour tickets, video games, Tango lessons with the Stars and more Online: Tango for Tickets Dance Contest • Create an online contest where couples upload video of themselves doing the Tango. Allow consumers to vote • Finalists will win tickets to the DWTS Tour. The winning couple will win tickets to the DWTS spring season finale and will perform on live TV! (could also broaden the entry mechanism for this contest offline with ASP events) • Find Your Tango Partner: Diet Pepsi creates an online bulletin board where boomers can find Tango partners in their area. We could also create Diet Pepsi Tango singles nights at key retailers (e.g. Wal-Mart, Target) Show Integration • Diet Pepsi will own the Tango dance segments of the show: - Whenever a Tango dance segment is about to happen, the host will announce, “It’s Time to Tango” and Diet Pepsi Tango will be given to the judges - Create more awareness by having contestants drink Diet Pepsi Tango in confession booths and during interviews • The online Tango contest will be promoted via :15 spots during the show Buzz/Sampling • Street Tango: Create buzz for the new LTO and DWTS partnership by having “Pop-up Tango” events in urban centers. People can sample the LTO and learn some new dance moves
  4. 4. Which Flavor Is The Star? It’s a new season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and this spring, Diet Pepsi is offering up its own contestants. We’ve got 3 new flavors, inspired by our favorite dances, and only the best one will win! Try them all and tune in because just like the Stars, these flavors will only last if you love them and show your support! Which Diet Pepsi flavor will end up being the Star? America will decide. 360 ACTIVATION Diet Pepsi LTO • DP Mambo, DP Samba, DP Cha Cha National Promotion • All 3 LTOs will go into market just before the DWTS season • Consumers will be asked to text in their vote each week for the LTO they like the best • Scores will be tallied and highlighted during the show every week. The winning flavor will be announced during the season finale and will remain in market throughout the summer (or possibly even become a permanent sku) • Also, each week one “voter” will win a VIP trip package for two to see the DWTS season finale and announce the winning flavor Show Integration • During interviews and DP branded confessional segments, show contestants will be asked which flavors they prefer. Stars could campaign for their favorite flavor • Flavors can sponsor the corresponding dance segments on the show Online • Dance to your Favorite Flavor: online video where the Stars and their partners will teach you the basic steps to go along with one of the 6 LTO flavors • Create a fun, quirky viral video of the DP LTO flavor mascots campaigning for themselves. We can also run these as commericials during the show Pepsi Stuff Overlay • Each time you vote for your favorite DP LTO flavor, you’ll receive bonus Pepsi Stuff Points, so you can collect the DWTS music and merchandise you want • Every Pepsi Stuff code gets a free DWTS music download that corresponds to one of the dances/flavors (e.g. DP Samba: A contemporary Samba song that the contestants on the show have danced to that week)