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  • 2. POSITIONINg: Spontaneous Flavorful Moments The BRIeF OUR FOCUS: Product and consumer truths “Doritos is like music in the mouth...the flavor experience is analogous to music.” and “I control my stimulation.” 3
  • 3. 3 COMMUNICATION PLATFORMS ThAT… - Fit with Doritos and Spontaneous Flavorful Moments - Are unique and exclusive experiences for teens, allowing co-creation - Are realistic, yet have potential to push the brand 4
  • 4. CONCePT ONe
  • 5. CONCePT ONe ROLe OF DORITOS From front row, to backstage, to virtual stage, Doritos is bringing teens music experiences at their best - up close and personal. CONSUMeR INSIghT “In this day and age, I can enjoy and even create the most amazing experiences in just about every area of my life. Music shouldn’t be any different.” UNIqUe AND OwNABLe TeRRITORy The best music experiences possible because of today’s technology and access. 6
  • 6. Some people simply listen to music. But then there are those who truly live it. To them, music is best experienced up close and personal. They want to discover something new and feel every beat and every lyric as if it were meant for them. The same is true about our snacks. Some people just eat any chip, but those who ‘get it’ know that Doritos chips are different. They’re music to your mouth. The different tastes build on your tongue to create an intense crescendo with every crunch. And every different Doritos flavor is a totally new “music in your mouth” experience. So grab a bag, open it up and… 7 CONCEPT ONE | TASTE THE MUSIC
  • 10. geT A FIRST TASTe We partner with local artists to make new music available on before their albums are released. We allow consumers to download the songs via in-pack code directly to their cell phones, or computers. We could also deliver songs via QR codes on outdoor advertising. 11 CONCEPT ONE | TASTE THE MUSIC
  • 11. LIVe The LyRICS We create a promotion where consumers have a chance to win prizes inspired by the lyrics from a popular song. Codes on pack would allow you to download an MP3 from a select song list. Hidden at the end of certain songs would be a message describing the “Live the Lyrics” prize or experience the consumer has won, as well as information on how to redeem it. 12 CONCEPT ONE | TASTE THE MUSIC
  • 12. wIN “ALwAyS FRONT ROw” exPeRIeNCeS We partner with Live Nation and create a Text for Tickets promotion where consumers text in codes to win VIP front-row experiences to the local concert of their choice. 13 CONCEPT ONE | TASTE THE MUSIC
  • 13. “TONgUe DANCe” VIRAL VIDeO COMPeTITION Doritos chips are music to your mouth, so let’s organize the world’s first dance competition for tongues. Have people upload their tongue dances to YouTube. The first video with 10,000 views wins.(show video? Pull screen grab?) 14 CONCEPT ONE | TASTE THE MUSIC
  • 14. POP UP FLASh CONCeRTS Doritos sponsors spontaneous music “happenings” in metro areas where people can get a taste of the local music scene, sample product and compete in contests to win prizes. Local bands will open each show and one headliner will perform as the final act. And they only way to get into these events will be if you register online at and get texted a VIP digital ticket to your cell phone. 15 CONCEPT ONE | TASTE THE MUSIC
  • 15. CONCePT TwO
  • 16. CONCePT TwO ROLe OF DORITOS Doritos is the conduit for self expression through music. CONSUMeR INSIghT “I can create my ‘15 megabytes of fame’.” UNIqUe AND OwNABLe TeRRITORy A platform that encourages an “open source” philosophy, enabling youth to create self expression through music. 17
  • 17. Today, young people everywhere are looking for their 15 megabytes of fame. They’re not afraid to show their creativity and they’ll do what it takes to get noticed — by their friends, by peers, and if they’re lucky, by the world. Which is where Doritos comes in. When you tear open a of bag Doritos chips, you’re saying, “I want the boldest, crunchiest, most flavorful snack experience out there.” And now your favorite brand of chip wants to empower you to be bold, have a voice and express yourself through music in more ways than ever. 18 CONCEPT TWO | BE HEARD
  • 23. Be heARD… AND wIN. (BeheARD.COM) Doritos creates the ultimate amateur music files-sharing site where aspiring artists can upload their music and allow others to listen to it and vote. Plus, we’ll allow the music to be downloaded using the Radiohead “pay what you’d like” model (see Proceeds could go to the musicians themselves or maybe the charity/cause of the artist’s choice. The most downloaded artists in each market will win the equivalent of $10,000 cash and studio time to cut an album. 24 CONCEPT TWO | BE HEARD
  • 24. SOUND CheCk Here’s consumers’ chance to make it big. They’ll call in to Doritos and give us their best performance over the phone. Sing, play an instrument, even make a song using the telephone keys, if we like what we hear, they’ll win prizes including music gear, electronics, and for one lucky winner a lucrative recording contract. 25 CONCEPT TWO | BE HEARD
  • 25. STAR IN yOUR OwN MUSIC VIDeO Doritos provides teens with a fun, interactive way to create digital content and share it with friends. Consumers create their own music video with Jib Jab online. They pick the song, upload their face and send a personalized music video to their friends. They can also creating a custom sound mix for the video using music samples and “Doritos chip sounds”(bags crumpling, crunching, etc) provided online. 26 CONCEPT TWO | BE HEARD
  • 26. we CAN DANCe (SILeNT RAVe) For one day, Earth Day, Doritos consumers around the world will “be heard” when they gather collectively to help raise consciousness for the world climate crisis. We’ll partner with Al Gore’s international organization We Can and create silent raves (the hippest, new trend in raving) around the world to help raise money to combat global warming. 27 CONCEPT TWO | BE HEARD
  • 27. SeARCh FOR The INTeRNATIONAL gUITAR heRO Our search ensues for the “International Guitar Hero.” Consumers who want to “Be Heard” around the world enter this worldwide tournament. One winner — the best Guitar Hero on the planet — will ultimately be crowned. Hundreds will win “Guitar Hero Custom Guitars” created by musical artists. The “finals” could be executed on the Jumbo-tron scoreboards and on TV during a major international soccer match for all to see. 28 CONCEPT TWO | BE HEARD
  • 28. “Be heARD” OPeN STAge Doritos hosts impromptu open-mic events in urban areas where local musicians can come on-stage and express themselves through music. Perfor- mances could be everything from a local rock band to street percussion to spoken word. The events become an eclectic musical variety show, and the live performances could be uploaded to for viewing and voting. ¬ 29 CONCEPT TWO | BE HEARD
  • 29. CONCePT ThRee
  • 30. CONCePT ThRee ROLe OF DORITOS Creates an emotional high. An enabler for teens to enhance any moment with music and flavor. CONSUMeR INSIghT Born multi-tasking, this generation doesn’t wait for things to happen. “We make it happen.” UNIqUe AND OwNABLe TeRRITORy Enhanced music experiences that are always a notch above. 31
  • 31. when you’re young, you’re not content to just float through life. you want to experience it in the most vivid way possible. There are times when you want to dial it up a notch and make the moment a little bigger, a little better and a little louder. And for those times, there’s nothing like a bag of Doritos chips. The intense flavors will get the music thumping and your taste buds rocking. Hey, when you’re young, life’s a party. So grab a bag of Doritos and… 32 CONCEPT THREE | TURN IT UP
  • 35. VIRTUAL FRONT ROw Leverage new online technology through a company called Deep Rock Drive which allows consumers to see live concerts in real time on their computer or web-enabled cell phone. We create a promotion where consumers collect points on Doritos packs. 3 points can be redeemed for a “virtual front row seat” to a live concert of their choice. It’s an engaging, interactive live music experience where users can change camera angles, zoom in, digitally applaud, ask for an encore… and more. 36 CONCEPT THREE | TURN IT UP
  • 36. “SPONTANeOUS DANCeRS” (TV OR VIRAL VIDeO) Doritos sends out dancers/actors in the different markets and has them spontaneously break into dance in inappropriate places (eg. elevator, train station platform, in line at a corner store). We film people’s reactions and turn them into TV spots or post them on YouTube and other viral video sites. We’ll also encourage consumers to create their own an upload them. 37 CONCEPT THREE | TURN IT UP
  • 37. 3-D DANCINg hOLOgRAMS What if you could dance with the hottest girl or guy you’ve ever seen… or maybe even a celebrity? With today’s 3-D hologram technology, Doritos can make it happen. We’ll create and project these dancing holograms in the world’s top clubs giving teens everywhere the chance to “turn it up” on the dance floor. 38 CONCEPT THREE | TURN IT UP
  • 38. PLUg AND PLAy OUTDOOR Engage teens with “plug and play” ad experiences. Interactive outdoor posters allow them to “jack into” the ads, turn it up and listen to music right there on the spot. ( 39 CONCEPT THREE | TURN IT UP
  • 39. wIN A LOUDeR LIFe. The world’s most intense snack wants to upgrade all the technology in your life so you can turn it up and live a little louder. We create an in-pack, code-based promotion where teens can win the latest MP3 players, lifetime Napster subscriptions, Blu-ray disc players, home theater sound systems, satellite radios, car sound systems and computers. One teen in each market will win it all. Plus they’ll get it all upgraded again every 2 years for the rest of their life! 40 CONCEPT THREE | TURN IT UP