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  • Automakers and car equipment makers are developing technology that lets cars run on apps and communicate with devices such as phone, ipods, USP, smartcards ect…
  • Sync is a hands free voice activated in car connectivity system that controls you phone nav and musicSync is currently in 70% of Ford cars manufacturesExpect “ My Touch” to be in 80% of Ford cars manufactured in 2011Brings wi-fi with on board broadband cards. Sync is a hands free voice activated in car connectivity system that controls you pone nav and musicMyford touch ,. Powered by sync will replace many other traditional vehicle buttons and knobs with a personalized voice or touch activated screen
  • When you hear people in the technology industry talking about how today’s tech is becoming more like fashion, they’re not talking about chips embedded in clothing. They’re talking about the phenomenon of some people selecting their gadgets as part of their self-expression, in the same way that some people choose clothes to wear as part of the image they want to portray to the world about the type of person they are. This is now becoming a part of the car buying experience Fords applink is an adjunct to its microsoft-based sync system. Allows users to download apps that will opperate with sync system.To its network of human operators who can asist drivers with directions and emergencies onstar will add mylinks, a group of apple and android smartphone apps that can be controlled with voice commands. With plans to offer text message that can be read aloud, spoken facebook updates and the ability to play bak web-bsedpandora channels over a cars stereo system.Both companies say that the voice controls will reduce the threat of driver distractions.Ford will provide developers with a software development kit (SDK). Ford will take a relatively hands-off approach to distributing AppLink-compatible software -- developers will continue to offer and sell such software through existing channels, like Blackberry’s AppWorld or Android’s Market.
  • Ex: Audi is looking at more of performance based apps and features allowing users to check the overall status of the car. Tire pressure, oil levels, engine performance
  • Keller Fay recently pulled together a comprehensive analysis of nearly 100,000 word-of-mouth (WOM) offline as well as online conversations Americans have had from September 2008 through August 2010.  This two-year study covers the auto industry crisis and Keller FayR17;s findings detail the polarity of brand-specific conversations
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    1. 1. GO-GO- GADGET YOUR CAR<br />Hands free communication & Smartphone Apps in Cars<br />
    2. 2. Fords Vision <br />Closer look at Fords new technology <br />MY FORD TOUCH<br />
    3. 3. “My Ford Touch”<br />
    4. 4. Integrated Technology What is the basic concept?<br />SMARTPHONE + CAR = new driver experience <br />Shift in the way the driver interacts with the car<br />Reimagining the car as a device capable of running applications similar to those of a smart phone. <br />Smartphone is becoming an extension of the car its self. <br />The idea is to be able to continually update services and feature by relying on the Smartphone rather than in-dash computers. <br />
    5. 5. Ford Sync 2008-2010<br />Voice commands<br />2011 “My Ford Touch”<br />Applink: sync’s newest feature<br />2011 Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus<br />MyFord Touch<br />MyMercury Touch Modified Tiered Branding <br />MyLincoln Touch<br />My Touch<br />
    6. 6. Car-Friendly Applications<br />Personalize Apps<br />Download Apps<br />Unlock doors<br />Start & find car<br />Pandora<br />Twitter ( open beak)<br />Facebook updates <br />News and Info (Stitcher) <br />Check charge on electric cars<br /><ul><li>Ford Applink
    7. 7. GM OnStar & My link
    8. 8. Nissan
    9. 9. Audi
    10. 10. BMW I-Drive
    11. 11. Mercedes-Benz Mbrace</li></li></ul><li>Marketing<br />Price of new tech & segmenting the market<br />View app as a way of making car more appealing<br />Co-Branding<br />Microsoft sync <br />GM & OnStar<br />Ford & MapQuest<br />Sirius Radio<br />
    12. 12. Marketing<br />More Segments<br />Trying to provide more services that satisfy much small segments of the population<br />Important marketing took for branding<br />Competitive Advantage<br />Each company is looking at the market in a different way.<br /><ul><li>Ford: personal experience
    13. 13. GM: convenience
    14. 14. Audi: performance </li></li></ul><li>TalkShare(TM), in this instance, being the percentage share a specific brand is mentioned in everyday conversations about cars.)  Notice, in the chart below, the similarity between the market share of a car manufacturer and its TalkShare(TM).<br />