Carl Saccone's Portfolio


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Here is a sample of my portfolio and undergraduate work from UMASS Amherst.

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Carl Saccone's Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Carl Henry Saccone - Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning - UMASS Amherst
  2. 2. Spring Semester; Junior Studio A Cross Section AA/ Hand Drawn Design Process A Conceptual drawings Master Plan/ Photoshop Pulaski Park : Northampton, MA Pulaski Park was once a vibrant place to visit, over the years lack of attention turned the park into a dark and unpleasant site. Less people visited the park, it was time for a change. Creating a large green space opened up the park, and a more structured pathway system brought people into the park and to there destination.
  3. 3. Spring Semester; Junior Studio B B Design Process/ Concept Hand Drawn Master Plan Multi Family Housing; Amherst, MA This multi- family housing project was located on a 20 acre parcel of land. Housing density was six units per acre, or about 120 units total. Accommodations included parking for every unit, community space as well as private garden spaces and a functional form utilizing the existing grade. The project also explored sustainable housing units and plans forstorm water management for the entire site.
  4. 4. Section AA/ Hand Drawn Section BB/ Hand Drawn Multi Family Housing, Amherst, MA Section AA zooms in on how certain houses need to be built in order to maintain a sustainable development, balancing the max number of units and open space. Section BB cuts through the entire site, it was important to sit the houses on level ground, using the flat topology to the developments advantage.
  5. 5. Masterplan Focus Area Two Focus Area One AutoCad/ Photoshop Arc of Recreation; Springfield, MA Masterplan of the Arc of Recreation shows in red my focus areas and in yellow the abandoned railway. Alternate routes, using streets as corridors provides pedestrians with quicker and easier access to the their destinations in town and along the railway.
  6. 6. Focus Area One; School Connection (2) A A B B (1) Site Analysis/ Photo Shop Masterplan/ AutoCad Arc of Recreation; Springfield, MA Elementary schools need space for children, carefully repositioning the parking lot, not losing any parking spaces made room for interactive spaces (2). Landform and grids of trees (1) create a lively play area for kids, as well as a strong connection to the Bay Neighborhood and school.
  7. 7. Sections AutoCad Section AA cuts through the schools community gardens, here students and families can grow a variety of plants. Section BB shows the entire school grounds, including the railway and interactive chess board for the children.
  8. 8. Construction Details AutoCad Construction details show how certain design features and structures should be built.
  9. 9. Sketchup (1) (2) 3D modeling can be useful when conveying design ideas and plans for the site. Image 1 depicts the interactive chess board and concrete walls for public art. Image 2 shows playful landform meant to create a fun and interesting space for kids to walk through when going to school.
  10. 10. Spring Semester; Senior Studio 3D model of High Street/ Sketchup/ Photoshop Power Leap Detail: As you walk on the Power Leap surface, friction generates electricity which can be stored and saved. Night and Day View of Plaza High Street; Maidstone, UK A group design competition strongly incorporating sustainable practice. High Street was becoming a very active place to shop and eat, the high vehicular and pedestrian traffic infringed upon the potential High Street offered. Limiting vehicular access through the street opened up space for plaza’s and street boutiques. Paving the boutique floors with the Power Leap allows for a more sustainable approach to shopping. Creating out concept, “Boutique Ingenuity.
  11. 11. Final Competition Board/ Photoshop/ Sketchup (1) High Street Master Plan/ AutoCad/ Photoshop High Street; Maidstone, UK One of our design boards pin pointing our design features with typologies along the masterplan. As seen in the masterplan, limiting vehicular access opens up the street for colorful boutiques and plazas for shopping, eating and interactive learning (1).
  12. 12. Germany 2008 Photography