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Individual Evaluation Sheet_Version 1

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For use of evaluating speech; Edited by me

For use of evaluating speech; Edited by me

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  • 1. Sung-Jin’s Note on Evaluation for David’s Speech1. Speech Title:2. Date:3. Time Taken: (out of 5-to-7 minutes)4. Objectives of Speech: Use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact to express your message and achieve your speech’s purpose, “Your Body Speaks”; Make your body language smooth and natural.5. Evaluation Criteria POSTURE: nervous / uneasy  poised uncertain  confident uncomfortable  comfortable slouching  erect stiff  relaxed GESTURES: artificial / wooden  natural / spontaneous random  meaningful passive  lively furtive (=seeming to keep something secret or hidden)  expansive vague  precise detracted from verbal message  enhanced verbal message BODY MOVEMENTS lifeless / dull  fluid / animated awkward  graceful random  purposeful drew attention away from speech  enhanced attentiveness to speech FACIAL EXPRESSIONS deadpan (= appearing to be serious and hiding the fact that you’re joking)  animated unfriendly  friendly artificial  natural / genuine incongruent (= not fit together well)  appropriate to speech content EYE CONTACT forced / artificial  natural / smooth followed set pattern  no set pattern did not establish visual bonds  established bonds with listeners
  • 2. Sung-Jin’s Note on Evaluation for David’s Speech6. Notes on Evaluation 1) It’s a pleasure to evaluate David’s speech about _________________________________________. 2) I remember his opening because: (immediate engaging / interesting) _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________. The body structure was: (easy to follow and understand, and well-constructed) _________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________. 3) From my seat he: (approach, position, personal appearance, facial expression, gestures, detracting mannerisms) ___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________. 4) He ended strongly by: (reinforcing, climactic) _______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________. 5) I have two recommendations that David might think about that would make his future speeches even better.  Recommendation 1 - What? - Alternative example! - Why?  Recommendation 2 - What? - Alternative example! - Why? 6) In summary, here is a speech that David commended well: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________. 7) It could have been improved by recommendations: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________. 8) However, it worked because David _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________.