Social Media Analysis for Starbucks


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Social Media Analysis for Starbucks

  1. 1. Social Media Analysis Advertising Media Planning • Zhai Mengjie 1 / 18
  3. 3. STARBUCKS “ To inspire and nurture the human spirit” •Starbucks is a coffee chain of U.S., established in 1971. Now it is the world's largest coffee chain, whose headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. • Starbucks was a small coffee retailer until the current chairman Howard Schultz purchased it in 1987, and Schultz changed it to a dark green café. Since then he led the company across several milestones. •In June 1992, Starbucks was listed on the stock market as the first professional coffee company, which rapidly promote business growth and brand development. 3 / 18
  4. 4. STARBUCKS “ To inspire and nurture the human spirit” • In addition to coffee, Starbucks also provide tea, cakes, pies and other goods. The creative coffee cups of Starbucks are as popular as coffee itself. There are nearly 12,000 Starbucks stores across the world, throughout North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. • To some extent, coffee consumption is a cultural consumption, for cultural communication is needed in an environment created by cafe culture which can infect customers, allowing them to enjoy and to form a good interactive experience. Through coffee, Starbucks sends a special taste to customers. 4 / 18
  5. 5. STARBUCKS Facebook Fan Page •Starbucks uses its Facebook Fanpage to interact with its customers, promote their new products and raise some events . In addition to the official fanpage, there are also a number of Starbucks fanpages that cater to different locations and areas where Starbucks is open, like Starbucks UK, Starbucks Brasil, Starbucks Mexico, Starbuckscoffee Myeongdong and so on. The following contents are based on the official one. •Starbucks has 35,330,159 Likes . The Facebook page updates frequently but irregularly, sometimes once a day, and sometimes once a week. There are many likes and comments about the updated pictures. •The content can be categorized by means of: •Promotional - posts that advertise Starbucks goods and services such as new products, important issues of Starbucks like “Sustainable Store Design in Action” to attract fans. • Interactive - posts that require consumer responses like the event discussing how to make iced coffee better with experts , and funny creative pictures that cause resonate. •Personal - posts that are made by starbucks, including photos, restaurant pictures, and the like. • Informative - posts that include recipes( not many). 5 / 18
  6. 6. STARBUCKS Facebook Fan Page The good: July is the hottest month in a year, and when you’re tortured summer with sweat, maybe the picture of ice coffee will cool you and wake up your demand for ice coffee. The link is given and you can obtain a lot of professional knowledge of ice coffee from experts. It’s good to interact with consumers and to promote new products friendly. 6 / 18
  7. 7. STARBUCKS Facebook Fan Page The bad: This picture is moving, and the text “Fathers teach us courage. Dads teach us joy!” is also able to raise spiritual resonance. But neither of them have relationship with Starbucks or coffee. Attention to the first comment showing in the page, “coffee teaches us energy!” Maybe Starbucks can learn from him! 7 / 18
  8. 8. STARBUCKS Facebook Fan Page The bad: And among the comments, there are some negative words about Starbucks. Although Starbucks gave quick response, the words also had some bad influence. 8 / 18
  9. 9. STARBUCKS Competitors of STARBUCKS •Costa was founded in London by brothers named Bruno and Sergio in 1971. Based on traditional Italian baking method, they add it slow baking. Now you can find Costa stores all over the world. 1,035,507 Likes •McCafe is a coffee brand owned by McDonald. It was born in Australia in 1993. Now you can see Mccafe as an independent coffee shop, and also it can stand in a corner of McDonald. 21,024 Likes. 9 / 18
  10. 10. COSTA Facebook Fan Page The good: “We're reminiscing over our #CostaNutty photo competition this morning. How nutty was this image??? Thanks for the image Hollie Elizabeth Morris!” Organizing an interactive game to attract customers' participation, and posting the photos on the page, all these sound interesting. The picture posted is funny and gives a perfect advertisement. 10 / 18
  11. 11. COSTA Facebook Fan Page … The bad: This picture shows Costa’s new product for summer. It looks delicious and we all want to have a taste, but it appears too many times on the page, 8 times from June to August. It will cause aesthetic fatigue of visitors, and they may think that the operator of the facebook fanpage is lazy and boring. 11 / 18
  12. 12. MCCAFE Facebook Fan Page The good: The picture and text “who wants one” are attractive, which is good for communication and interaction. Although these are only two cups of common coffee, they convey the friendship and kindness of the brand. The comment “I miss Oro Frappe!!”is a good proof. 12 / 18
  13. 13. MCCAFE Facebook Fan Page The bad: This picture is a failure. On one hand, it has nothing to do with the brand. On the other hand, negative sentences are unfit to appear here, especially dirty words. That will cause your visitors uncomfortable. The comment circled tells. 13 / 18
  14. 14. STARBUCKS SWOT Analysis Strengths: The contents on facebook are quite fruitful, including pictures, short stories, events and so on. The advertisements for products are friendly, not hard. Starbucks updates the fanpage fluently which can make a good relationship with consumers. Weaknesses: Interactive contents are short, and there is some useless information on its fanpage. Opportunities: On one hand, facebook is very popular among young people who account for a significant part of Starbucks’ consumers. On the other hand, with the fast step of the society, many people choose fast food and drinks like Starbucks. So they may view the pictures on Starbucks’ facebook while drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee. Threats: Starbucks’ competitors are making efforts to run their facebook fanpage, too. So what Starbucks needs is not only to make coffee better but also to make its fanpage better. 14 / 18
  15. 15. STARBUCKS INSIGHTS Similarities: All the three brands promote their products by pictures and text. They all pay emphasis to promotion and interaction. Differences: The content of Starbucks’ page is more plenty than the others. It not only promote new products, but also publish some activities to attract visitors. To the products, there are kinds of coffee, and also you can see many beautiful cups and sweet dessert on Starbucks’ page. Costa’s page pays more emphasis on events and activities. Mccafe’s page is in a poor maintenance. 15 / 18
  16. 16. STARBUCKS Recommendations Starbucks should pay more attention to interaction. For example, to publish some activities by this platform, like a “drawing competition”. Consumers may get a free empty cup when they buy Starbucks’ products, and they can draw on the cup and then post the photo of the cup on the page. Starbucks will choose some photos to post on its fanpage. The photo getting the most “Likes” will be the winner. Add cultural code to new products and activities, so that when clients enjoy the delicacy, they will feel a sense of story and mood. The story can be posted on the fanpage. In some important days of Starbucks, editor of its fanpage can post the stories or events happened on that day before. Visitors can know Starbucks more and experience the growing of the brand. 16 / 18
  17. 17. STARBUCKS Front stage vs. Backstage Front stage : On March 26 of this year, if you buy a pound of Tribute Blend (or Tribute Blend VIA), you can get a free 12oz drink. (But in US and Canada only)This event was posted on Starbucks’ facebook fanpage. We can see Starbucks’ saleswomen’s dress through this picture and gain a friendly impression of Starbucks stores. 17 / 18
  18. 18. STARBUCKS Front stage vs. Backstage Backstage: Starbucks is doing the environmental protection. In 2003(up to May 15), they logged over 400,000 hours of service. That conveys their social responsibility to consumers and make consumers know that they not only sale coffee or cookies, but also do many other important p ublic things at the backstage. 18 / 18