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Don’t Wait for a Crisis! Good Financial Planning is Essential for Today’s Woman

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Cleveland Women's Journal Article

  1. 1. Finance Don’t Wait for a Crisis! Good Financial Planning is Essential for Today’s Woman By Crystal L. Thies, Here’s some concerning sta- Getting married? A serious only to his heirs). consultation. Take advantage of M.P.A. tistics: 90% of all women will discussion about financial phi- Changes in marital status the opportunity to find some- be solely responsible for their losophies and how money and are pivotal times to consult a one you trust!Crystal L. Thies specializes finances at some point in their assets will be mixed will help financial professional. Many 1National Center for Women and Retirement in helping women take life1; after a divorce, a woman’s prevent financial arguments in financial planners – including Research, 1996 2Neale S. Godfrey, Making Change, 1999 standard of living decreases by the future. Pre-nuptial agree- myself – offer a complimentary 3Ibid. control of their financial 23% while a man’s increases ments were once the tool of lives. As a woman who made significant sacrifices in support of her own by 10%2; and 85% of women don’t put their financial plan to- men to protect their family’s assets, but are now used by sav- 90% of Women gether until they are in a crisis3. vy women to help protect their Are Responsible for Their Own husband’s career only to What does that mean? It own finances. Finances at Some Point in Their Lives* find herself in a seriously means that women may be: Getting divorced? Talk to weakened financial position following an making financial decisions based mostly on emotion; not your attorney about your fi- nancial rights. Not all financial Make Sure You Are Prepared!unexpected divorce, Crystal in a position to take time to ties go away – particularly with Request your COMPLIMENTARYunderstands the challenges explore the best options; and retirement and pension funds. 170 page Woman’s Guide to costing themselves more mon- Married again? Good estate Investing today! faced by today’s women. ey and leaving themselves in a planning and the proper nam- Email your name and mailing She offers comprehensive address to: weaker financial situation. ing of beneficiaries are criticalfinancial planning services Generally speaking, the fi- to prevent unknowingly disin- Crystal L. Thies, M.P.A. to single and married nancial life of today’s woman heriting your own children or Skylight Financial Group 1660 West 2nd Street, #850 women. Additionally, as looks quite different from that new husband. Common mis- Cleveland, OH 44113part of her quest to increase of past generations. Women of- takes include leaving the ex- (216) 592-7355 financial literacy, she ten marry later in life and enter husband listed as a beneficiary provides financial the partnership with their own and not having a will or only Crystal L. Thies is a registered representative of and offers securities, investment advisory services and financial planning through MML Investors Services, Inc., memberplanning seminars to large hard earned assets, and may a simple will that leaves every- SIPC. Insurance offered through Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and other and small groups. marry more than once and be- thing to the new husband (at fine companies. Supervisory Office: (216) 621-5680. *National Center for Women and Retirement Research, 1996 CRN201007-108514 come part of blended families. his death all assets could flow12 October ~ November 2008 The Cleveland Women’s Journal™ West Edition To Advertise Call 888-749-5994