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Ag minitin


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  • 1. Agenda, Minutes and Itinerary Module 5 Lesson 7
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. Agenda
    • An agenda includes the order of topics to be covered at a meeting and the individuals responsible for each topic.
    • Sample Template 1
    • Sample Template 2
    • Sample Template 3
  • 4. Agenda Guidelines
    • Leave a 2” top margin.
    • Use a columnar format.
    • Arrange the topics in chronological order or in a logical sequence if no times are used.
  • 5. Agenda Guidelines
    • Begin keying the entries at the tab stop.
    • Key the time information in the first column.
  • 6. Agenda Guidelines
    • Key the descriptive information in the second column.
    • If the descriptive information is very short, center the program horizontally.
  • 7. Agenda Guidelines
    • If the speaker’s name or the room number is keyed in a third column, use the right align feature of your word processing program to align the column at the right edge.
  • 8. Minutes
  • 9. Minutes
    • Minutes are a summary of the events and business conducted during a meeting. Minutes are the official record of a meeting and are kept by the secretary of an organization.
    • Formal Template
    • Informal Template
    • PTA Template
  • 10. Minutes Guidelines
    • Because minutes are often kept in a three-ring binder, set margins for a bound report (LM = 1.5”; RM = 1”).
  • 11. Minutes Guidelines
    • Key the organization’s name 1” from top of first page.
    • Double-space and key MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING in all caps. Double-space and key the date.
    • Double-space after the heading.
  • 12. Minutes Guidelines
    • Key side headings in all capital letters. Double-space before and after the side headings.
    • Single-space minutes.
  • 13. Minutes Guidelines
    • Quadruple-space before the closing to allow for signature. Start keying the closing at the center. The closing includes the secretary’s name and title.
  • 14. Itinerary
  • 15. Itinerary
    • An itinerary is a list which includes the dates, times, schedules, lodging, and method of travel to be used on a trip.
    • Europe Tour
    • Hiking Tour
    • Wedding Itinerary
    • Conference Itinerary
  • 16. Itinerary Guidelines
    • Use a 2” top margin or vertically center the itinerary.
    • Use default margins. Set left align tabs .5” and 2.5” from the left margin.
  • 17. Itinerary Guidelines
    • Double-space after the heading.
    • Key the day of the week and the date at the left margin.
    • B old the date information.
  • 18. Itinerary Guidelines
    • Double-space after the date information. Indent all time .5” from the left margin. Use local time and align times at the colon.
  • 19. Itinerary Guidelines
    • Use the indent feature to align wrap-around lines in the event section of the itinerary.
    • Single-space the individual event notations. Double space between events.
  • 20. Itinerary Guidelines
    • Note: It is also acceptable to key an itinerary in a table with or without gridlines.
  • 21.