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5.3 power point

  1. 1. Becoming a Physician/Surgeon Ryan Brady
  2. 2. What's the Pay? ● Physicians/Surgeons earn on average about $166,400 per year ● Although, not getting a high enough degree in college can affect your earnings.
  3. 3. Education ● The amount of education needed to become a physician /surgeon is fairly high. You need to have a doctorate or a professional degree.
  4. 4. Beginning and advancing ● Usually coming out of medical school, one would be an intern or a resident at a hospital before becoming anything else. You can advance by doing well as an intern and learning enough to be a
  5. 5. Nature of work ● There are a few traits that physicians/surgeons must have to be successful. They have to be able to concentrate (like in surgery) and they have to have a good work ethic. Some work includes; filling out paperwork, preforming surgery, calling patients, and
  6. 6. Working Conditions ● The working conditions in a hospital are good. The surgeon usually has his/her own office so they have a place to work. The days can be about 8-9 hours long but a surgery or something else could run over and the day could be longer. The surgeon could also have to take
  7. 7. Job Outlook ● Currently, there are almost 700,000 physician/surgeons in the United States. This number is growing at about 24% per year! This is because we are always in need of healthcare and the medical field is becoming more and more popular.
  8. 8. The Goods and the Bads ● Goods: ● The job pays well ● A hospital doesn’t go out of business so the is always work available. ● Hospitals are everywhere so you could have a local job. ● Bads: ● There is a lot of school work required to work in this field so you have to stay on top of things. ● There is a lot of social interaction so you have to be good with that
  9. 9. Why this is good for me ● I think that I could be a great doctor because I am very interested in science and working in a hospital. Both of my parents work in a hospital so I think that I could learn a lot from them. I have a good work ethic and I know I will try my hardest in school and will complete all of my years to become a doctor.
  10. 10. How I can Prepare ● To prepare for this job, I should start researching more about hospital work and what a real surgeon does every day. I could search things online about surgery and I could ask my parents what they think about their jobs and other ways I could prepare. One last thing is that I can take classes in school related to healthcare so that I can have an advantage later in the future.
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