2009 Annual Report


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Annual Report, 2009

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2009 Annual Report

  1. 1. City of Mt. Pleasant 2009 Annual Report Presented to the Mt. Pleasant City Commission The Charter of the City of Mt. Pleasant requires that the City Manager “make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the City … as of the end of the fiscal year.” An audit is conducted of the City’s fiscal conditions and practices and is delivered to the public and the City Commission by an independent firm and a committee. The City Manager produces a second document looking back over the prior 12 months and recounting the administrative activities of the organization.
  2. 2. From the desk of the Mt. Pleasant City Manager ... Forward Thinking, Forward Progress Dear Residents: We will work together toward being a In the midst of one of community… Michigan’s worst economic downturns, the City of • Of safe and clean neighborhoods with low crime Mt. Pleasant set upon an rates and low vacancy rates that are inhabited by multi- ambitious and slightly generational owner-occupants. See pages 3-4. unorthodox course. • Where economic opportunity for businesses offering good wages for employees is readily available. See page 5. During this last year, communities in other parts • With varied recreational opportunities funded by of the state were sometimes several sources and targeting children and teens. See forced to slash services, page 6. layoff police officers and • With stable funding from a diverse tax base to finance firefighters and neglect the governmental services citizens need. See page 7. Kathie Grinzinger, expensive infrastructure. • Where commercial and retail sectors providing varied Mt. Pleasant City Manager shopping opportunities thrive. See page 8. We, on the other hand, adjusted our priorities and carefully invested resources • That finds logical solutions to the problems of traffic to “get a leg-up” in making Mt. Pleasant an even more congestion. See pages 9-10. attractive place to live, raise a family, and conduct • Where regionalized solutions are sought for business. governmental issues. See page 11. In 2009, the City Commission strategically increased • With an involved citizenry. See page 12. capital spending to more than $2.5 million, keeping local Each page in the City of Mt. Pleasant 2009 Annual contractors working and adding signature amenities Report highlights some of last year’s projects or programs to improve our quality of life. We increased pedestrian that were intended to move us closer to our target. Due safety by replacing more than 12,000 feet of damaged to the sheer volume, this report does not attempt to list sidewalk and added 500 new feet. The airport terminal all accomplishments for 2009 nor does it relay day-to- was refurbished through donated funds. We built a spray day responsibilities. The report is intended to provide park, added downtown parking, and built a beautifully you with a way to look back over the last twelve months, landscaped roundabout at Main and Mosher streets. monitor our progress and grade our performance. We are convinced this is not the time to hide our light Sometimes unforeseen challenges crop up or under a basket or to lose sight of what makes us special. unexpected opportunities present themselves. When Tough times require creativity, innovation and a re- that happens, plans are altered; some projects are invigorated competitive spirit. scrapped while others move up the priority list. When Instead of waiting for the state to recover and replenish you see this notation () you will know the item was listed the equivalent of nearly 2 mills in state-shared revenue in the 2009 budget as expected to be completed in 2009. they kept for themselves, we are investing to grow our In 2010 and 2011, we will confront a continuously own tax base. We created incentives to jump-start the constricting economy and declining revenues. We re-development of Mission Street and to encourage welcome your comments, suggestions and help in entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. After all, the best assuring that we don’t just survive this decade, but time to invest is often during the worst time. emerge better for having been tested. Please contact us When the 2009 Operating Budget was presented in through our website at www.mt-pleasant.org. October 2008, we made a public commitment to you. We agreed to spend our time and your money in ways that Sincerely, would add value to the community and continue moving us forward. To assure we are heading in the right direction, we rely on the community strategic plan. The City Kathie Grinzinger Commission summarized the strategy is eight statements that outline Mt. Pleasant’s future. These include: Mt. Pleasant City Manager
  3. 3. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… Of Safe and Clean Neighborhoods • Infused “walkability” • Partnerships between Park Rangers, Youth Service (urban design, “safe Unit, Police Patrol Officers, and Parks Deptartment streets for everyone”) allowed for new intervention methods within concepts into all forms the park system. Undesirable activity markedly of public design and decreased. Funding from various sources, including private development. donations, allowed for the installation of cameras • Hired consultant to record activities at the Island Park memorials. to conduct • Responding to increased vacancies/neighborhood shareholder upkeep issues, two amendments to City Code were Program Implementation meetings and Target Area introduced: solid waste ordinance and weeds.  design process • E in the n d on the percentage of floor area x p a rental e d The goal of the Owner Occupied of Main Street Residential Incentive Program is to portion of the duplex to the b o u n d a r i e s overall building corridor. Drafted Dan in a area. Mixed residential, commercial and office reduce the number of rental units Burden, a walkability structures may not be included in owner- of this target o w of the o w and encourage D area n t city n expert, visited with Mt. Pleasant program. occupied to Campus stakeholders in October 2009. neighborhood stability by increasing the incentive number of owner occupied properties. The City will be notified of the acceptance of Connection plan the Purchase Agreement by receipt of a copyrofa m p r o g Applicants introduced to the public in December was will need to contact a mortgage lender of their choice for pre-qualification of a to the document, along with notification of the increase 2009. prior to designapplication at the home loan Final making is still pending. Construction closing date. n u m b e r City.is hoped to take place in 2010. of eligible Prior to closing, the City will prepare a check for •Applicants will be accepted on a first come,increased the purchaser agreeswith a documenti e s . Commission “mini-stimulus” up to the program limit, along in which funds propert to: first for sidewalk repair.reserved for up500 feet of new served basis. Funds will be Roughly Three rental to 60 days following delivery of a Purchase sidewalk was and will be distributed north side the property’s rental license. were Agreement to the City installed on the a. Surrender of properties Pickard Street, east of the Citgo to b. Eliminate any nonconforming uses, such at closing as follows: the railroad sold in 2009 and tracks. converted back as a rooming dwelling or multi-unit • 5% of the purchase price up to $10,000 per structure. •applicant for the purchase of a licensed Mosher/Main intersection reconstructed to to single family include roundabout and add streetc. Own and occupy the propertye s atd e n c e s . “family” rental. parking. r for i least 5 years, or sell to another Staff provided • Fire of the purchase price up to $16,000 per • 8% Department bike/foot owner-occupant. medic area realtors applicant for the purchase of a licensed program boarding” rental. “rooming and integrated with Police bike/ with updated The Owner Occupied Residential foot patrol and has been very successful. information on Incentive program boundaries Each year City’s receipt oftreatlender’s Following the medics the numerous serious pre-approval letter, the applicant will find an the expanded to include 343 additional program target area chosen for the Owner Occupied The properties. illnesses and injuries,sale in the target heart attacks, existing rental property for ranging from following theResidential Incentive Program (outlined above) unconscious persons their realtor will poisoning, and Hall for assistance in locating area. The applicant and from alcohol Please do not call City expansion. was based on the goals stated in the handle all negotiations related to the purchase relatively serious injuries from cycling accidents. contact youra property. of the property. a property or assistance in listing HyettPalma Plan for downtown to increase the • Reducing risk Positive feedback from the public has been received. Association Realtor Member. of sewer back-upsstock and the mixture of Instead, please Central Michigan local quality of the housing by executing Existing duplexes may qualify, provided at Phase II of grease trap compliance plan. that area. owner and rental housing in  • Changed traffic patrolconverted to anConcentrated on least 50% of the property is approach. “teaching” tostate. Fundingcrashes (speeding and red • Twenty fire pagers were replaced with funds owner-occupied prevent will be based light, left turn and turn lane violations) on Mission. provided in the operating budget. The remaining In January through November officers had contact ten pagers were replaced with 2007 Department of with 3463 drivers on Mission side streets. Seventy- Homeland Security grant monies, through Region two percent of those drivers received education 6. This completed the fire pager replacement warnings rather then enforcement action. program and made us narrow band compliant.
  4. 4. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… Of Safe and Clean Neighborhoods • Security measures at unmanned water system sites • Rental property survey, focusing on area north completed in September.  of High, was mailed to track market changes. The • Increased emphasis on neighborhood health by data obtained from the survey instrument was encouraging formation of new neighborhood insufficient and did not yield valuable results. associations and increased activity of existing Alternative means to gather necessary data will groups. Promoted Mini-Grant Program through a need to be identified. letter campaign. Generated 11 applications overall; • The Street Department crew completed a septage up from the previous year. The group awarded receiving station at the Wastewater Plant. The six mini-grants for various projects in addition to newly constructed station features a wide concrete sponsoring a brush pickup program in the west drive and a permanent access pipe that allows side south of Broadway. haulers to make a stable, direct connection to the wastewater plant and eliminates the possibility for accidental spills. Trails emphasize Baderschneider’s passion S the urrounded by friends and city employees, Baderschneider now bears the name of the man responsible for its fruition. connecting the community, local family gathered in honor During an outdoor the Chippewa of a man whose influence ceremony held on River and and passion is evident in July 27, 2009, the public Parks the pristine parks of Mt. city’s trail system was became the Pleasant – Gregory K. renamed the Gregory River Walk Baderschneider. K. Baderschneider Trail, which Baderschneider, who River Walk Trail. City will forever passed away suddenly employees also unveiled remain a Oct. 12, 2008, was the honorary plaque testament to integral to creating that will mark the trail. his love for the parks and trails In addition to community system. Although he the ceremony, the parks and put his dedication and City Commission the great Chris Bundy, Director of Parks and Public Spaces, unveils the new plaque that honors tenacity toward the unanimously adopted outdoors. the late Greg Baderschneider. many projects that a resolution to rename “It is clearly he oversaw, including the City’s River Walk recognized, the development Trail System during their due to public use and Baderschneider of Horizon Park, the meeting that evening. comment, that the City began his career with Island Skate Park and Mayor Holton presented Parks trails have been the City of Mt. Pleasant the Borden Building, family members, who a substantial quality of as a buildings and Baderschneider’s true packed the Commission life addition to the Mt. grounds supervisor in vision was the creation Chambers, with a copy Pleasant Parks system 1990. In 1998, he was of a river walk trail of the resolution. It read: and to the residents of named Director of Parks, system - a system which “Greg’s vision of the community.” Buildings and Grounds.
  5. 5. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… Where Economic Opportunity is Available • Economic development boards (EDC, TIFA, DDA, and LDFA) reorganized, processes streamlined. City of Mt. Pleasant New management contracts renegotiated with MMDC to establish performance expectations. Open for Business Process began in 2008, completed in 2009. The Mt. Pleasant Economic Development • Appointed new LDFA board. Department works with property owners • DDA/TIFA Board retained the services of an and developers interested in positive growth opportunities. The department also strives to architect to provide design assistance to Mission diversify and enhance the city’s tax base to provide Street business owners interested in improving additional resources. building facades. Various opportunities are available to business • DDA/TIFA Board finalized parameters for new owners to assist them with opening or expanding low interest loan programs on Mission Street. Mt. their dreams in Mt. Pleasant. Opportunities can Pleasant Automotive was the first to apply for the include grant funds, low-interest loans, down- program. payment or equity assistance, and much more. For information on how local entrepreneurs • Increased City’s involvement with CMU Reserach can take advantage of these opportunities, visit Corporation. www.mt-pleasant.org or contact our Economic • Used Economic Development Fund to provide Development Department at 989-779-5303. incentive packages for new developments.  These businesses • Robin Hood’s BBQ • Used several Mission Street DDA incentive tools and parameters of Overlay Zoning to promote have recently opened on West Broadway design of Firstbank on Mission Street. doors or expanded Street opens near their services in the downtown in late • EDC and CBD-TIFA purchased adjoining properties City of Mt. Pleasant: December 2009. on Main Street to create future development • Mt. Pleasant • Roundabout Cafe potential. Brewing company moved into The • The rental unit on the upper floor of 315 N. opened its doors in Daily Grind’s former Main Street was relicensed during the last August 2009 with downtown location quarter. The unit is currently being advertised a Tap Room for to offer coffee and for lease for residential purposes until a new customers to enjoy baked goods. development presents itself. The property will a selection of beers • Emma’s Basement produce $1,100 in monthly income. while watching the Boutique expanded • Increased involvement in the strategic planning ales being made. to a new location. for MMDC’s future. Partnered in restructuring, • Travola Gigi’s – an The shop opened defining and job search for President. Italian restaurant its doors to its and bakery - opened larger downtown • Police Officers attended training in Crime on Mission St. storefront in Prevention Through Environmental Design. This • Pizza King re- March 2010. training will be utilized to assist in the planning opened in • Midori Sushi and development phase of new commercial November 2009 & Lounge in structures for the purpose of crime prevention. after a fire destroyed downtown began its location three renovations in late years earlier. 2009.
  6. 6. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… With Varied Recreational Opportunities • Increased commitment to teen focused activities. • Utilized increased budget allocation to target Parks and Rec Adds programming for youth ages 12 – 16. Spray to Your Play • 27 programs were added to the Recreation schedule of events for the 2009 calendar The Spray Park, which year. Low participation experienced, which opened in Island Park is expected during the first year of a new 2009, is a water-loving programming venture. kid’s dream come true. The 2,095-square-foot • Partnered with Young Teen Network and facility offers an exciting local school districts (middle & high) to world of unpredictable develop, advertise and target teen students sprayers, oversized and understand their needs for leisure time water cannons and activities other above and below • Used technology, such as Facebook, e-mails, ground water features. In and on-line program guides to advertise and all, there are 12 separate draw interest from teen audiences types of water features. Control of the water • For families with young children:  is put into the children’s Free snow cones and beach balls were handed out at the • Spray Park opened August 25. hands via an activator at grand opening of the • After evaluation of Spray Park traffic, installation the aquatic playground. Spray Park. When touched, the of more slides in Island Park’s Slide Land was The park opened with activator sequences determined not needed. the help of dozens of events to start at different • Tennis Court milling and repaving complete. times for an impressive neighborhood kids and Fencing nets and final amenities to be complete water show. The aquatic PEAK members, who spring/summer 2010  playground only enjoyed free beach balls, operates when children snow cones, popcorn • Major construction completed on the Access and lots of fun. The press the activator, Adventure Trail and lookout bridge over the spray park will open this resulting in less water Chippewa River, set in December. Paving and spring as the weather usage, evaporation, and final amenities to be completed before its reduced power demand. continues to improve. grand opening held in summer 2010. • Downtown music offerings revamped by partnering with local businesses to bring in prestigious musicians such as Brian VanderArk and Larry McCray. Allowed for funds to be shifted into other events to attract greater A bubble dance party, attendance. held during Mardi Gras, drew crowds of kids.
  7. 7. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… With Stable Funding • Energy reduction measures:  • Waste Water Treatment Plant power usage • Seven Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) installed down 7 percent for the first six months of 2009. on four of the City’s most used deep wells (well • Changed bidding and purchasing methods to 6, 16, 17, and 20). Purchase partially funded reduce chemical costs to below anticipated levels by energy grants from Consumers Energy. in Waste Water Treatment. Electrical energy savings of 10-15 percent • Use of eBay to sell depreciated vehicles and heavy expected at the well fields. equipment netted $61,400 in 2009. • Partnered with Consumers on lighting plan for motor pool and DPW Administration Building. Increased Efficiencies for Improved Services In addition to being responsible for moving the community ever closer to the preferred future, every employee in each department is accountable to continuously improve the processes and programs used to serve the citizens and manage the organization as proscribed by our corporate mission and vision. The following are a few of the most notable process oriented successes achieved in 2009. Administrative and Financial Services Division • In 2009, ten full-time employees who are committed to the organizational ideals have been recruited or promoted. Positions of Director of Recreation and Wastewater Treatment Operator are vacant. • A five-year contract with FAOM (full-time firefighters union) has been negotiated with unique shared risk/ benefit language and introduction of a new classification. Three-year contracts with both police units were negotiated, which limited the City’s future long-term liability by eliminating City-paid retiree health insurance upon retirement for any new hires. • Changes in cost sharing and insurance plans, including prevention incentives coupled with negotiations with third party administrators; doctor and hospital networks, influenced the zero growth year in insurance costs experienced from 2006 to 2008. • Employee participation in direct deposit of paychecks increased. Pay stubs were also sent out electronically via e-mail to decrease distribution time and paper. • Partnered with CMU mailing services to reduce staff time and mailing costs for utility billing, tax bills, and assessment notices. • Did considerable research into document imaging system. Concluded that the large up-front cost wouldn’t result in commensurate benefits. Focus has been shifted to improve record retention methods. Economic Development and Community Services • Operating by-laws and procedures have been developed for the Building, Fire and Sanitary Sewer Board of Appeals. Public Works • ncreased focus on preventive maintenance and decreased down time in field through installation of laptop and connected GPS units in DPW trucks to better access GIS data in real time.
  8. 8. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… Where Commercial and Retail Sectors Thrive • New zoning overlay ordinance drafted to allow for • Introduced new negotiations and incentives in redevelopment of signature event (Mt. Mission Street. Includes parameters for preferred Pleasant Blues Festival) street signage.  drawing hundreds • Capital planning processes adjusted to tie of new community public work projects to downtown design goals members and visitors. and priorities. Public Works projects now As part of this new reflect the underlying tenets of walkability (bike event, partnerships paths, sidewalks, lighting, etc.) and urban design were formed to reduce esthetics through strong partnerships between costs and increase the Community Services Division and Public Works. marketing capabilities culminating in a • Partnered with Art Reach of Mid Michigan in successfully attended creation of downtown banners. Roughly 160 event creating a base artists, including elementary and high school for event expansion in students, contributed. 2010.  This widely enjoyed visual art project • Creation of will be expanded to Downtown Work 250 banners in 2010 Plan initiated to cover more of in coordination downtown and parts with Main Street of CMU’s campus. In Center. Work 2010, excess banners plans prove to will be painted with be a valuable Christmas designs and tool in planning will be hung after the events and Festival of Banners promotions and has ended. By utilizing have allowed Local businesses, such as Max & Emily’s excess banners, no for streamlined Eatery, provide valuable volunteering participation efforts during event planning. downtown banners will need to be by volunteers. More than 250 banners will be hung Detailed road maps to conduct events without in Mt. Pleasant after last year’s purchased for the successful “Festival of Banners.” holiday season. relying solely on the Downtown Development Director for planning purposes created. • Commercial Property Survey was mailed to collect market and vacancy data. The data • Airport terminal building remodeling/ obtained from the survey instrument was improvements were highlighted during the insufficient and did not yield valuable results.  Airport Open House, held on Thursday, May 21. Improvements to the airport include construction of the security fence project, installation of a closed circuit television security system in the terminal building, and a new airport sign.
  9. 9. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… With Logical Solutions to Traffic Congestion • Infusing “walkability” (urban design, “safe streets for everyone”) concepts into all forms of public Access Adventure Bridge design and private development. Placed On Chippewa • New cross teams established to review all • capital improvement plans Discussions continue with the Michigan W ith completion estimated for summer 2010, the Access Adventure Trail made progress with the placement of a pedestrian bridge Department of Transportation and Mission connecting Chipp-A-Waters park with a wetlands Street business and property owners to explore area on the east side of the Chippewa River. improvements that will enhance safety of all users The Access Adventure Trail project is a and support commercial investment. Funding cooperative effort between the City of Mt. has been set aside by Mission Street DDA to Pleasant and the Mt. Pleasant Area Community support project costs if a mutually accepted plan Foundation focused on universal accessibility. With much of the funding coming from the can be developed. Have received preliminary W.K. Kellogg Foundation, through an initiative support from several business owners and Central called Access to Recreation, the project strives to Michigan University to explore the development of provide recreational opportunities and facilities additional grid streets along Mission Street.  that accommodate individuals of varying abilities. • Construction of right-turn lane at Preston and The eight-foot wide, 125-foot long pedestrian Mission streets delayed in order to coordinate with bridge, which was placed in December 2009, features a scenic turnout at its midpoint that will other campus area roadway redevelopment.  allow individuals in wheelchairs and children in • Used Access Management Plan (and related strollers to enjoy the views of the river. financial incentives) to add to street grid through The initial phase of pathways has been redevelopment of property on Mission with help constructed. Paving is still needed before the trail of Firstbank and adjacent property owners.  is complete. Further enhancements to the Access Adventure • Forged strong partnership with CMU to rewrite program will include wheelchair accessible campus Transportation Master Plan with emphasis picnic tables and benches; navigational aids on “walkability” design, which will have a significant to help people of all ages and abilities; and a impact on traffic congestion and safety in campus downloadable audio file for people who want to area and on South Mission Street.  learn about their natural surroundings as they use the trail. • Motorcycle patrol activated for special events and The grand opening of the trail is expected traffic management.  during the Mt. Pleasant Annual Summer festival • Solution on Oak Street Bridge access to Island June 23-25. Park decided in early September. Temporary repair allowed by DNR and completed to ensure pedestrian access.  • Reconstruction of Island Park Drive South completed August 2009.  • Construction of a 30-space parking lot at Sunnyside Park completed August 2009. A crane hoisted the 125-foot bridge across the Chippewa.
  10. 10. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… With Logical Solutions to Traffic Congestion • Sidewalk repair completed in 18 locations around • Construction of Mosher/Main Street roundabout the city. Approximately 12,000 feet of damaged and additional parking on Mosher and Lincoln sidewalk was replaced. Another 35 jobs were Streets completed in September 2009. completed by request of residents. Project • During 2009, the City’s GIS (Geographic Information increased from $100,000 to $240,000.  System) program was updated extensively. This • Police officers continue to participate in traffic computer-based graphics program is used to initiatives with other local police agencies. During store, create, and analyze spatial data and assorted 2009, these included enforcement activities for attributes such as roads, trees, and sanitary both Operating Under the Influence and Safety Belt sewer lines. Using handheld GPS and/or manual Violations. measurements, existing feature locations were • Roughly 500 feet of new sidewalk was installed on the refined and new features placed. New maps were north side of Pickard Street, east of the Citgo to the created from the GIS for projects throughout the railroad tracks, completing the sidewalk in that area. year and upgrades made to the GIS interface and database. Spatial information is now stored directly in the database. Mosher/Main Redesigned with Roundabout T he Main and Mosher intersection was transformed last year to include a roundabout, which is touted as being safer than traffic lights or four-way stops. to calm the flow of traffic and create a more efficient and Funding for this project, as well as for numerous safe intersection. other street and sidewalk projects, was first According to the approved during the regular meeting of the City U.S. Department Commission held April 27, 2009. Mt. Pleasant’s own of Transportation, mini-stimulus project was designed to enhance our roundabouts can: city’s infrastructure as well as provide business to Improve Safety local companies during these economic times. • 90% reduction in Construction fatalities finished on • 76% reduction in schedule for the injuries Sept. 25, 2009, • 35% reduction in opening. Project all crashes included an Reduce Congestion addition of on- • Efficient for all street parking amounts of traffic Main/Mosher reopened after its along Mosher, • Typically less transformation. in front of the delay County Building, Reduce Pollution and on Lincoln • Less stops and accelerations reduce fuel use Stret, north of the • No signal equipment to power and maintain Vice Mayor Bruce Kilmer rides though County lot. Vice Mayor Bruce Kilmer was one of the first the intersection, becoming the first The roundabout drivers and bicyclists to use the intersection. The bicyclist to use the roundabout. was designed roundabout is the second in mid-Michigan.
  11. 11. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… With Regionalized Solutions for Governmental Issues • The contract to provide fire protection service to • Partnered with local law enforcement agencies to Union Township was renewed for five years with provide shared training opportunities. provisions to address plan review and inspections • Combined staffing with area law enforcement of new commercial buildings.  agencies for special events include CMU Welcome • Partnered with Shepherd Tri-Township for increased Back Weekend, CMU football games, CMU Student numbers of responders to high-rise buildings and Housing Orientation, and Special Olympics Polar standardized rapid intervention team. Survival and Bear Plunge. rapid intervention training completed. • Partnership continued with local businesses • Partnered with Union Township, Vision 20/20, and organizations for YSU Youth Academy, YSU CMU and MSU to create landscape plans for 127 Shop with a Cop, MPPD Shop with a Hero, YSU entrances. Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser, and Summer • Several meetings conducted with officials from Festival Public Safety Day. Union Township to discuss their needs for Police Services. As a result, Union Township commissioned Award-Winning Borden a study from Ferris State University, and a customer survey, to determine the Township’s need for Police Honored by MML services. The City participated in the cost of the Since the Borden Building’s grand opening on Ferris study. The outcome of that study was made Dec. 5, 2008, the efforts to preserve the historic public at a Jan. 13, 2010 Union Township meeting. structure have not gone unnoticed. In 2009, the One recommendation from the study was to look Borden Building received the Governor’s Award for at efficiencies through regionalized solutions. Historic Preservation. The project was also honored with a Presidential Plaque from Keep Michigan • The Police Department participated in a Records Beautiful. In May, the project was recognized by Management Workgroup, including all law surrounding municipalities when it was nominated enforcement agencies within Isabella County. to be a finalist for the Michigan Municipal League’s The workgroup envisions a common records Community Excellence Award. management system to provide interoperability at According to the MML, this award highlights the public safety providers. Several systems have been seven finalists’ efforts to increase the visibility of previewed and meetings are scheduled to review entrepreneurial and innovative solutions in Michigan. several others in 2010. Although the Borden Building did not take first, Mt. Pleasant was still honored to be nominated. • Partnerships with area Law Enforcement Agencies continue to be a primary goal of the Police Department. These include hosting weekly area Detectives’ meetings and monthly meetings for Financial Institutions and Fraud Investigators. Due to these partnerships, several agencies assisted in the surveillance of two persons responsible for home invasions in Mt. Pleasant during November and December. The extra resources allowed for continued surveillance of the suspects, who were arrested while breaking into another home. City Manager Kathie Grinzinger gives Mt. Pleasant’s presentation for the Community Excellence award.
  12. 12. We Will Work Together Toward Being A Community… With An Involved Citizenry • Access to timely information by targeted audiences • Began efforts increased through launch of social networking to raise citizen profiles by City, downtown, Recreation Department, awareness of PEAK, and the Police Department. the importance • City departments have large presence on of the 2010 Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, and YouTube. These Census, including social media outlets have proved extremely creation of Web effective in communicating with residents site, outreach regarding events, activities, and even public to community safety and snow emergency issues. groups and creation of • Downtown Development Director has assisted media materials. more than 30 businesses and associations Formulated located downtown in creating their own an intensive social media networks so they can better advertising communicate with current customers and campaign taking reach out to potential new ones.  CMU organizations were tapped place in March to assist with promoting the 2010 • Police officers have begun using social 2010. census to college students. networking forms of communication to provide • Community Information Coordinator hired to assure information to the public. delivery of information to citizens, media and markets become an organizational priority.  Stay Connected with Your • Increasing access points and services available Community through the Web site. • Availability of utility information and credit Find City updates, upcoming events, photos and video online! The following card payment on Web site, along with option of sites offer current information about receiving e-mailed bill were all implemented in our community. December 2009.  Web sites: • Interactive on-line building permit application www.mt-pleasant.org process made available for citizens. www.downtownmp.com • Applications for zoning approval and applications Facebook: for installing new signage were added. Staff www.facebook.com/mtpleasantmi completed an interactive Zoning Board of Appeals www.facebook.com/downtownmp application, now available on the City’s Web site. Twitter: • DPW permits now available on-line. http://twitter.com/mtpleasantmi • Registration process for Recreation events http://twitter.com/downtownmp and activities has been expanded via the YouTube: implementation of on-line registration and credit www.youtube.com/mtpleasantmi card payment system. Flickr: • Parks and Recreation Master Plan update with help www.flickr.com/photos/mtpleasantmi from citizens and shareholders. Final document approved March 22, 2010 by City Commission. 