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Copy of digital photo journal
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Copy of digital photo journal


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Published in: Travel

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  • 1. Digital Photo Journal Crystal Mata Geography5 April 28 th , 2011
  • 2. Mormon Rocks The importance of Mormon Rocks Formation is to shelter many animal from the dangers of the world. Mormon Rocks were created by the water and sandstones with time. Mormon Rocks formation Mormon Rocks Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 3. Mormon Rocks Granular Structure Stream Bed/ San Andreas Rift Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 4. Fossil Falls Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 5. Fossil Falls Owens Riverbed Owens Riverbed Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 6. Fossil Falls Fossil Falls Fossil Falls Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 7. Fossil Falls Metate Hole Obsidian Flakes Crystal Mata Crystal Mata The rock formation lets us know that some one once lived at Fossil Falls .
  • 8. Fossil Falls Petroglyph One of the reasons why we know there were Native Americans here before us are these petroglyph. This shows their stories of their life's . Crystal Mata Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 9. Fossil Falls The second reason why we have know Native Americans lived in Fossil Falls before they were taking from their land was that there were houses built above the old river bed. Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 10. Fossil Falls Lava Flows Cinder Hills Cinder(red) Hill is full of lava rocks, some forms of grass bushes, and yellow flowers . Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 11. Keoughs Hot Springs Hot Spring Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 12. Mono Lake Committee Visitors Center Visitors Center Crystal Mata
  • 13. Mono Lake Neget Pehoa Mono Lake Crystal Mata Lake Mono has many interesting things going on with it like for example the tufa’s, the lake, the mountains , the birds, the foam, and the cold weather
  • 14. Mono Lake Current Shoreline Former Shoreline Image from: Crystal Mata
  • 15. Mono Lake Tufa Tufa Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 16. Mono Lake Glaciated Valley and Moraines Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 17. Convict Lake Convict Lake Crystal Mata
  • 18. Convict Lake Lateral and Terminal Moraines Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 19. Convict Lake Oldest Rock Formation Crystal Mata
  • 20. Owens River Benchmark River with Swallows Nests Crystal Mata Crystal Mata
  • 21. Owens River Crystal Mata The difference between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Inyo/white Mountains are that one has vegetation on it and the other does not.