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  • 1. Farm Animals
  • 2. Cows
    Cows say “mooo”
    They mostly eat grass and hay.
    Cows produce milk and meat for us.
    Baby cows are called calf's.
  • 3. Chickens
    Girl chickens are called Hens.
    Boy chickens are called Roosters
    Baby chickens are called Chicks.
    Chickens say “Cluck”
    Chickens provide eggs for us to eat.
  • 4. Horses
    Horses say “neigh”
    Girl horses are called a mare
    Boy horses are called stallion
    Horses mostly eat hay, grass and mixed oats.
  • 5. Goats
    A boy goat is called a Buck
    A girl goat is called a Doe
    Baby goats are called Kids
    Goats say “Neah”
    Goats provide us milk
  • 6. Pigs
    A boy pig is called a Boar
    A girl pig is called either a Sow or a Gilt
    A baby pig is called a Piglet
    Pigs say “Oink”
    They eat mostly corn and grains.
  • 7. Sheep
    A girl sheep is called an Ewe
    A boy sheep is called a Ram
    Baby sheep are called Lambs
    Sheep say “Baaah”
    We use sheep fur for clothing
  • 8. Ducks
    Boy ducks are called Drakes
    Girl ducks are called Hens
    Baby duck are called Ducklings
    Ducks say “quack”
  • 9. Goose
    Baby geese are called Gosling
    Geese say “honk”
    Geese eat mostly grass, leaves and herb.
  • 10. Dogs
    Baby dogs are called Puppies
    Dogs say “Woof”
    Dogs eat both meat and veggies
    Dog are very good pets
  • 11. Cats
    Baby cats are called Kittens
    Cats say “meow”
    Cats make good household pets
    Cats like to eat mice and tuna
  • 12. Donkey
    A girl donkey is called Jill
    A boy donkey is called Jack
    A baby donkey is called Foal
    Donkey’s say “heeehaauuu”
    Donkey’s eat plants
  • 13. Rabbits
    A boy rabbit is called a Buck
    A girl rabbit is called a Doe
    A baby rabbit is called a Kit
    Rabbits “purrr” kind of like cats
    Rabbits eat hay and grass