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Evaluation 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Evaluation Question 2 Crystalle Cox
  • 2. Brand Identity Through my trailer and ancillary production piece (a film poster and magazine cover), I wanted to create a recognisable brand identity for my film. I did this by using the same font for the film title on all my forms of marketing in order to create a brand and increase the success of my media product. I decided that I should keep consistency through house style and typography for the brand. FILM POSTER FILM MAGAZINE TRAILER I adapted the film title slightly for the film magazine so it would stand out on the background through adding a stroke effect on PhotoShop. I used the same font, BebasNeue from dafont.com, which I used on both the trailer and film poster. I think it is a simple yet recognisable font that is eye-catching towards the audience.
  • 3. Ancillary Products Firstly, I chose to research the codes and conventions of film posters and magazines in order to ensure I had the right approach with correct structure in how they should appear. For the film magazine I considered that the target audience may be broader or slightly different to the one my film has, and therefore would have to tailor the product to suit this. Roland Barthes Engima Theory The way the tension is built up and the audience is left guessing what happens next. The audience is left asking themselves what and who is the protagonist trying to hide from? The engimais that the audience want to find out who the antagonist is and why they are doing what they are.
  • 4. Film Poster The purpose of a film poster is to raise awareness for a film as well as give a small incline into the storyline adding curiosity, making them want to see the film themselves. After researching the film poster of Prom Night (HERE), I decided to use a similar layout, with the main character being in the centre of the triangle of focus. I also liked the minimalistic look it had, with little bold typography across the page yet still being very successful in drawing audience focus.
  • 5. Film Poster My main image is very effective, using direct mode of address to pull the audiences attention straight away, already showing a character from the film. The colour scheme is very simple and consistent, being similar to the film magazine which reinforces the brands identity. TE Perkins 1979 describes stereotypes as complex and not a single person. The image I have used presents the stereotype of how women are perceived as the weaker gender therefore easily targeted by the antagonist.
  • 6. Film Magazine My magazine ‘Film Flash’ is meant to be similar to the film magazine ‘Empire’, despite this magazine having a broader target audience to my film(LINK HERE TO EMPIRE ANALYSIS). The genre of the film is represented by the red typography which connotes danger as well as the character holding the knife prop. ‘EXCLUSIVE’ implies this is a special edition with information that is not known openly, therefore the magazine may be purchased in order for the audience to discover more information.
  • 7. Cross Platform Marketing I would use social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook as a viral marketing campaign for this film. I would use this post the link to the trailer and its posters. Henry Jenkins is a theorist who states that individuals combine numerous different media sources with convergence, which is the ‘flow of content across multiple media platforms’. My audience can access information about the films release and interviews with the stars through these forms of media. LINK TO ‘YOU CAN’T HIDE’ TWITTER PAGE – HERE
  • 8. Overall I think that I have successfully created a brand for my film ‘You Can’t Hide’, through my typography and the colour scheme I have used. I think that the genre is clear from my poster, magazine and trailer. The protagonists are introduced to give the audience a clear insight into the film. The clear flow of standardisation of the typography and colour scheme link each of my production pieces together. My trailer shows the codes and conventions of horror which include fast-paced editing and eeiremusic (LINK HERE TO CONVENTIONS), which adds to the package. I think that this consistency ensures the success of my film, supported by social media marketing to gain access to a wider audience. My poster and magazine cover would not market my film alone, however, would be successful in supporting marketing.